Green Procurement

Thank you for your cooperation provided to our green procurement activities.


For consideration to the environment in all our corporate activities, and for continued efforts to lessen the environmental burden in the products themselves we produce and sell, and in their lifecycles, we consider it important to purchase preferentially parts and products with lower environmental burdens.


Specifically, social responsibility and demand for corporate action on environmental issues has been positioned as more and more important, including in world trends such as the recent strengthening of legal regulations represented by REACH.


JVCKENWOOD Group will establish common “Green Procurement Guideline” and strive to promote further environmental activities.

Green Procurement Documents

Green Procurement Guideline

JVCKENWOOD Specific Chemicals List

Material Contents Report forms(JVCKENWOOD original forms))

Notes for submitting chemSHERPA

Environmental survey Form for automotive-related industry

Forms necessary for creation of documents specified by our “Survey Request” can be downloaded below.


JAMA/JAPIA Standard Material Datasheet

Self-evaluation of system for supplier’s environment (green procurement assessment)

Please read through “Green Procurement Self Assessment Manual” when we ask you to do the green procurement assessment.

After that, please download “Green Procurement Assessment Form” and follow the procedure in “Green Procurement Self Assessment Manual”

Green Procurement Self Assessment Manual

Green Procurement Self Assessment Form

Adobe Reader is necessary to view PDF files. If you do not already have it, please download it from the Adobe website.