Initiatives for the Next Generation

The JVCKENWOOD Group supports the growth of children who will play key roles in the future and fosters the next generation of citizens for sustainable social development by offering classes and opportunities to young people, and improving elementary school facilities. We will continue our diverse community activities to co-create value that can be passed on to the next generation.

Work/Technology Experience Programs and Delivering Lessons

Acceptance of local high school students for work experience (internship)

JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka Corporation conducts a work experience (internship) for local high school students every year. In fiscal 2021, we also accepted two high school student and had them experience what kind of work is actually being done at JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka Corporation. Participants in the work experience have applied for new graduate recruitment for the fourth consecutive year, and have joined the company through the recruitment exam. We will continue to work with local high schools to foster the next generation.

Delivering environmental lessons at Tsuruoka Haguro Elementary School

In July 2021, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation held the Delivering environmental lesson, as "Let's express the sound of the forest with onomatopoeia" at Tsuruoka Haguro Elementary School in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture. This is the fourth time we have offered the delivering environmental lesson at Tsuruoka Haguro Elementary School. We will continue to provide opportunities for children, who will lead the future, to experience the importance of forests and the wonders of forests, and to deepen their understanding of environmental issues such as biodiversity and global warming.

Opportunities for Younger Generation

Internship program (China)

At the request of the governments of Beijing and Shanghai, JVCKENWOOD (China) Investment Co., Ltd. gave internships to two university students wanting to experience work at a foreign company. Allowing these students to deepen their understanding of work, companies, the industry and society is extremely significant both for the development of skilled, professional human resources and for the development of individual careers. The students were able to experience translation services, maintenance of public websites, sales promotion support and other aspects of work at a marketing company.

Participation in collaborative education with Miskolc University (Hungary)

Shinwa Precision Hungary Ltd. (Hungary) has an internship program with the Miskolc University, and accepted three student interns in 2020. These students had worked in various departments, including project engineering and logistics.

Providing Children with Learning Opportunities and Improving Learning Environments

Providing scholarships to elementary school students and enhancing elementary school facilities, such as toilets and washrooms, are vital to fostering students’ potential and creating opportunities for young people to sow the seeds of economic growth in developing countries, as well as improving hygiene and preventing infectious diseases. 

Scholarship and school supply donations for elementary school (Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. donated 7,000 bahts to Wat Ban Nong Bua Sala in the form of masks, alcohol gel, paper, writing implements, gifts and scholarships. The JVCKENWOOD Group hopes through these contributions to bring greater happiness to less fortunate children.

Donation of COVID-19 countermeasure products to elementary schools (Indonesia)

The Mitra Association, an organization organized by employees of PT JVCKENWOOD Electronics Indonesia and volunteer members of Japanese-local companies in Indonesia, donated hand disinfectants, masks, and other new forms of anti-coronavirus equipment to seven elementary schools in the vicinity of Suryacipta Industrial Zone in order to support the creation of an environment in which children can attend school with peace of mind and study even in the event of COVID-19.