Initiatives related to health and enrichment of minds and lives

The JVCKENWOOD Group works to create products and services that help resolve social issues as it contributes to achieving the SDGs through its products and services.

In addition to these initiatives, the JVCKENWOOD Group's products and services contribute to society in a variety of ways, including providing health-conscious products such as antibacterial specifications, and enriching people's minds and lives by providing experiences through live video streaming.

New experiences driven by live video streaming technology

The COVID-19 pandemic created new demand for the live streaming of performances and videos of local conditions. The JVCKENWOOD group addressed these new trends within society by providing the "CONNECTED CAM STUDIO" and other high-quality streaming tools. At Sumitomo Life Insurance's Izumi Hall, our equipment was used to develop new services for members unable to attend in person, and it was selected both for the ease with which it can be used by virtually anyone to stream content and the quality of the video content that it produces. These and other products help to promote the arts and culture and bring them to as wide an audience as possible.


Antibacterial audio equipment improves safety

With infectious diseases on the rise, JVCKENWOOD has added antibacterial and antivirus processing to the wireless microphones, digital intercoms, digital wireless units, and other audio equipment already on the market and widely used in schools and public facilities. To do this we turned to the "Selfeel"® air catalyst that has a strong track record in antibacterial and antivirus treatments in public transportation, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals and similar facilities, and is known for its excellence in suppressing viruses, bacteria, and odors. JVCKENWOOD became the first company in the industry to obtain SIAA antibacterial certification, enabling it to support joint operations and smart teamwork in a wide range of usage scenarios.

During FY2022, we have also been applying this product, including on-location coating services for attenuators and other equipment handled by large numbers of people.

Wireless microphone WMSP970J

Digital intercom extension unit WDSD10PBSJ

Field testing the "healing effect on pigs" to improve animal welfare

JVCKENWOOD is a member of the steering committee for the "SUMIDA happy pig project" developed by the Sumida Ward of Tokyo, and provides it with the "KooNe," a device that combines high-resolution natural sound (independently recorded and edited ultra-high quality sounds from forests and rivers) with an original spatial audio design, working with the Asahi Agricultural High School in Chiba to field test the healing impact that it has on pigs. Testing has already demonstrated the healing impact that the system and sounds have on human beings, and in this project we installed it in a pig pen to verify its ability to reduce stress on the animals.

In addition to applying our KooNe spatial audio design solution, the project used animal welfare approaches to create a stress-free growth environment for the pigs, and practiced sustainable use of the meat, leather and oil derived from processing.

Donation of products to the Italian Paralympic Sports Federation (Italy)

JVCKENWOOD Italia S.p.A. (Italy) provided sports model headphones to the Federazione Italiana Sport Paralimpici degli Intellettivo Relazionali (FISDIR; the Italian Paralympic Sports Federation). FISDIR promotes sports for the physically and developmentally impaired, and seeks to increase the visibility of the disabled and provide them with opportunities for growth by broadly publishing the ideals of the Paralympics and introducing the public to sporting events for disabled people. The JVC headphones (mostly sports models) given to FISDIR allow athletes to listen to their favorite music as they turn in top-level performances. The donation helped to improve brand recognition with the JVC logo appearing on competition T-shirts and the rollup curtains used in the promotional summer tour. The company also issued press releases.  

Office reform initiatives using "KooNe"

There is a recent movement among companies to create healthy and comfortable spaces in light of the growing awareness of health management and wellbeing and focus on office reform as part of the reform of work styles. Based on this environment, JVCKENWOOD is providing its KooNe spatial acoustic design solution, sound source, and acoustic system to "KooNe Planter," a planter-type spatial acoustic system developed by Audio-visual Technical Service Co., Ltd. that creates comfortable spaces by combining high-resolution natural sound sources with ornamental plants.

KooNe Planter is a spatial acoustic system built into a planter based on the concept of creating a high-quality relaxing and comfortable space with high-resolution natural sound sources and spatial acoustics that reproduce rich natural sounds and ornamental plants. The system is designed to stimulate both the auditory sense by reproducing high-resolution natural sound sources and spatial sound (indirect sound) that reaches the ear more naturally, and the visual sense by stimulating the sense of sight with ornamental plants, thereby providing healing from both the visual and auditory senses. The system can help also to alleviate tension and create a comfortable space by reproducing the passage of time in morning, noon, and night as natural ambient sounds. The KooNe Planter features a spatial acoustic design in which birdsong to be heard from above and the murmuring of a river from below. This is a concept that changes the sound of the forest from morning, noon, and night, proprietary recordings of high-resolution natural sound sources, and dedicated KooNe speakers and amplifier equipment.

JVCKENWOOD will continue to provide comfortable, human-friendly acoustic spaces through its original spatial acoustic design via KooNe. It will also work on the combination of planting, imagines, lighting, and scents to create comfortable, stress-free environments in offices, schools, medical and welfare facilities, and retail facilities.