Transform into a Customer Value Creator Economy

Creation of products & services resolving social issues

Creating products and services that help resolve social issues and improving sales of such products and services is key to achieve both our profitable growth as a company and solution of the social problems that we face. In order to realize one of our management principles of “contributing to a sustainable society through our business,” we must remain committed to facing social challenges, not only through social contribution activities targeting local communities but also through our business. We must also increase our market presence with consideration of whether we can resolve the social issues.

The JVCKENWOOD Group has identified products and services in the following six fields of business that have a particularly strong association with social issues and is striving to develop and launch these products.

Note: Please see Contributions to SDGs for information on “Major Products & Services” and their relationship with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Six fields of value creation and the major businesses
Business Fields of Value Creation Major Products & Services
  • Dashcams linked with the navigation system
  • Next-generation taxi dispatch system
  • Telecommunication-type dashcams for the trucking industry
  • Device for dementia patients to stimulate the five senses
  • Emergency & professional-use multilingual broadcasting equipment
  • Intelligent Video Analytics(IVA) systems
  • Integrated-control facial recognition systems
  • Medical image display monitor
  • ExoCounter
  • Gazefinder

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