Initiatives as a Member of the Local Community

The JVCKENWOOD Group undertakes various efforts tailored to local needs to strengthen its relations of cooperation and trust with local residents and contribute to the communities it serves. 

Volunteering at Shanghai vaccination site (China)

Twenty two employees of Shanghai Kenwood Electronics Co., Ltd (China) registered with the Songjiang Volunteer Services Center and served as volunteers at a COVID-19 vaccination site in the Songjiang Economic & Technological Development Zone.

Volunteering as transportation guides (China)

Shanghai Kenwood Electronics Co., Ltd (China) employees volunteered as transportation guides with the Songjiang Volunteer Services Center.

Donation of baby food to health center (Indonesia)

PT JVCKENWOOD Electronics Indonesia makes monthly donations of additional food expenses for infants being treated at the local health center. This is part of a government program to make it easier for the people of Indonesia to receive maternal and child healthcare services.

Donation of products to the Italian Paralympic Sports Federation (Italy)

JVCKENWOOD Italia S.p.A. (Italy) provided sports model headphones to the Federazione Italiana Sport Paralimpici degli Intellettivo Relazionali (FISDIR; the Italian Paralympic Sports Federation). FISDIR promotes sports for the physically and developmentally impaired, and seeks to increase the visibility of the disabled and provide them with opportunities for growth by broadly publishing the ideals of the Paralympics and introducing the public to sporting events for disabled people. The JVC headphones (mostly sports models) given to FISDIR allow athletes to listen to their favorite music as they turn in top-level performances. The donation helped to improve brand recognition with the JVC logo appearing on competition T-shirts and the rollup curtains used in the promotional summer tour. The company also issued press releases.  

Donation of products to a NPO that provides clown therapy (Italy)

JVCKENWOOD Italia S.p.A. (Italy) donated products to a charity bazaar for Associazione Veronica Sacchi (AVS), a group that offers continuing, free clown therapy to bring happiness and smiles to people who are suffering in hospitals, centers for the disabled, nursing homes, prisons and other places of physical, mental and emotional discomfort. Sales from the charity bazaar and personal donations are used to cover the costs of local clown therapy programs.

Donation to a local hospital (Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. donated 12 boxes of hanging files (600 files) to the Thepparat Hospital in Nakhon Ratchasima Province for use in preserving information about COVID-19 patients and other healthcare data.

Donation of telecommunications equipment as part of the KENWOOD Cares subsidy program (Canada)

JVCKENWOOD Canada Inc. donates C$10,000 worth of KENWOOD communications equipment each year to non-profit volunteer organizations as part of the KENWOOD Cares subsidy program. In FY2021, it received 24 applications and selected the Paint Lake Volunteer Fire Department (PLVFD) to receive the latest in telecoms equipment, including NEXEDGE VHF two-way wireless units. Before the new units were delivered, PLVFD had relied on hand signals to issue instructions when fighting fires, but the new equipment will allow it to better serve guests and residents at Paint Lake Provincial Park by eliminating the interference to hand signals from noise, etc.

Organizing a fundraising event for British Columbia flood relief (Canada)

JVCKENWOOD Canada Inc. held a live donation drive event in cooperation with The Story Till Now and the Four-Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia. Money raised was used to provide relief from the floods that ravished British Columbia in November 2021. Participants who donated money were selected at random to receive a total of C$20,000 worth of headphones, dash cams, projectors, transceivers, and other JVC merchandise. The governments of Canada and British Columbia provided matching donations, raising a total of C$49,065 for the Canadian Red Cross.