Initiatives for disaster measures

The JVCKENWOOD Group not only makes donations when disasters strike around the world, but also contributes to the creation of safe and secure communities by donating products that contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation, such as portable power supplies and radio equipment, to government agencies, local municipalities, and various organizations.

Donation of telecommunications equipment as part of the KENWOOD Cares subsidy program (Canada)

JVCKENWOOD Canada Inc. donates C$10,000 worth of KENWOOD communications equipment each year to non-profit volunteer organizations as part of the KENWOOD Cares subsidy program. In FY2022, it received 12 applications and selected the Edgewood Volunteer Fire Department (EVFD) to receive the latest in telecoms equipment, including NEXEDGE VHF two-way wireless units. Before the new units were delivered, EVFD had been using a used product acquired from another fire department, but the introduction of the latest two-way wireless unit has facilitated communication with cooperating agencies, leading to better service and safety for the local community.

Industrial wireless equipment donated to Ukraine

JVCKENWOOD, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, donated 100 of its "NX-3220E" industrial wireless units to the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan to provide support for the country's rebuilding. Given the devastation to the country's traffic and telecoms infrastructure, the equipment is expected to find applications in policing, firefighting, emergency services and many other scenarios, and we selected high-end industrial units to donate because they combine international standard NXDN and DMR digital formats with conventional analog. In May 2022, JVCKENWOOD received an official letter of thanks from the Minister for providing material assistance to Ukraine. The Group wishes Ukraine a speedy recovery and hopes that life will return to normal as quickly as possible.

Industrial wireless unit NX-3220E

Proposing a portable power supply as an emergency environment maintenance solution

Typhoons, heavy rains, earthquakes and other natural disasters are frequent, and JVCKENWOOD offers portable power supplies and portable solar panels to homes, companies, government agencies, schools and other organizations as a solution to help maintain the environment during emergencies. These products assist in disaster prevention and mitigation, and contribute to the creation of more livable communities.

In FY2022, we again donated a portable power supply to the city of Yokosuka, where JVCKENWOOD Service has its Head Office. This fiscal year, we also donated portable solar panels, as we heard that in recent years securing electric power has become critical for gathering and providing information.

For the fourth consecutive year, we donated a portable power supply to the city of Yokosuka, where JVCKENWOOD Service has its headquarters, in FY2021 and received an official letter of thanks from the mayor.

We look forward to seeing our products continue to contribute to local communities.

Support for earthquake in southeastern Turkey

In response to the earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey in February 2023, JVCKENWOOD donated 100 industrial wireless units to the Government of Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) to enable communication without relying on public infrastructure and support rescue and reconstruction efforts in the affected areas. For the donation, we selected the "NX-3320E" industrial wireless unit as it can be used in analog as well as digital mode, in anticipation of a wide variety of local applications. All in the JVCKENWOOD Group sincerely hope that the affected areas will recover as soon as possible and return to normal daily life.

Industrial wireless unit NX-3220E