Collaboration with External Stakeholders

Basic concept

The JVCKENWOOD Group places importance on striving to build trust in our business activities through engagement with various stakeholders such as our customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, employees, local communities, and external business partners (governments, NGOs, and other companies). In particular, working in partnership with external stakeholders such as universities, governments, and business partners brings with it the possibility of creating businesses that have a broader impact on society while making use of the strength of our company, and thus we feel the need to place more focus in the future on forming such partnerships. Currently, we are working on a variety of social implementation projects by collaborating with external stakeholders including different industries, governments, and academia. We are also planning to develop such an implementation plan in future as well.

Promoting social implementation projects through collaboration with industries, governments, and academia

Participation in motorsports

The JVCKENWOOD Group has been participating in motorsports since 1983 in order to continue enhancing our technologies in acoustics, imaging, and radio communication, which are the key business areas of our Group. As the official supplier of the famed McLaren F1 team, which competes at the highest level of motorsports, we have been supplying special radio communication systems to the circuits to provide on-site support as needed for the past twenty seven years. In recent years, we provided JVCKENWOOD’s digital radio communication system to approximately 400 operation staff at the world’s most renowned motorcycle racing event, MotoGPTM, thereby showcasing the high reliability of our products.


The technologies that have been enhanced through our challenges in motorsports, as well as the joys of sharing the emotional highs and lows with our partners, are being put to use in all of the businesses, products, and services offered by the entire JVCKENWOOD Group.


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JVCKENWOOD motorsports website


Providing digital radio communication systems at MotoGP™

Providing the on-board cameras at elite SUPER GT® Series

Leading COI activities of the Tokyo University of the Arts (Domestic Activities)

The Center of Innovation Science and Technology based Radical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (COI STREAM), launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency in 2013, is an industry-academia collaboration project for conducting basic research through to practical realization. It ascertains latent needs, identifies research and development issues by looking ahead to what society will be like in 10 years’ time, and promotes innovative research and development without being confined by existing disciplinary or organizational boundaries.


This project was launched for the purpose of realizing through industry-academia collaboration innovations that could otherwise not be achieved by companies or universities working alone, and to also create a platform in Japan for creating such innovations. Of the three visions stated by COI STREAM, we particularly aim to achieve the second vision of “establishing a rich living environment (to be a country that is prosperous and is respected)” by developing a society with not only abundant material wealth but also emotional and spiritual riches. To achieve this, it is essential that we combine different fields such as arts with science and technology, and work in partnership with the education, medical, and welfare industries. JVCKENWOOD leads the COI activities as its project leader, and is also working to develop a circular hall of the Tokyo University of the Arts, in addition to working to create clone cultural property music. In order to make our society in 10 years’ time even better than it is now, JVCKENWOOD will make use of our wisdom and experiences through collaborations with others, and thereby make a significant contribution to the development of a sustainable society.



Circular hall at Tokyo University of the Arts


Clone cultural property music


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Tokyo University of the Arts COI (link to external website of Tokyo University of the Arts)