Waste Reduction

Waste Management Initiatives

The JVCKENWOOD Group is actively engaged in waste reduction, diligently disassembling and sorting waste generated in the production processes and reusing it within the company or turning it into valuables. As a result, the Group’s business in Japan has achieved a recycling rate of 99.7%, and the waste generation inside and outside Japan also declined. Going forward, we will continue to further reduce waste generation and promote recycling to achieve zero emissions not only in Japan but also around the world.

Mid- to long- term target

Reduce waste generation by 1% from FY2012 levels annually through FY2020

Total waste and recycling rates (FY2012-FY2019)

Coverage: All Group companies in Japan and certain overseas companies

Recycling rates (FY2012–FY2019)

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

Japan (%)









Outside Japan (%)









Emissions per unit of sales (FY2012–FY2019)

  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Japan + outside Japan (1,000 tons/100 million yen)









*The data of four former Kenwood overseas business locations are not included in the figures for FY2012, which are instead based on the performances of the first full fiscal year (FY2012) after the company name change to JVCKENWOOD.

Total waste by business location (FY2016-FY2019)

Unit: tons

Japan/overseas Company name and location 2016 2017 2018 2019
Fiscal year target 2,495 2,469 2,443


Japan Head Office & Yokohama Business Center 316 413 340


Hachioji Business Center 161 196 214


Hakusan Business Center 71 65 55


Kurihama Business Center 72 123 43


Yokosuka Business Center 56 26 25


JVCKENWOOD Yamagata 20 18 23


JVCKENWOOD Nagano 122 160 155


JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka 93 104 86


JVCKENWOOD Creative Media 326 305 283


JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment 45 52 53


JVCKENWOOD Video Tech 2 3 3


JVCKENWOOD Design 5 8 0


Other affiliate companies 59 62 -


Malaysia JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. 87 87 86


Thailand JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 43 10 9


JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.  58 36 65


Indonesia PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia  190 178 176


People’s Republic of China Shanghai Kenwood Electronics Co., Ltd.  235 181 205


Singapore JVCKENWOOD Technologies Singapore Pte. Ltd.  50 95 100


Overall total 2,011 2,122 1,920


Coverage: All Group companies in Japan and certain overseas companies

Waste recycling (Hakusan Business Center)

The Hakusan Business Center works to reduce and recycle waste in accordance with instructions from the local government. All recyclable waste is recycled by an outsourced waste management provider. Solid waste generated from the business center is collected in recycling bins which are separated into 16 categories and then further sorted into 35 sub-categories in accordance with the waste sorting rules of the business center before it is delivered to the outsourced waste management provider. In FY2019, approximately 94% of the waste collected from the business center was recycled.

Waste recycling bins (on each floor)

Waste recycling containers (for valuables, etc.)

Waste plastic compressor used to reduce the frequency of waste collection (JVCKENWOOD Creative Media Corporation)

JVCKENWOOD Creative Media Corporation uses a waste plastic compressor to reduce the volume of waste and the frequency of waste collection.

This has reduced not only exhaust gas emissions and fuel consumption of waste collection trucks but also waste management costs.

Plastic compressor

Initiative to reduce food waste (Head Office & Yokohama Business Center)

Head Office and Yokohama Business Center have received a Kiraboshi 3Rs in Food Waste Award from the City of Yokohama. Recognizing businesses that have made notable achievements in food waste reduction and recycling, etc., this is a very prestigious award that is given to only three businesses in Yokohama City each year.

Our Head Office and Yokohama Business Center generate more than 1 ton of coffee grounds and more than 10 tons of food residue from the cafeteria every year as waste. We were recognized for our efforts to compost all coffee grounds, use 93.5% of food residue as pig feed,

cut down excess volume to reduce food loss from the cafeteria, reduce residue, and more.

Yokohama City’s Kiraboshi 3Rs in Food Waste Award

Efforts to reduce office paper consumption

As part of the efforts to promote environmentally friendly corporate management, the JVCKENWOOD Group has installed large monitors and projectors in meeting rooms to improve the quality of meetings and reduce paper usage for meetings to protect resources and reduce waste.

Moreover, our management teams take the initiative to promote paperless meetings by introducing tablets and IT devices at Board of Directors meetings, thereby reducing paper-based meeting materials. Going forward, we will continue working to reform the meeting process to enhance productivity and reduce environmental loads.

At the paperless Board of Directors meeting

Meeting room at Hakusan Business Center

Waste reduction initiatives outside Japan

JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. made shelves, cleaning tools, and other items out of waste material from its production facility and donated them to an elementary school. In addition to contributing to the local community, the company reduced waste emissions by 280 kg, shrinking its environmental footprint.

School supplies made from factory waste

JVCKENWOOD Gulf Fze (U.A.E.) worked with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) on the One Root, One Communi-Tree (OROC) project to promote recycling. Designed to raise awareness about the value of recyclables, the project provides participants with an opportunity to plant trees under their name when they have collected a preset target amount of recyclable materials. The project enabled JVCKENWOOD Gulf Fze to collect 4,035 kg of paper and 12 kg of plastics, which would have normally been thrown away as waste. As a token of appreciation from the EEG, trees will be planted at the annual tree planting event to be held on December 20, 2020.