Management & Utilization of Intellectual Property

Using IP Landscape*, the JVCKENWOOD Group promotes intellectual property activities that contribute to management strategy from both the offensive and defensive perspectives of "intellectual property (utilization and monetization) to create businesses" and "intellectual property (proprietary exclusivity and differentiation) to make use of businesses." We are focusing on the following points as the pillars of our efforts.

  1. 1. Promotion of revenue by creating, purchase, and utilizing intellectual property that anticipates the next generation
  2. 2. Promotion of activities to avoid infringement of rights while respecting the intellectual property of others
  3. 3. Promote intellectual property management with an emphasis on utilization in management strategies through IP Landscape activities

We actively promote our IP activities through these three points, and seek to use patents to create barriers to protect our business, future patents that are expected to be used in the future, and essential patents for standards. Furthermore, we will actively promote IP landscape activities and promote their use in management strategies, business strategies, and technology development strategies.

*Method of deploying management and business strategies using IP information.

Intellectual Property Management System

As a management system for intellectual property, we have established a patent development group for each business field in addition to the Intellectual Property Department at the Head Office, which creates an intellectual property portfolio in anticipation of future use. We are also strengthening our efforts by placing persons responsible for IP, as well as persons responsible for promoting IP, in the technological groups of each business department, thereby enhancing the entire company’s awareness toward IP.

Intellectual property management indicators

In order to properly manage and utilize intellectual property, we have established the following indicators.

Promote patent applications so that the number of patent applications related to SDGs 3 (Good health and wellbeing), 9 (Industry, innovation and infrastructure), and 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) will account for at least 10% of all patent applications.

In product development, we use the metrics described above to ensure constant awareness of SDG goals and how the technology we are developing contributes to them. When patent applications are filed, we clearly articulate their relationship to SDGs. Among the Company's registered patents related to SDGs, 44% address Goal 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure), 28% Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), and 6% Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities)

Specific activities

JVCKENWOOD Group utilizes the IP Landscape to support the formulation of R & D directions and technology development strategies through intellectual property, market analysis, and other means.

In order to strengthen our intellectual property capabilities, the Research Institute for Creation of the Future, the Technology Department of each division, the JVCKENWOOD Design, and the Intellectual Property Department work together to analyze each technical theme using the IP Landscape and to co-create inventions that are expected to be used in the future in a workshop format, taking into consideration the social environment of the future. We also actively host the Patent Idea Conference at each of the patent development groups at the different sites for the purpose of protecting new businesses. The matters discussed at the conference help to develop our portfolio.

In addition, we are working to raise awareness of intellectual property among group employees by holding Intellectual Property Skills Up Training for new recruits, newly appointed executives, engineers, and designers, and by holding Intellectual Property Awards.

Combined with our other efforts to disseminate information on various internal rules related to IP and our monthly in-house newsletter on IP, etc., this symposium helps to improve awareness on IP throughout the company.