Products & Services that Contribute to the Solving of Social Issues

Due to globalization and rapid technological innovation on IT technology, the business environment surrounding companies is changing significantly and rapidly. In addition, society places high expectations on companies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The JVCKENWOOD Group is keenly aware of the need to transform that not only manufactures high-quality products, but also provides value-added products and services in the form of solutions that respond quickly to the changing needs of society and customers.


The JVCKENWOOD Group aims to develop products, services, and solutions that contribute to resolve social issues in the three business sectors: Mobility & Telematics Services, Safety & Security, and Entertainment Solutions.

Major Products & Services that help resolve social issues

Key Issues

Main Products & Services

Corresponding SDGs

Preventing traffic accidents

Ensuring secure and safe transport systems

Value Creation with Mobility and Telematics Service Sector

  • Dashcams linked to navigation systems
  • Alcohol detector links with smartphone to record and transmit measurement results


Initiatives for disaster prevention / mitigation

Secure and safe community development

Value Creation with Safety & Security Sector

Disaster Prevention Initiatives

  • Professional radio system
  • Emergency & Professional-Use Multilingual Broadcasting Equipment

Safety Initiatives

  • Facial recognition system
  • Car Number Plate Recognition System

Healthcare Initiatives

  • ExoCounter that Supports Very Early Diagnosis of Diseases
  • Gazefinder, an Apparatus for Eye Gaze Tracking and Measuring

Value Creation with Entertainment Solutions Sector

  • Portable power supply
  • Microphone speakers for web conferencing