Reduction of Wastewater and Waste

Initiatives pertaining to waste

The JVCKENWOOD Group is actively engaged in carefully sorting/breaking down waste generated through business activities, and then reusing it within the company or adding value to it. As a result, a recycling rate of 99.7% has been achieved within Japan, and total waste has been falling both inside and outside Japan. We will continue working toward zero emissions globally and striving to further reduce total waste and promote recycling.

Mid- to Long- Term Target

Total waste: annual reduction of 1% compared to FY2012 by FY2020

Total waste and recycling rates (FY2012-2017)

*The data of four former Kenwood overseas business locations are not included in the figures for FY2012, which are instead based on the performances of the first full fiscal year (FY2012) after the company name change to JVCKENWOOD.

Total waste by business location (FY2014-2017)

Unit: tons

Japan/overseas Company Name and location 2017
Fiscal year target 2,469.1
Overall total 2,122
Japan Head Office & Yokohama Business Center 413.4
Hachioji Business Center 195.9
Hakusan Business Center 64.5
Kurihama Business Center 123.1
Yokosuka Business Center 25.5
JVCKENWOOD Yamagata 18.1
JVCKENWOOD Nagano 160.3
JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka 103.6
JVCKENWOOD Creative Media 304.7
JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment 52.2
JVCKENWOOD Video Tech 3.1
Other affiliate companies 62.4
Malaysia JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.  87.2
Thailand JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  9.9
JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  35.9
Indonesia PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia  178.4
People’s Republic of China Shanghai Kenwood Electronics Co., Ltd.  180.5
Singapore JVCKENWOOD Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.  95.1

Coverage: All Group companies in Japan and certain overseas companies

Initiatives pertaining to wastewater

To address the rising water risk in recent years and to use water resources in a sustainable manner, the JVCKENWOOD Group is endeavoring to ensure as far as possible that the water used and the wastewater generated in its business activities are reusable water resources. We intend to identify those regions and business locations with high wastewater volume and implement measures as necessary.