Evolve as a Technology Based Company

The JVCKENWOOD Group is strengthening and advancing our initiatives based on both strategies related to technologies and intellectual properties in order to evolve as a company founded on technology. For our technological strategy, the R&D Department at the head office and the technological groups of the different business departments are striving to achieve advanced development, centering their efforts on the immense amount of technologies that we possess in imaging, acoustics, and wireless that have been cultivated from the time when the Group operated as Victor Company of Japan and Kenwood.


In order to expand our existing businesses and also advance into new business areas based on our technological strategies, it is inevitable to accelerate the speed of innovation. The JVCKENWOOD Group uses our unique core technologies and conducts open innovation with partners in various industries to promote cutting-edge technological developments that will lead to creating innovative solution businesses to help resolve social issues. We are also implementing different initiatives aiming to discover and nurture the seeds of innovation emerging from within our Group, and thereby striving to foster a corporate climate that makes it easier to generate innovation. Innovations born in this way will be managed in line with our intellectual property strategy involving both defensive and offensive activities, thus creating added value as new cutting-edge intellectual property that will be put to use in our business and management.


JVCKENWOOD will strongly promote the advancement of our technological and intellectual property strategies through these initiatives for the purpose of evolving further as a technology based company.



Promoting Innovation

Promoting Open Innovation

Management & Utilization of Intellectual Property