Collaboration with Various Business Partners

At the JVCKENWOOD Group, we solve social issues and provide new value by developing technologies through back-casting to achieve its goals and by co-creating with partners in various industries. In order to embody co-creation, we will accelerate innovation together with various stakeholders, such as "Customers", "Business Partners", "Shareholders and investors", "Employees", "community" and "External Business Partners (Government, NGOs, other companies, etc.)", and attach importance to initiatives for realization. In particular, we are working to realize a sustainable society by taking advantage of our strengths with external stakeholders such as industry-academia collaboration, government, and business partners. We will continue to work on the evolution of sustainability management through "co-creation" with various partners.

Development of Portable Power Supplies Using Recycled Batteries from Electric Vehicles (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd./4R Energy Corporation)

Portable power supplies using recycled EV batteries (Image)

Collaboration with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd and 4R Energy Co., Ltd

MEXT/JST Radical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

Art museum in the meta-verse (Market Vket6)

(Cosponsors: HIKKY, Mitsui Fudosan. Use of virtual space to attract customers to real exhibitions)

Performance by SENJU LAB using the meta-verse (Virtual Arts School)