Paying close attention to the environmental impact of business activities and working to reduce this impact will help build a sustainable society. Companies are now expected to take pro-active steps to address the global issues of global warming, natural resource depletion, and chemical contamination of soil, water and air.


In conducting business activities, developing products and providing services, the JVCKENWOOD Group monitors its impact on the environment across the entire value chain and continually strives to hold this environmental impact to a minimum. We have undertaken a wide range of measures to fulfill our responsibilities as a global company to reduce environmental burdens by sharing Basic Environmental Policy across the Group and establishing/administering an environmental management system based on international standards. Acknowledging the importance of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Science-Based Targets (SBT), we intend to move forward in a timely fashion with feasible measures by setting and managing suitable targets, disclosing information, etc.

Basic Environmental Policy

We have established Basic Environmental Policy and shared them with all departments and employees to enable the JVCKENWOOD Group as a whole to implement eco-friendly corporate management.

Basic Environmental Policy (established February 17, 2011)

Eco Promotion Plan 2020

The JVCKENWOOD Group has determined four action items based on the Environmental Vision and the Environmental Policy, and will work to accomplish the goals of the Eco Promotion Plan 2020.

Environmental management system

We have been seeking to acquire ISO14001 certification as part of constructing our environmental management system. We have obtained certification at all of our business centers and nine affiliate companies in Japan, and at all of our production companies overseas. In future, we plan to ascertain the certification status of new companies added to our Group through M&A and offer support as needed to acquire certification.

List of ISO14001 certifications obtained
Country Company Name and location Certifying institution Certification
date of current
Japan JVCKENWOOD Corporation - Network (Japan) Head Office & Yokohama Business Center Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO) EC98J1095 2020/7/23
Hachioji Business Center
Hakusan Business Center
Kurihama Business Center
Yokosuka Business Center
JVCKENWOOD Creative Media
JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment
JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems
JVCKENWOOD Service (Japan)
Malaysia JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. SGS United Kingdom Ltd. MY08/01703 2020/4/29
Thailand JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) EMS05020/197 2020/8/21
JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. SGS United Kingdom Ltd. TH06/1539 2021/1/24
Indonesia PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia SGS United Kingdom Ltd. 11/01856 2020/8/24
People’s Republic of China Shanghai Kenwood Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huanke Environmental Certification Co., Ltd.


098 18 E1 033 R5 M 2019/11/13
Singapore JVCKENWOOD Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd. SGS United Kingdom Ltd. SG99/16727 2021/2/18