Initiatives for the Next Generation

The JVCKENWOOD Group is supporting the sound growth of children who bear the future and fostering the next generation for the sake of developing a sustainable society. We will be pursuing a diversity of efforts across all regions to co-create value that can be passed on to the next generation.

Delivery of environmental classes using Forest Notes

Delivery of environmental classes using Tangible Earth

Workplace tours and work experience

Other initiatives

Delivery of environmental classes using Forest Notes

JVCKENWOOD delivers environmental classes using Forest Notes wireless active speakers that distributes the sounds of the forest in real time. Students in the class draw pictures of living things in the natural environment with imagination. And also they express in onomatopoeia the voices of the forest while listening to the calls of birds, the sounds of wind and the babbling of brooks streaming out of the speakers. This has been a good opportunity to heighten their sensitivity while learning about the importance of nature. In FY2017, a total of 253 children took part in these classes.

Activities in Yokohama

JVCKENWOOD has registered with the Yokohama City Environmental Planning Bureau as a company willing to offer on-demand environmental classes at elementary schools and at extra-curricular children’s clubs. We believe that these classes enhance children’s sensitivity, show them the importance of forests as cradles for the many living things there, and provide them a foundation for the future generation.


Activities in special-needs schools

We delivered environmental classes for high-school students at the Kanagawa Prefecture’s Sagamihara-chuo Support School. The scope of our activities has been expanded to other areas in Kanagawa Prefecture since FY2017, and this was the first delivery of environmental class for high-school students at a special-needs school. They listened to the sounds flowing from Forest Notes and envisioned the forest, drew pictures of the living things they imagined to be there, and expressed in onomatopoeia the sounds they heard.


Delivery of environmental classes using Tangible Earth

We have been using Tangible Earth, an 80-cm diameter interactive digital globe in the delivery of environmental classes that let students observe clouds, typhoons, jet streams, ocean currents, flights of migratory birds, whale tracking information, and depictions of global warming. The children can turn the globe with their own hands, making it possible for them to physically experience a real sense of the Earth’s dynamism while viewing the Earth from the perspective of an astronaut.

Activities at the Head Office and Yokohama Business Center

Workplace tours and work experience

The JVCKENWOOD Group accepts applications for workplace tours and work experience to allow youth to refine their sensitivities through their own experiences and to draw out their unlimited potential.

Environmental internships

We have been registered since FY2017 as a company willing to accept participants of the environmental internship program sponsored by Kanagawa Prefecture, and we accepted three university students in the first fiscal year. Unlike regular employment, environmental internships are aimed at providing students in the process of searching job with the chance to gain a concrete idea of what it entails to work and to accumulate experience that will serve them well when selecting their future employers. We believe that JVCKENWOOD can contribute in this fashion to fostering working adults in the next generation.


The students participating in internships worked as assistants for lectures on the company’s environmental protection activities and the design of environmentally friendly products and for environmental class delivery, and made new tools for environmental class delivery for elementary school students. Participants described their time as company interns as a valuable experience that gave them the opportunity to think about their own future and learn about our company. We look forward to providing similar experiences to many other university students as we continue to accept interns.


Activities in Yamagata (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

To give opportunities for younger people to learn about practices and techniques as well as the significance and propriety of work and to help foster their will to decide their own way forward independently, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata has been accepting applications for workplace tours and work experience from students at elementary schools, junior-high and high schools, technical schools and other educational institutions. Responding to their requests for career interviews and questions/concerns regarding work duties, our employees intend to help the students understand better about local companies and different occupations and to fosters a solid perspective on work and jobs for the future, and we will continue these efforts.


Global internships (JVCKENWOOD Design)

JVCKENWOOD Design invites students from overseas every year for long-term internships extending several months. These internships provide design students from around the world with an excellent opportunity to learn the methodologies underlying Japanese manufacturing and solution designing, and 12 students from the US and South Korea participated in these internships in FY2017. This program also offers employees good opportunities to ascertain global market needs, incorporate the design ideas within people with diverse backgrounds, and serves as a positive stimulus to generate new value creation through JVCKENWOOD Design products and services.


