Future Creation Research Laboratory / Innovation Design Center

Future Creation Research Laboratory

Creation of new value for the next 10 years

Our Future Creation Research Laboratory has been launched in 2021 under the technology development strategy, “Connecting people, time and space to create the future.”

The Company has contributed to society by developing the technologies to deliver images and music that touch people’s hearts, such as talking machines, radios, TVs, VCRs, car audio systems, navigation systems, dashboard cameras, video cameras and projectors, as well as the technologies to provide people with a sense of security brought by connecting with people through communications, including amateur radios and industrial digital radio systems.

The mission of the Future Creation Research Laboratory is always to create new value for the next 10 years. We are now entering a new era in which everything—people, things and society—is connected. Leveraging our expertise in audiovisual, communication, Computing/AI, Simulation/Digital Twin, and Network/Optical communication, our laboratory is dedicated to research and development focused on new interfaces connecting everything. We aim to lead the way in cultivating cutting-edge technologies that provide 'Creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world' through future products and services, enriching people's lives. Our goal is to be a driving force in the enhancement of both technological innovation and corporate value, emphasizing the creation of high utility for the benefit of individuals.

Profitable laboratory

As indicated in the basic strategy, the Future Creation Research Laboratory is promoting the development of optoelectronic fusion technology (silicon photonics) as a next-generation technology for optical spatial systems, with the aim of adopting LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology for WSS (optical switches) for optical communications and maximizing its value. In this connection, it is conducting basic research on AI inference technology, which we expect to attract attention as the next generation of generative and discriminative AI. We are developing the elemental technologies necessary for spatial reconfiguration for the future digital twin market.

The Future Creation Research Laboratory will explore various areas beyond the current boundaries of business domains. For social issues that we may find difficult to solve on our own, we will proactively cooperate with external partners and increase business incubation to achieve next-generation innovation, imagining a future that no one has ever seen before. We will also consider the method of effectively utilizing intellectual properties generated in the above process and contribute to the operation of the Company as a "profitable laboratory."

Innovation Design Center

Accelerating open innovation by proactively disclosing internal human resources and intellectual capital internally and externally

The Innovation Design Center was established on October 1, 2023. In the value creation process that JVCKENWOOD conducts, we seek to create business opportunities by enhancing human and intellectual capital to continuously increase corporate value. We will thus play a role in circulating the economic and social value generated in this process into new management capital. We believe the friction generated by the ideas of each business sector is the source of new value, and that innovation can be achieved by taking advantage of such friction and resources such as technology. Based on this thinking, diverse human resources outside the boundaries of the existing organization will gather to formulate a hypothesis of "profitable businesses" based on JVCKENWOOD's technology and customer-oriented marketing, and create innovation that represents "new value" through proof of concept (PoC) testing.

Role of Innovation Design Center

1.Supporting the creation of "profitable new businesses" through hypothesis testing of new business opportunities
2.Promoting the development of human resources capable of attaining innovation
3.Proactively disclosing intellectual capital internally and externally to build a foundation for launching sustainable products and services