Promoting Innovation

JVCKENWOOD is striving to develop a corporate environment that will promote opportunities for generating innovation. We are enhancing the motivation of each and every employee and bringing vitality to the workplace by offering various initiatives that make it easier for our people to offer their ideas for innovation, and by developing a framework that actively supports and awards employees who come up with innovations.

Building an Environment that Generates Innovations — Innovation Act

The Innovation Act is a comprehensive name given to our activities that build a corporate climate that makes it possible to discover ideas buried within the company and organically generate innovations, and to transform the company into an organization that can induce innovation. Specifically, the Innovation Act is centered on the following three programs: (1) Technology idea contest, (2)Business idea audition, and (3) Idea Proposal/Discussion Box.

In FY2018, we proceeded with our initiatives to commercialize new ideas that were raised through the above three activities. In fiscal 2019, we will continue to actively promote the use of these programs companywide.

(1) Technology idea contest

The technology idea contest is held to broadly raise new ideas for technologies and products from engineers and other employees who possess technical skills. When there are outstanding ideas, we give support to develop prototypes. In FY2019, we are continuing to examine ideas for technologies and products that are eligible for receiving support for developing prototypes.

(2) Business idea audition

Since FY2017, we have been hosting auditions within the company for new business ideas. Excellent business proposals undergo examination for a business application and receive support toward commercialization. Two ideas that passed screening for commercialization are in progress as new businesses that do not exist in our current business fields.

(3) Idea Proposal/Discussion Box

Idea Proposal and Discussion Box for submitting ideas and conducting discussions is a special internal website where employees can casually post their ideas. It is being used as a communication tool that goes beyond the boundaries of different departments. For example, it serves as a place for having open discussions on a theme, as well as a place to introduce past examples and how those cases were solved. Approximately 50 posts have been submitted since 2017.

Top page of the Innovation Act website

Broadcasting Music in Office

As part of our efforts to create a pleasant workplace environment where our employees can proceed with their duties comfortably and with motivation, we are broadcasting music* under different daily themes before and after work hours. Since April 2017, we have received 242 song requests from our employees, coupled with information on why they chose that music and the thoughts behind their song selection. Thus, this practice of playing music has been established at our company and now also serves an important role in improving work efficiency and reducing total work hours. We also select songs to mark the season and implement music programs in line with the introduction of songs of artists in upcoming events, such as the Victor Rock Festival and the Diversity Week Concert, as a means for related business departments to promote their activities.

* Music is provided by JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corporation.


Day of the week Concept of music
Monday Energizing music suitable for the start of a new week
Tuesday Stimulating new music
Wednesday Good old fun music that motivates people to go home at the end of regular work hours
Thursday Various genres of music to inspire people to get out of a rut
Friday Uplifting music toward the weekend
Close of business Refreshing music that prompts people to go home at the end of work hours

Concept of music


We give awards to a broad range of employees who do something good for the workplace or the company, for the purpose of creating a corporate culture that notices virtuous deeds and deepening communication among employees within the company (the XXX part of the award name changes depending on the reason for receiving the award).


Employees who contribute to improving the workplace and the company are eligible to receive the award, even if what they are being awarded for does not relate directly to their assigned duties. The following are some examples of eligibility for the awards:


・A person who demonstrates an excellent attitude in terms of hospitality toward customers

・A person who brightens the atmosphere of the workplace

・A person who takes the lead to beautify and organize the workplace

・A person who is active in social contribution activities and volunteer work in the local community


This MXP Award was started in October 2016. As of April 2019, 36 employees overseas and 51 employees in Japan have been awarded thus far. Awarded at the ceremony held in April 2019 included the “Most Customer-Oriented Person,” “Most Positively and Brightly Challenge-taking Person,” and “Most Borderless Person.” This project of rewarding employees who demonstrate exemplary attitudes as a member of the JVCKENWOOD Group in various initiatives in and outside of the company is helping to raise the motivation of all of our employees.

Scene from the MXP Award ceremony

Hosting the JVCKENWOOD Award

The JVCKENWOOD Group rewards prominent initiatives and business performance demonstrated within our Group under the JVCKENWOOD Award. The following five criteria are considered in selecting the recipients of the award.


  • ■ Profitability/Productivity
    Has the continuous profitability/productivity of the business been secured?
  • ■ Originality
    Can a value proposition different from a competition other company be offered?
  • ■ Consistencies
     Is a direction set for business continuity and constant improvements?
  • ■ Innovativeness
     Is innovation demonstrated in the product, process, and management methodology?
  • ■ Sustainability
     Is it activity conscious of contribution to SDGs achievement through Society5.0*?
     Is it the activity that you contribute to enterprise value improvement by ESG (the
     environment, social and governance)?

*Society 5.0: Super smart society (AI, IoT, 5G technology). Society 5.0 represents the 5th form of society in our human history, chronologically following hunting, farming, industry, and information.

Every year, 20 efforts are selected for the JVCKENWOOD Award, and three are selected from among them for the special award. Selected in FY2018 were initiatives related to the Victor Entertainment Group’s contribution to the overall performance of the JVCKENWOOD Group and the expansion and contribution of the public safety business in the wireless systems business. This is a great opportunity to make distinguished initiatives and business performances widely known throughout the company, and it also serves to improve the motivation of the award recipients. Therefore, we will continue to administer this award project going forward.

Scene from the JVCKENWOOD Award ceremony

Display of in-house posters

We display posters developed under diverse themes, such as messages to employees and personal introductions of co-workers in the JVCKENWOOD Group, which are posted at the head office and the different business centers and sites. This helps generate a sense of solidarity among all of our employees throughout the Group. In recent years, we developed and put up posters on the theme of diversity and introduced workplaces where people of different nationalities work together, and also showed activities being performed by veteran employees.

Examples of in-house posters