Deployment of Environmentally Friendly Products

The JVCKENWOOD Group recognizes that it is responsible as a manufacturer for reducing environmental loads caused by the production, sale, and use of its products. At present, we focus our efforts on switching and reducing packaging materials to more environmentally friendly materials. 

Reducing Plastic in Products

JVCKENWOOD is working to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used for its headphone products, and in FY 2021 achieved a 0% plastic packaging rate for all developed models. It will continue to reduce plastics and environmental load for other products going forward.

Conventional model: blister packaging
(made of plastics)

 Current model: paper box

Portable Power Supplies Using Recycled EV Batteries

JVCKENWOOD has entered into an agreement with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and 4R Energy Corporation for the joint development of portable power supplies using recycled batteries from Nissan's "Leaf" electric vehicles, and in April 2022 unveiled a (development) prototype. JVCKENWOOD is responsible for optimized design and development of safety and reuse technologies for used batteries. The three companies plan to accelerate the development of commercial portable power supplies using recycled batteries, and will continue to collaborate on technologies that pass down a beautiful natural environment to future generations by using used EV batteries to achieve a low-carbon, sustainable society.

Portable battery products using recycled EV batteries (image)

Going forward, we will continue to expand environmentally friendly packaging products, apply labels with information on carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions, and develop environmentally conscious products by using carbon offsets while carefully observing global trends. We will also disclose information on our environmentally friendly products so that customers can confidently choose our products.