Basic Policy on Product Safety

The JVCKENWOOD Group recognizes that assuring the safety of the products it manufactures and sells and delivering safety and reassurance to their customer is a management task of foremost importance and also a corporate social responsibility and, out of this recognition, establishes a basic policy on product safety to pursue product safety in good faith, which reads as follows:


1. Legal compliance
We comply with our obligations that are dictated by the Consumer Product Safety Act and other relevant laws and regulations relating to product safety, as well as this Basic Policy.


2. Maintenance and enhancement of corporate culture which gives top priority to product safety assurance
We work out and execute voluntary action plans relating to product safety pursuant to this Basic Policy in pursuit of continual improvement to establish, maintain and enhance corporate cultures that value the principles of “customer first” and “assuring product safety above anything.”


3. Realization of intrinsic safety design
We analyze the possible risks of a product fully from all perspectives to reduce them and realize intrinsic safety design.


4. Measures to avoid misuse and other problems
We place cautionary information or markings to help avoid accidents caused by misuse or carelessness in the instruction manuals or on product surfaces to enable the customers to use our products safely.


5. Pursuing product safety assurance
We maintain exclusive in-house safety standards and rules formulated in place, as well as safety requirements defined by laws and regulations, to ensure full compliance with them and also implement proper qualitymanagement at all times in pursuit of continual improvement.


6. Collecting and Disclosing Product Accident Information
We collect information about accidents involving our products proactively and keep our customers and stakeholders properly informed accordingly.


7. Responding to Product Accidents 
If serious accidents occur with any of our products, we will report them promptly to the authorities concerned pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.
For any unforeseen product accident, we will forthwith proceed with fact confirmation and problem determination and, if safety problems are found to have occurred or are feared to occur, take measures to prevent the resultant hazards from occurring and spreading, including product recall, and notify our customers and personnel concerned promptly by appropriate means of communication.

Shoichiro Eguchi


Representative Director, President
JVCKENWOOD Corporation