Environmental Response in Products

The JVCKENWOOD Group recognizes that it is responsible as a manufacturer for reducing environmental loads caused by the production, sale, and use of its products. At present, we focus our efforts on switching and reducing packaging materials to more environmentally friendly materials. 

Reduction of CO₂ emissions through evolution of Car Navigation performance

Advances in Car Navigation performance will contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions by providing optimal route guidance and traffic information, thereby promoting travel loss and congestion mitigation. We have set the number of shipments of car navigation systems and display audio products as a KPI to reduce CO₂ emissions Based on the theme of sustainably providing products that aim to reduce environmental impact by proposing functions.

Launch of portable power station using recycled batteries in electric vehicles

JVCKENWOOD in collaboration with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and 4R Energy Corporation launched portable power supplies using recycled batteries from the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle in October 2023. It is resistant to heat and cold, can be mounted in a vehicle, and can be stored for a long time, so it can be used as an emergency power source in times of disaster. With design and development to optimize the safety and reuse of used batteries, it is now possible to reduce CO₂ emissions produced from manufacturing.

In order to preserve the beautiful natural environment for the future and realize a low-carbon and sustainable society, we, as the three companies, will continue to work together to promote initiatives.

Portable battery products using recycled EV batteries

Reduction of environmental loads of product packaging

We are expanding the use of cushioning and fixing materials with low environmental loads.

For example, by changing from petroleum-derived styrofoam to pulp mold, we have improved recyclability, and by changing to bio-based materials, we have contributed to the reduction of CO₂ emissions. We set targets for each fiscal year to reduce CO₂ emissions with respect to the use of cushioning materials which have a low environmental impact and the reduction in the weight of plastic used in packaging materials.

Reduction of environmental impact by miniaturization of products

The NXR-1700/1800, a new repeater for professional digital radio system catered for overseas use, contributes to reducing environmental loads through miniaturization.

This product is 1/5 smaller in volume than the existing NXR-710/810 repeater. This increases the number of vehicles that can be loaded per volume during transportation, thereby improving transportation efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of the transportation.

The NXR-1700/1800, A new repeater

Reduce power consumption of Bluetooth® headphones

All Bluetooth® headphones are designed to reduce power consumption. With the evaluation of the environmental load of Bluetooth® compatible headphone products, we set a five-year plan to reduce the environmental loads.

Reduce power consumption of Bluetooth headphones

●Bluetooth® and its logo, being registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., are used by JVCKENWOOD under license from the company. Other trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Responsible parts procurement (packing paper for headphones)

We are promoting responsible parts procurement (Protecting forest biodiversity and the rights of local communities, indigenous peoples and workers) by increasing the usage rate of FSC* certified packaging materials for all headphones. We set KPI for each fiscal year to reduce the usage rate of FSC compliant materials.

* A certification granted by the Forest Stewardship Council to timber produced from properly managed forests.

Going forward, we will continue to expand environmentally friendly packaging products, apply labels with information on carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions, and develop environmentally conscious products by using carbon offsets while carefully observing global trends.