Preservation of Biodiversity

With the deterioration of the habitat environment of living creatures and the destruction of ecosystems becoming increasingly serious concerns, more effective and rapid efforts to realize a world that people can live in co-existence with nature are needed. The strengthening of frameworks for biodiversity preservation both inside and outside Japan, including the Aichi Targets adopted by COP10 in 2010 and the Biodiversity National Strategy 2012-2020, has given companies an increasingly significant role, and systematic efforts are required to ensure that business activities are considerate of biodiversity and to preserve biodiversity.

The JVCKENWOOD Group recognizes the importance of minimizing the impact of business activities on biodiversity and tackling its preservation, and pursues preservation activities in the neighborhoods of its business locations both in Japan and overseas in collaboration with governments, experts, and local residents. In FY2017, three initiatives were undertaken in Japan and one overseas, and we will be continuing efforts tailored to the circumstances of our business regions.

Biodiversity Preservation Activities

How Far Does a Dragonfly Fly Forum held with local cooperation wins award for excellence at 5th Biodiversity Japan Awards (Head Office & Yokohama Business Center)

As part of its CSR activities aimed at helping build sustainable societies and environments, JVCKENWOOD has established biotopes (green land and wetland) at its business location in 2006 as “forest of coexistence” that serve as places of relaxation for customers and employees. In agreement with the spirit of the How Far Does a Dragonfly Fly Forum, an activity project under Keihin Forest Development Business being implemented by the Yokohama City Environmental Planning Bureau, we have arranged our biotope into Dragonfly Pond and, as a company operating in the Keihin Seaside Zone, we are undertaking sustained environmental preservation activities together with local communities.


We continued to improve the pond and conduct dragonfly surveys in FY2017, with a total of 12 employees participated over a total of four days. We also won the Award for Excellence※ as a member of the How Far Does a Dragonfly Fly Forum at the 5th Biodiversity Japan Awards held by the AEON Environmental Foundation. Prompted by this award, we will be sharing the significance and achievements of these activities with relevant groups and continue them as steps helping us achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

※Award plaque

Mt.Kinbo Forest Development Activities (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata participates every year in the Mt.kinbo (Tsuruoka) Forest Development Activities hosted by the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Council. We also coordinate the tree trimming work, and in FY2017, for the seventh time, four employees (among a total of 36 participants) spent about one hour engaged in tree thinning, improvement cutting and vine cutting, covering an area of about 400m2. These continued efforts have been highly regarded, and even won encouragement and letters of thanks from the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Council. We remain committed to maintaining the lush vegetation and ecosystems of village forests and contribute to safe forest development activities in future as well.

Wild Fauna Protection Efforts (Thailand)

About 25 employees of JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., participated in activities aimed at wild fauna protection as part of the company’s efforts to improve the environment, putting out sodium chloride and other nutrients in various spots for wild animals that tend to be undernourished. The staff looks forward to participating in future efforts to protect wild animals as local circumstances dictate.

Small Dam Construction Project (Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., participated as volunteers in the Small Dam Construction Project. This dam is intended both as a tool to reduce flood damage and a means of protecting the forest by alleviating the impact of global warming, and it enjoys cooperation from local governments, NGOs, and companies. About 30 employees from JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., have participated in this project, and the company fully intends to be part of similar activities in future.