Collaboration with Various Business Partners

At the JVCKENWOOD Group, we solve social issues and provide new value by developing technologies through back-casting to achieve its goals and by co-creating with partners in various industries. In order to embody co-creation, we will accelerate innovation together with various stakeholders, such as customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, employees, community and external business partners (government, ngos, other companies, etc.), and attach importance to initiatives for realization. In particular, we are working to realize a sustainable society by taking advantage of our strengths with external stakeholders such as industry-academia collaboration, government, and business partners. We will continue to work on the evolution of sustainability management through co-creation with various partners.

Creation of safe and secure services using DX in anticipation of an aging society (Aikomi Co., Ltd.)

Operating and promoting the Innovative Innovation Creation Program (MEXT, JST) through collaboration with industries, governments, and academia (Tokyo University of the Arts COI)

Since FY2013, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), together with the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, have been conducting activities of the Innovative Innovation Creation Program (COI STREAM) for the purpose of "Innovative innovation that cannot be achieved by companies or universities alone should be realized through industry-academia collaboration, and a platform to create such innovation should be established in Japan." In the COI activities of Tokyo University of the Arts, we are embodying "Creation of innovation through the fusion of science, technology and art", and JVCKENWOOD is managing and promoting the program as a core company. In this activity, we realize from basic research to social implementation and venture creation through industry-academia cooperation, and aim to create innovation in art and technology and "Building a society filled with not only material affluence but also spiritual affluence" in various fields.

Art activities have been greatly affected by the recent spread of new coronavirus infections. In such an environment, the COI of Tokyo University of the Arts was able to continue its activities with a flexible response to the Corona disaster by utilizing its know-how on the formulation of the contingency plan cultivated through its corporate management. In the future, in order to respond to the environmental changes of with corona and after corona, we will make use of virtual space, camera technology, contents production skill, etc., which we have in the company, and we will combine creative power, creativity, content production capabilities and academic which Tokyo University of the Arts possesses, and we will concretize new lifestyle. In addition, with the aim of building a foundation for innovation creation at universities (Continuous creation of innovation), we will work to realize a sustainable multigeneration society by sharing the know-how of various companies.

Virtual University of the Arts using virtual spaces to continue art activities

Super Clone Cultural Properties using 3D modeling to convey the excitement of the time of completion

Development of teaching materials cultivated through special needs education, supplementary contents for music textbooks of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.