Management & Utilization of Intellectual Property

Basic Concept and Initiatives

Under JVCKENWOOD’s IP strategies, we pursue both offensive and defensive activities that involve “intellectual property to further our business (utilization & securing income)” and “intellectual property to protect our business (acquisition of rights),” thus contributing to our business operation and business management. We are focusing on the following three points as the main pillars of our initiatives.


1.As open & closed IP strategies, we generate income by standardization, patent pool and selling patent rights, and promote the development of barriers to prevent entry into our new business and priority business fields.


2.We develop IP strategies linked to our business and technological strategies, and create portfolios of areas that need to be strengthened.


3.As mixed IP strategies, we promote the creation of new corporate value by the comprehensive protection and utilization of patents, designs, and trademarks.


We actively promote our IP activities through these three points, and seek to use patents to create barriers to protect our business, acquire additional patents on which we can build our future, and generate standard patents that will help generate income. Furthermore, we will link the marketability associated with IP to various indices from the perspective of IP landscaping* and promote the use of new IPs.

*Method of deploying management and business strategies using IP information.

Intellectual property structure

Our IP structure includes not only the Intellectual Property Department at head office, which creates cutting-edge IP to support the future of our company, but also patent development groups assigned to each business area. We are also strengthening our efforts by placing persons responsible for IP, as well as persons responsible for promoting IP, in the technological groups of each business department, thereby enhancing the entire company’s awareness toward IP.

Specific activities

In order to strengthen our efforts in IP, we offer the IP Skill-up Seminar to new employees and newly appointed management personnel, engineers, and designers. We also actively host the Patent Idea Conference at each of the patent development groups at the different sites for the purpose of protecting new businesses. The matters discussed at the conference help to develop our future portfolio.


In addition, we host the IP Symposium once a year for the purpose of enhancing awareness about IP among management executives, general managers of technology, and engineers within our company. The symposium includes talks given by guest speakers from outside the company, an IP awards program, and case study presentations. Combined with our other efforts to disseminate information on various internal rules related to IP and our monthly in-house newsletter on IP, etc., this symposium helps to improve awareness on IP throughout the company.

IP Symposium