Top Commitment

JVCKENWOOD believes that sustainability is key to striking a balance between profitable growth and the solution of social issues. By promoting our mid- to long-term business plan, Vision 2020, and new sustainability strategies across the company, we will evolve as a global company that creates excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world.

Transform ourselves from a product manufacturing and sales company into a Customer Value Creator

Amid today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies are increasingly expected not only to make profit but also to take part in solving social issues through their business activities. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations are one of the major guidelines companies can use to meet such expectations. The SDGs promote responses to poverty and environmental issues and innovation through cooperation with stakeholders towards 2030. Improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions are also required by the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21. Looking at Japan, the government encourages companies to pursue innovation for supporting the digital transformation into Society 5.0, Super Smart Society. Attention is also given to diversity and inclusion (including the promotion of women’s participation in the workplace), health management and the reinforcement of partnerships with business partners in terms of strengthening the business foundation.


The social needs surrounding our company are also rapidly changing, as seen in the utilization of advanced digital technologies, represented by AI, IoT, Robotics and 5G reduction of environmental impact through products such as electric vehicles, and customization to promptly respond to customer needs. Our main businesses consist of the Automotive Sector, the Public Service Sector, the Media Service Sector and the DX* Business. We aim to transform ourselves from a product manufacturing and sales company into a Customer Value Creator to flexibly address these changes and to further grow as a technology-based company. It is our role as a Customer Value Creator to grasp the rapidly changing market and customer needs and constantly provide the public with cutting-edge solutions. We will transform into a Customer Value Creator based on our Vision 2020 by incorporating the viewpoint of creating a sustainable society through solving social issues.

*DX: Digital Transformation

Promote Vision 2020 with sustainability strategies

In fiscal 2017, we developed sustainability strategies to further promote our contribution to a sustainable society under our strategy of Vision 2020. We set “Technological Innovations,” “Enhancing Resilience,” “Smart Services” and “Wellness” as strategy themes and identified materiality consistent with Vision 2020. Moreover, we have established a structure to improve our business by connecting all of our operations with the sustainability strategies and we are managing the progress of operations from a sustainability perspective with KPIs linked to materiality. We will report on our annual activities and achievements under the new business structure on our website and by other means from fiscal 2018.

Solve social issues through products & services

The Automotive Sector boasts a large market share in Japan based on our technologies/know-how obtained from years of experience. For sustainable growth, further technological innovations are indispensable to meet customer needs that have diversified due to the widespread use of AI and IoT. The smart connectivity of Saisoku-Navi that was launched last year, featuring high-quality sound and visual, to car navigation-linked dashcams is a representative product example of technological innovations that are conducive to creating a safe and secure car society.


In the Public Service Sector, we are engaged to contribute to the creation of safe and comfortable communities by developing technologies for professional radio systems that help secure the safety of people’s lives in public. In addition, we will further develop security systems that combine IoT technologies with video surveillance technologies and image analysis technologies as a mechanism that contributes to “Enhancing Resilience.” The Healthcare Business contributes to the provision of advanced medical services. Developing Gazefinder, a gaze tracking system that enables early diagnosis of development disorders, and providing image network solutions for operation rooms are core examples of Smart Services.


EXOFIELD developed by the Media Service Sector is a representative example of our cutting-edge solutions. It delivers new and exciting experience to users with the unique out-of-head localization sound field processing technology. The product contributes to the improvement of “Wellness” together with the Spatialized Sound Design Solution KooNe, which creates an environment of comfort and relaxation using high resolution sound technologies.


As a Customer Value Creator, we believe that it is not only the acquisition of business opportunities that is important but also robust risk management and cooperation with our stakeholders. Our systematic approaches in business continuity management have been acknowledged in the form of the Resilience Certification, which is awarded to organizations contributing to national resilience by the National Resilience Promotion Office of Japan’s Cabinet Secretariat. We have been constructing an organizational structure in which all employees can perform active roles. As a result of our efforts to promote diversity and improve work-life balance, we have received the highest-level Eruboshi Certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and have been selected as a White 500 company under the 2018 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Furthermore, we are striving to strengthen ties with the government and local communities while continuing to conduct social contribution activities, including holding environmental classes for children, who will lead the next generation, and environmental conservation activities.

Collect wisdom from internal and external sources for a further leap forward

In fiscal 2018, we will continuously take proactive steps to achieve Vision 2020 under the new sustainability promotion structure based on the international frameworks such as SDGs. Contributions towards a sustainable society will create business opportunities and lead to profitable growth. We aim to demonstrate our achievements through the evolution of JVCKENWOOD. With our corporate vision of “Creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world” in mind, we will be committed as one to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.


We appreciate your continued interest, understanding and support for our activities.

Shoichiro Eguchi

Representative Director of the Board,

 President and CEO