Preservation of Biodiversity

With the deterioration of the habitat environment of living creatures and the destruction of ecosystems becoming increasingly serious concerns, more effective and rapid efforts to realize a world that people can live in co-existence with nature are needed. The strengthening of frameworks for biodiversity preservation both inside and outside Japan, including the Aichi Targets adopted by COP10 in 2010 and the international target on biodiversity, the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework adopted by COP15, has given companies an increasingly significant role, and systematic efforts are required to ensure that business activities are considerate of biodiversity and to preserve biodiversity. 

JVCKENWOOD Group has set the following biodiversity goals based on the basic environmental policy "JK Green 2025". JVCKENWOOD Group aims to achieve this goal through climate change response, effective use of resources, and other activities related to environmental conservation and management.

  • ・  Actively promote activities to realize the Basic Environmental Policies at each stage of the life cycle of our and the supply chain’s products and services, contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, and preserve biodiversity.


JVCKENWOOD Group recognizes the importance of minimizing the impact of business activities on biodiversity and tackling its preservation and pursues preservation activities in the neighborhoods of our business locations both in Japan and overseas in collaboration with governments, experts, and local residents.

Biodiversity Preservation Activities

Creating ecosystems by biotopes

JVCKENWOOD established biotopes (green land and wetland) at its head office and Yokohama Business Center in 2006 as “forest of coexistence” that serve as places of relaxation for customers and employees. Subsequently, in agreement with the spirit of the How Far Does a Dragonfly Fly Forum, an activity project under the Keihin Forest Development Business implemented by the Yokohama City Environmental Planning Bureau, we arranged our biotope in Dragonfly Pond. Also, as a company operating in the Keihin Seaside Zone, we are undertaking sustained environmental preservation activities together with local communities. 

We continued to improve the pond and conduct surveys in FY2021, with a total of 9 employees participating in these efforts over a period of three days. We perform a survey of ecosystems at our business location every year. In our surveys conducted thus far, we have confirmed the existence of a total of 15 species and plants, including ferocious water bugs and bladderwort in addition to dragonflies. We will continue to perform monitoring surveys to preserve biodiversity as well as pursue activities to heighten the environmental awareness of employees.

Volunteer forest maintenance activities (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

Since 2011, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata has participated in a social contribution project (tree-planting promotion project) sponsored by the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Council.

At Kinbozan Mountain in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, broad-leaved trees such as oak, which is used as a material for charcoal burning, are planted, but in recent years, Satoyama has been left untouched due to declining demand for charcoal. In order to maintain the rich vegetation of Satoyama, volunteers carry out activities every year, such as removing trees, cutting vines, and clearing underbrush. In 2021, 3 employees from JVCKENWOOD Yamagata participated. It rained until midnight on the previous day, but it turned out to be sunny on the day of the event, and they worked while experiencing the rich nature of Kinbozan Mountain.

We received a letter of appreciation from the Yamagata Environmental Conservation Council for our efforts.

Collaborating with Shiretoko Nature Center (operated by Shiretoko Foundation) Research into utilization of sound and video live distribution from within the World Natural Heritage area (JVCKENWOOD Design)

JVCKENWOOD Design participated in Shiretoko Sustainable Week 2021 in October 2021. The event was held under the theme of awareness of a sustainable society, such as the natural environment and the coexistence of humans and wild animals such as bears and deer. JVCKENWOOD Design installed live cameras and microphones in the forest near the Shiretoko Nature Center and performed live broadcasts with a 360-degree view of the surrounding area in real time. Through the experience of sustainable sound and images, we were able to deliver a quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the forest in Shiretoko that we usually do not know.

Live broadcasts with a 360-degree view

“Shiretoko Sustainable Week 2021” Venue