Initiatives to Reduce Emission of Greenhouse Gas

The JVCKENWOOD Group is striving to achieve the mid- to long- term targets it has set for global reduction of CO2 emission.


To achieve these targets, we have been monitoring power use at business centers, upgrading to high-efficiency production/air-conditioning equipment, and installing/introducing LED lighting, as well as focusing effort on environmental education for employees. We also plan to actively develop eco-friendly products with the aim of reducing total CO2 emissions across the broader value chain.

Progress in CO2 emissions

Total CO2 emissions across the entire JVCKENWOOD Group (Scope 1 and 2) have been in a general downtrend over the past six years. As we continue calculating Scope 3 emissions, we will be actively striving to achieve our mid- to long- term targets.

CO2 emissions (FY2012-2017)

CO2 emissions by business location

CO2 emissions (thousand tons)

Japan/overseas Company Name and location FY2017
Fiscal year target 71.0
Overall total  49.2
Japan Head Office & Yokohama Business Center 3.3
Hachioji Business Center 2.0
Hakusan Business Center 1.2
Kurihama Business Center 3.0
Yokosuka Business Center 0.5
JVCKENWOOD Yamagata 0.6
JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka 1.0
JVCKENWOOD Creative Media 6.5
JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment 0.9
JVCKENWOOD Video Tech 0.2
Other affiliate companies 0.3
Malaysia JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.  3.0
Thailand JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  3.8
JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  3.7
Indonesia PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia  9.3
People’s Republic of China Shanghai Kenwood Electronics Co., Ltd.  7.6
Singapore JVCKENWOOD Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.  1.2

Coverage: All Group companies in Japan and certain overseas companies

Conserving resources/energy in production processes

Reducing energy use

The JVCKENWOOD Group recognizes the importance of reducing as far as possible the use of limited resources and energy and realizing sustainable production as a manufacturer. To that end, we are working to ascertain and reduce energy use at production bases in particular, and endeavoring globally to reduce man-hours and introduce energy-saving equipment. We will also be substituting in renewable energies and taking other steps to achieve our mid- to long- term targets.

Energy usage (FY2014-2017)

Coverage: All Group companies in Japan and certain overseas companies

Energy usage (by type) (FY2014-2017)

Energy type 2014 2015 2016 2017
Consumption of non-renewable fuel City gas (unit: ㎥) 201.8 227.0 201.8 282.9
Consumption of non-renewable fuel LPG (unit: thousand kg) 28.2 28.2 27.7 33.2
Consumption of non-renewable fuel Gasoline (unit: kl) 19.5 16.4 14.7 20.2
Consumption of non-renewable fuel Heavy oil (unit: kl) 59.3 18.3 30.4 42.2
Consumption of non-renewable fuel Kerosene (unit: kl) 355.2 82.4 90.9 83.7
Consumption of non-renewable fuel Light oil (unit: kl) 1.5 1.2 1.3 1.5
Non-renewable electric power purchased (unit: thousand Kwh) 69,739.4 68,210.3 57,621.7 58,572.1
Non-renewable energy (steam, thermal, cooling, other) purchased 0 0 0 0
Renewable energy (wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geothermal, etc.) generated (unit: kwh) 12.0 12.0 12.0 12.0
Non-renewable energy (electric power, thermal/cooling power) sold 0 0 0 0
Total energy consumption cost - - - -

Coverage: All Group companies in Japan and certain overseas companies

Measures to reduce CO2

Participating in the Tanabata Light-down Campaign

The JVCKENWOOD Group supports the CO2 Reduction/Light-Down Campaign, a global warming prevention initiative that has been promoted by the Ministry of Environment since 2003. Between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on July 7, the day designated as Cool Earth Day, we have been conducting our own Tanabata Light-Down since 2008. All outdoor lighting on signs, advertisements and the like, as well as the lights in the work spaces of certain departments in the JVCKENWOOD Group are turned off to demonstrate our posture of carrying out eco-friendly management as a company as well as to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Head Office and Yokohama Business Center (Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture)


Lights on


Lights off

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation (Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture)

Production Floor


Lights on


Lights off

JVCKENWOOD Nagano Corporation (Ina, Nagano Prefecture)

Materials Storage Floor


Lights on


Lights off