Initiatives for the Next Generation

The JVCKENWOOD Group supports the growth of children who will play key roles in the future and fosters the next generation of citizens for sustainable social development by offering classes and other activities using its business resources to promote the understanding of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). We will continue our diverse community activities to co-create value that can be passed on to the next generation.

 Delivery of Environmental Education Classes

 Workplace Tours and Work Experience Programs

Other Initiatives

Delivery of Environmental Education Classes

JVCKENWOOD holds environmental education classes using Forest Notes wireless active speakers so that people can hear the sounds of forests in real time. These classes consist of activities that provide good opportunities for children to refine their sensitivity and learn the importance of nature, such as drawing pictures of living things in nature with their imagination while listening to the sounds of forests (e.g. the calls of birds, the sounds of the wind, and the babbling of brooks) streaming out of the speakers and using onomatopoeia to express the voices of forests. In FY2018, JVCKENWOOD held classes for a total of 353 children.

Delivery of environmental education classes using Forest Notes

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation and JVCKENWOOD together ran an environmental education program using Forest Notes for a fourth grade class of 34 pupils at Haguro Elementary School in the city of Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture, on July 5. This environmental education program included not only a session for listening to the sounds of forests but also group work using onomatopoeia. We hope this program stimulated children’s sensitivity, helped them understand the importance of forests known as the cradle of diverse life, and formed a foundation to prepare them to shoulder the responsibilities of the next generation.

Workplace Tours and Work Experience Programs

The JVCKENWOOD Group offers workplace tours and work experience programs to allow children and young people to refine their sensitivities through their own experiences and to draw out their unlimited potential.

Global internships

JVCKENWOOD, seeking to promote diversity to create diverse ideas, hosted an undergraduate intern from Canada for about three months from September 14 to December 4.

This internship program was designed, in cooperation with various sectors/divisions across the company, to show different products, production lines, and activities so that the intern could gain a comprehensive understanding of our company. He gained a deeper understanding of our company by experiencing a variety of tasks not only in his field of study but also across the fields involved in our manufacturing business. In the debriefing at the end of the internship, he said, “Looking back on my training, I am impressed that each and every employee takes pride as a professional, spares no effort, and works in rapport with others to achieve goals. I will take my cue from your attitude and work hard as an engineer and a business person in the future.”  Assuming that we will have more opportunities to interact with foreigners, our company is considering using opportunities like this to promote globalization in the company.

Production plant tours

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation offers workplace tours and work experience programs for elementary school, junior-high school, high school, technical college, and other students to expose them to practical knowledge and skills and help them find the meaning of work, determine their aptitude, and foster their will to decide their own future. In FY2018, we received 131 visitors from three schools, two groups, and other organizations. These programs include sessions where employees attend interviews and answer questions from participants about careers and daily work to help students understand better about local companies and different occupations and shape their attitude to work and their career view for the future. These programs will continue in the future.

Production plant tour (Malaysia)

JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. has continued to accept students twice a year since it signed a university–industry collaboration agreement with the University of Technology Malaysia regarding training, internships, and CSR activities in 2016 to assist in developing the next generation of industrial human resources in Japan and Malaysia. In FY2018, a factory tour was offered to 46 students from the Shibaura Institute of Technology and the partner University of Technology Malaysia on February 17. Through this factory tour, participants learned the entire production process from material sourcing to assembly, processing, and complete product shipment. The participating students seemed to be especially impressed by the production speed and robots and asked many questions.

Other Initiatives

Yokohama Mori no Gakko*

JVCKENWOOD has participated in the annual Yokohama Mori no Gakko sponsored by the Yokohama City Environmental Planning Bureau since 2012 based on the Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement on Local Revitalization concluded between the Yokohama City Government and JVCKENWOOD. The Yokohama Mori no Gakko School, one of the Projects to Inspire Citizens to Become Involved with Forests under the Yokohama Green-up Plan of the Yokohama City Government, aims to enhance the understanding of the Yokohama Green-up Plan and create a greater connection between citizens and forests. This grassroots event is organized in cooperation with universities in Yokohama to convey the charms and roles of forests, attracting quite a number of children to participate every year. In FY2018, participants enjoyed making one-of-a-kind forest photo stands with nuts, branches, and other forest materials by using imagination and creativity.

