Transform into a Customer Value Creator

Companies are facing swift and sweeping changes in the environment where they operate due to globalization and rapid technological innovation, especially in regard to information technology. On top of that, the public has high expectations for companies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The JVCKENWOOD Group is keenly aware of the need to transform itself into a group of companies that not only produce high-quality products but also provide products and services with added value that delivers solutions to respond quickly to the changing needs of society and consumers. Committed to providing value to consumers and thereby society as well, the JVCKENWOOD Group will work toward achieving both profitable growth and solving society’s problems.


Since its launch in April 2019, the DX Business (Digital Transformation) Division has been providing customers with new value and services by leveraging the technology assets the JVCKENWOOD Group has built over the years as well as big data and the latest digital technologies, such as AI and IoT, through open innovation. JVCKENWOOD aims to create new businesses that go beyond the boundaries of its current operations, such as telematics solutions using dashcams with communication capabilities for the auto insurance, ride-sharing, and trucking industries. This is done all with an eye to developing them into a fourth pillar of growth, independent from its other three business sectors—Automotive, Media Service, and Public Service.


The JVCKENWOOD Group has identified products and services in the following six fields of business that have a particularly strong association with social issues and is striving to develop and launch these products.


Note: Please see Contributions to SDGs for information on “Major Products & Services” and their relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Six fields of value creation and the major businesses

Business Fields of Value Creation

Major Products & Services


Value Creation with Automotive Products & Services

Dashcams linked with the navigation system


Value Creation with IoT Solution Products & Services

Taxi IoT dispatch system “CABmee”

Telematics service using telecommunication-type dashcams


Value Creation with Disaster-Prevention and Disaster-Mitigation Products & Services

Emergency & professional-use multilingual broadcasting equipment

Versatile Portable Power Supply


Value Creation with Security Products & Services

Intelligent Video Analytics(IVA) systems

Integrated-control facial recognition systems

Car number plate recognition system


Value Creation with Healthcare Products & Services

Medical image display monitor



Value Creation by Contributing to Social Issues of Low Birthrate and Longevity