Deployment of Environmentally Friendly Products

The JVCKENWOOD Group believes that it is important as a manufacturer to help reduce its environment impact throughout the product manufacturing and sales processes as well as during product use. At present, our efforts remain focused on ensuring that products qualify for J-Moss Green Mark labeling and on reducing packaging materials, but we plan to expand the range of qualified products as well as pursuing development of products that more effectively reduce environmental impacts. We will also pro-actively disclose information on environmentally friendly products to enable customers to select those products with peace of mind.

Primary environmentally-friendly products

Gumy Wireless HA-FX9BT headphones for the Americas/Europe (new product)

We will be switching from conventional blister (plastic) packing to paper boxes to package the Gumy Wireless HA-FX9BT headphones scheduled to be released on American/European markets in March 2019, reducing our yearly plastic use and thereby diminishing our environmental impact. Plastic waste regulations have become stricter in Europe in particular over recent years, and we plan to develop environmentally friendly products while monitoring international trends.