October 14, 2022

County of Delaware, Pennsylvania, U.S. Chooses EF Johnson Technologies, JVCKENWOOD's U.S. Communication Systems Subsidiary, to Provide P25*1 Professional Digital Radio Systems

Yokohama, October 14, 2022 — EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. ("EFJT"), JVCKENWOOD Corporation ("JVCKENWOOD")'s U.S. communication systems subsidiary, signed a US$34 million contract with the County of Delaware, Pennsylvania, U.S. to provide professional digital radio systems. This major contract will include the supply of professional digital radio systems and support services.

*1: A digital radio standard developed for public safety markets such as police departments, fire departments, and ambulance services in the U.S.

Outline of professional digital radio systems to be delivered to the County of Delaware

The professional digital radio systems that were ordered are the ATLAS system, which is EFJT's radio relay system that is expanding in North America, and the Viking series, KENWOOD brand radio. With connectivity to the P25*1 digital radio standard and DMR*2 and conformity to the tri-band (VHF/UHF/700-800 MHz band), the systems will allow intercommunication among schools, police departments, fire departments, and the County's emergency services sector responsible for communication management in the event of an emergency, and provide stable radio communication even in the vast area of the County. JVCKENWOOD will support EFJT in the development, production, and quality assurance of the radio systems.

*2: Abbreviation for Digital Mobile Radio, an international digital radio standard

The system is planned to be used in the County's schools, police and fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and public works projects, etc. EFJT has been awarded the contract due to the evaluation of the system's multi-protocol functions, tri-band conformity, excellent resiliency in the event of a radio failure in a wide area network, and its scalability to meet needs and budgets, in addition to its high quality and reliability based on the knowledge and expertise that JVCKENWOOD and EFJT have accumulated over many years.

<Professional digital radio terminal "Viking" series and radio relay system "ATLAS">

<Image of use>

Future initiatives in the Communications Systems Business

Focusing on the increasing replacement demand for digital radio systems from analog radios worldwide, JVCKENWOOD provides highly reliable professional digital radio systems to the public safety market, including police departments, fire departments and ambulance services; the public service market, including electricity, water, and gas utilities, and transportation; and the business industry market, including hotels and retail business. Particularly in the North American public safety market, where the market size is expected to continue to grow going forward, JVCKENWOOD will develop a total solutions business for professional radios by taking advantage of its radio technology conforming to various protocols and sales channels that cover a vast area, with the professional radio systems conforming to P25*1, which EFJT excels in, at its core.

In addition, the future radio market is expected to undergo a major transition from narrowband to broadband as digitization progresses. JVCKENWOOD also considers the broadband radio business as a key business that will support the company's future growth in the medium-term management plan VISION 2023.

While expanding the market share in the existing narrowband radio business and rebuilding the revenue base, JVCKENWOOD will strengthen efforts in the broadband solutions business, which will be a new business field, by fully utilizing the management assets cultivated to date and by collaborating with other companies.

This document is based on the information available at the time of release. Please note that it may differ from the latest information.