Initiatives as a Member of the Local Community

The JVCKENWOOD Group has been pursuing a variety of efforts tailored to local needs in order to form deeper relations of cooperation and trust with local residents and contribute to communities as a community member.


Sports, cultural and artistic activities

Earthquake recovery support activities


Sports, cultural and artistic activities

The JVCKENWOOD Group is actively contributing to the society through sports, cultural and artistic activities.

Providing KENWOOD logo t-shirts (Italy)

JVCKENWOOD Italia S.p.A. provided t-shirts with the KENWOOD logo free-of-charge to KENWOOD, an amateur soccer team competing in the CSI amateur league based in Milan. The team’s performance has put it at the top of the league, and we will continue to cheer it on.


Supporting the Milano Loves You Run 2017 (Italy)

JVCKENWOOD Italia S.p.A. participated as a sponsor in the Milano Loves You Run 2017, a charity running event in Milan. This event saw 1,000-2,000 participants of various ages from around the world enjoy a pleasant 40-minute run in the early morning, with entry fees donated to NPOs supporting cancer patients. JVCKENWOOD Italia S.p.A. intends to continue its support in future as a company rooted in the community.


Research in collaboration with industries, governments, and academia (JVCKENWOOD Design)

JVCKENWOOD Design has been engaged in efforts to employ forest therapy through industry-government-academia collaboration with Chizu Town, Tottori Prefecture, and Makoto Isono Marketing & Design Research Lab, Faculty of Business Administration, Tottori University of Environmental Studies. Forest therapy makes use of the therapeutic effects of walking, exercising and relaxing in forests and provides lifestyle guidance, and the town government of Chizu has for some time now been implementing forest therapy projects for some time now in the Chizu Forest. To provide an additional experience in this Chizu forest therapy, we are researching on utilization of live distribution of forest sounds and images, and this has led to the discovery of new tourism resources and local stories in eastern Tottori Prefecture. Actively disseminating the project findings is also expected to help revitalize local communities.


Earthquake recovery support activities

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata continues to participate in earthquake recovery assistance activities in Sabusawajima Island, part of Matsushima, in Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture, with sponsorship from the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Council. In FY2017, the seventh year for such assistance, we continued our efforts from the previous fiscal year centered on cleaning and weeding gardens at the homes of elderly residents as well as cleaning up beaches. A total of 38 persons, including our six employees and volunteers from companies operating in Yamagata Prefecture, worked for about six hours, communicating with local residents and becoming more convinced of the need for continued support to help the area recover from earthquake damage.



Below we present a broad range of efforts being carried out globally, including charity events and blood drives.

Implementing donation activities at Halloween event (U.S.A.)

Zetron, Inc., a member of the JVCKENWOOD Group, once every year in the Halloween season conducts the Halloween Costume & Cubicle Decoration campaign and solicits donations. In FY2017, we collected and donated about US$520 to the Miracle Network Children’s Hospital.


Support for operation of charity telethon (Spain)

JVCKENWOOD Ibérica S.A. lent 32 portable transceivers TK-3501 to the staff of the LaMaratóde TV3, a live charity television program, to enable them to communicate while making the show and thereby ensure the program ran smoothly. The telethon collected a total of 7,215,676 euros for research on communicable diseases.


Received CSR-DIW Continuous Award from Thai government (Thailand)

In FY2017 JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., received the CSR-DIW Continuous Award* from the Thai government, as it did the previous fiscal year, in recognition of its broad-ranging CSR activities. Aware of the connection between its own growth and CSR activities, the company has put forth a CSR vision and mission and its employees are actively and naturally engaged in efforts to resolve local issues. More specifically, their locally-rooted activities (helping to install equipment in local elementary schools) and environmental improvement activities in mangrove forests won the company high regard in FY2017, leading to it being selected as one of 370 companies from among more than 3,000 companies for the Thai government’s award. Encouraged by this award, the company will continue its active efforts.


*An award given by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) of Thailand’s Ministry of Industry to companies engaged in noteworthy sustainability efforts


Donation fundraising activities (Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. continued its fundraising activities for charitable causes, and in FY2017 it collected donations for victims of the flooding caused by heavy rains in southern Thailand in August 2017 and for the purchase of sports equipment for students.


Being a Business Friend of the Dutch Cancer Society (Netherlands)

JVCKENWOOD Europe B.V. has been a Business Friend of the Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) since 2015 to help reduce the number of people suffering from cancer and to support cancer patients. The company provides younger generations with information on the toxicity of smoking and safe amount of suntanning to prevent cancer, which frequently arises from lifestyle choices, and supports to create networks among government institutions and other companies to achieve more effective cancer treatments. Through continued support, the company will work with DCS to further cancer research.


For further details, please see the JVCKENWOOD Europe B.V. website.

Projectors lent free for outdoor film screenings (Italy)

JVCKENWOOD Italia S.p.A. lent projectors free of charge for an outdoor film screening organized by a mental health rehabilitation center in Milan. This event aimed to provide an opportunity for residents living near the rehabilitation center to interact with the center’s patients and to better understand the illnesses from which the patients suffer.


Participating in the Songkran Water Splashing festival (Thailand)

As part of its endeavors to engage closely with local communities, JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. participates in the Songkran festival held in April for the traditional Thai New Year. Songkran is widely popular all across Thailand as the Water Splashing festival in which the participants splash each other with water, and the company has enhanced friendly relationship between employees and with local residents through this event.


Taking part in blood drives (China, Thailand, US, Japan)

The JVCKENWOOD Group has continued to be engaged in blood donation drives in four countries: China, Thailand, the U.S.A and Japan. Shanghai Kenwood Electronics Co., Ltd. has participated in blood drives as part of its medical welfare support activities, and JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. conducts blood drives three times each year.



Blood drive in China ①


Blood drive in China ②


Blood drive in Thailand ①


Blood drive in Thailand ②

Firefighting drills

The JVCKENWOOD Group carries out various disaster prevention drills at its business centers to boost disaster prevention awareness, and undertakes other activities to instruct participants on how to use equipment and tools as part of preparing for disasters. In FY2017, firefighting drills were conducted at five business centers (Head Office & Yokohama Business Center, Hachioji Business Center, Hakusan Business Center, Yokosuka Business Center, and Kurihama Business Center). To promote independent disaster prevention efforts at individual facilities, firefighting teams assembled as an organization within the business centers have also taken part in drills. The performance of the Head Office & Yokohama Business Center firefighting team won the top awards for excellence in the Indoor Fire Extinguisher Handling category at the firefighting technical training held by the Kanagawa Fire Brigade in September 2017. Through continuing education and drills both inside and outside the Company, we are striving to put in place an effective disaster prevention structure for emergencies and expand the number of participants.