Cultivating the younger generations (Malaysia)

JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. welcomes graduate engineering students from the Malaysia Campus of Southampton University. 55 students in FY2017 learned about the newest technologies such as 3D printers and robot machines and to exchange views with employees. We will continue these and other efforts to help cultivate local youth.


Accepting interns (Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. accepted four students from the Rajamangala University of Technology as interns to provide them valuable learning opportunities. The students gained experience in program development, Excel-based data analysis and other tasks at manufacturing sites, and they were each given a certificate of completion and a commemorative gift upon conclusion of their four-month internships. We plan to accept more interns in future to give local students a better idea of the employment opportunities that await them after graduation.


Other initiatives

Classes to assist with summer holiday research projects

Every year Helping Out with Research Projects! Summer Vacation Craft Studio is held for children on summer holidays with planning and cooperation from the Mori Trust Hotels & Resort Co., Ltd., which runs Hotel Laforet Shuzenji; this Studio was held for the 5th time in FY2017.

After the children learned about the workings of forests, they used nuts, branches and other forest materials to create photo stands of their own design. This Studio proved a valuable opportunity for the children to enjoy the smells and sounds of the forest as well as to gain a real appreciation for some of the tremendous blessings that forests bestow on us.


Yokohama Forest School

Since 2012 we have been participating in the annual Yokohama Forest School sponsored by the Yokohama City Environmental Planning Bureau as part of the Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement on Local Revitalization concluded between Yokohama City and JVCKENWOOD. The Yokohama Forest School is one of the Projects to Inspire Citizens to Become Involved with Forests in Yokohama City’s Yokohama Green-up Plan, and its goal is to enhance understanding of the Yokohama Green-up Plan and create greater connections between citizens and forests. This grassroots event conducted with the help of universities in Yokohama is aimed at conveying the attraction and roles of forests, and quite a number of children participate each year. In FY2017, the children enjoyed exercising their imagination and creativity to create their own unique forest photo stands with nuts, branches and other forest material.


Children’s Science Workshop (JVCKENWOOD Nagano)

The Children’s Science Workshop is part of the educational efforts directed at the next generation being pursued by Ina City, Komagane City, companies, and local industrial high-school students coming together as one in an example of industrial-government-academic collaboration, and JVCKENWOOD Nagano participates/cooperates as a member of the executive committee and as a corporate leader. This workshop for local upper-grade elementary school students offers the students an excellent opportunity to learn the joy of manufacturing while assembling robots with advice from employees.


Contributing to 5S habits for clean school environments (Indonesia)

As part of its support for instilling ethical behavior and discipline in the next generation, PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia has been encouraging (5S Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) habits to create clean environments at elementary schools. In FY2017 we participated in a 5Ss contest in which four employees won coaching awards. By teaching cleaning methods, we are helping to raise awareness of the benefits of keeping one’s surroundings clean and neat.


TeenTech supporter (UK)

TeenTech is a not-for-profit public interest corporation that provides young people, regardless of gender or social background, with opportunities to learn about science, technology, and the technology industry. JVCKENWOOD U.K. Limited has been active as a TeenTech supporter since it was established in 2008. By participating in various events across the UK and engaging in dialogue on products and technology with young people, we are helping boost the potential and ambition of young people with a bright future ahead.


Improving learning environments (Indonesia)

Many schools in Indonesia have furniture and fixtures that are in poor shape, requiring immediate repair in order to improve children’s educational environment and learning processes. In FY2017 PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia joined with members of the Mitra Society, a group organized by volunteers from among Japanese companies operating in the country, to make a total of four donations to schools of tables and cabinets fabricated using used lumber. Such efforts have been carried out since 2013, and we will continue to do our part to enhance the learning environments of local children.


Donating to children’s development center (Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. participates in Children’s Day activities at the children’s development center in Korat (Nakhonratchasima), Thailand, providing orphans, impoverished children, and other children in need with sports equipment, stationery items, snacks, fruits, and other donations as well as with opportunities to engage in games and activities, thereby supporting the sound growth of the children at the development center.