*Mori no Gakko:Forest school

Classes to assist with summer holiday research projects

Every year JVCKENWOOD holds “Helping out with Research Projects! Summer Vacation Craft Studio” for children during the summer holidays, in collaboration with the Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., which runs Hotel Laforet Shuzenji. In FY2018, this program celebrated its sixth anniversary.

Participants learned about the functions of forests and then went to a forest to collect nuts, branches, and other materials and make one-of-a-kind forest photo stands and wooden smartphone speakers while freely using their imagination. This program provided a valuable opportunity for children to enjoy the smells and sounds of the forest and gain a real appreciation for some of the tremendous blessings bestowed upon us by the forest.

Children’s Science Workshop

Children’s Science Workshop is one of the educational programs for the next-generation organized through the industry-academia-government collaboration initiative by the Ina and Komagane municipalities, companies, and local industrial high school students. JVCKENWOOD Nagano Corporation participates and cooperates as an executive committee member and a corporate instructor. This year, 80 upper-grade elementary school students took part in the workshop, assembling robots while receiving advice from instructors. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn the joy of manufacturing.

Promoting 5S practices and environmental beautification (Indonesia)

PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia promotes 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) and other practices to keep the environment clean at elementary schools, as part of its support for discipline and moral education for the next generation. In FY2018, PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia presented awards at the 5S campaign competition. By teaching cleaning methods, we are helping raise awareness about keeping the environment clean and neat.

Improvement in the learning environment (Indonesia)

In Indonesia, most items of school furniture and fixtures are broken and need to be immediately repaired to improve children’s educational environment and learning process. PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia donated around 60 tables made of used wood to three elementary schools in surrounding industrial parks in FY2018 in cooperation with the Mitra Society, a group organized by volunteers from Japanese affiliated companies. PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia has joined this initiative since 2013 and will continue to assist in improving the educational environment for local children.

Elementary school assistance (Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been involved in support activities for Prachasamakee School in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand. Prachasamakee School serves many disadvantaged children, including orphans and poor children. Therefore, JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is supporting the healthy growth of children by providing the school with sports equipment, stationery, snacks, fruits, and funds and organizing games and other activities.

Elementary school assistance (U.S.)

EF Johnson Technologies has supported A. S. Johnston Elementary School, a local junior school for pupils from Kindergarten to Grade 6, since 2014. In addition to donating uniforms, sweets, snacks, and funds for low-income families who cannot afford to buy essential school supplies, employees serve as volunteers to hold career development classes on the school’s Career Day and read books to pupils.

TeenTech supporter (UK)                                                 

TeenTech is a non-profit, public interest corporation that provides opportunities for young people to learn about scientific and industrial technology, regardless of their gender or social background. JVCKENWOOD U.K. Limited has been an active supporter of TeenTech since the NPO was established in 2008. By participating in various events across the UK and discussing products and technology with young people, JVCKENWOOD U.K. Limited is helping foster the ambition and potential of young people with a bright future ahead.

Amateur radio for connections between the International Space Station and children on Earth

The International Space Station (ISS), constructed jointly by space agencies from different countries, has an amateur radio on board. It is mainly used for communications between astronauts and school children on Earth to develop children’s interest in science and space. JVCKENWOOD supplied the Russian Space Station Mir and the ISS with its amateur radios, and since 2015, it has launched the development of a next-generation amateur radio for the ISS . Following various tests, the development team moved into the final stage of its work last April 2019, conducting verification tests in collaboration with NASA, where the radio is connected to the multi-voltage power supply system. We will continue to advance this collaborative R&D to provide opportunities for as many children as possible to enjoy amateur radio communications with astronauts and develop their interest in science and space.