Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion - Message from CEO

As a global corporation that creates "excitement" and "peace of mind" for different types of customers worldwide, JVCKENWOOD Group aims to be an enterprise that is widely trusted by society while aiming for "profitable growth."


In order to continue to be chosen by customers in a global society, it is necessary to understand and meet the needs of customers in a diverse market. Furthermore, for a corporation to achieve sustainable growth, it is important to meet the expectations of various stakeholders, to be trusted by society and to keep contributing to society.


At JVCKENWOOD, by valuing and utilizing the diversity of each employee, we are working to build a great workplace, and to create a work culture in which people can perform at a high level. People from only limited age brackets or cultures cannot create value for different types of customers worldwide.

We believe that new ideas are born and innovative value is created through bringing together a diverse group of people, with each person actively participating.


We are striving to have employees proactively raise their awareness of diversity and respect one another’s various values and characteristics such as race, nationality, religion, culture, disability, work style, age, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, while fully making use of each person’s abilities. Based on this, we will proceed to transform into a customer value creator, provide solutions for customers worldwide, and aim to make a leap forward in future.


Shoichiro Eguchi

Representative Director of the Board, President and CEO

Diversity & Inclusion at JVCKENWOOD

JVCKENWOOD recognizes the Promotion of Diversity & Inclusion as a key strategy. In order for us to make a further leap forward, it is essential that all employees exercise their skills to the maximum in their respective positions. We will reform our corporate culture toward realizing an employee-friendly company and furthermore a company offering the joys of working for employees with diverse backgrounds, including race, nationality, religion, culture, disability, work style, age, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We will continue striving to foster an organizational climate that respects diversity whereby we aim to create new value and contribute to a sustainable society through business activities.

Conceptual diagram of diversity

Diversity & Inclusion Management System

At JVCKENWOOD, the Diversity Promotion Office operating under the Sustainability Management Office is responsible for promoting diversity and inclusion across the company and managing its progress.


In order to promote diversity and inclusion companywide it is essential to instill a diversity mindset and increase understanding among employees. That’s why the Diversity Promotion Office is implementing measures to create a culture of diversity while actively communicating with relevant departments. The head of the Diversity Promotion Office regularly reports on the progress of its diversity and inclusion strategies at the Board of Executive Officers.

Action Plans/Numerical Targets

JVCKENWOOD developed an action plan to promote diversity in 2015 (see the figure below). Setting the period from 2017 to 2018 as Phase 2 (promoting cultivation measures and global expansion), we provided stratified training to female staff to foster future women executives and trained managers who had female employees. As measures for global expansion, with the aim of fostering a groupwide organizational culture, our corporate staff visited production bases in Asia and business bases in Europe to lay out the company’s diversity promotion policy and exchange information with local leaders at global meetings. Positioning the period between 2019 and 2020 as Phase 3 (achieving target value and plan for the 2025 vision), we have been pushing forward with various measures to achieve the target ratio of women executives of 5.0% (by April 2021). As a result, we managed to reach 4.6% for the ratio of women executives as of April 2020, exceeding the planned figure, up from 2.1% in FY2015. In response to the June 2020 enactment of the Anti-Power Harassment Act (Act on Comprehensive Promotion of Labor Measures and Stabilization of Employment of Employees and Enrichment of Their Working Lives, Etc.), we conduct harassment training at local business bases across the country to enhance awareness throughout the group of an employer’s obligation to prevent harassment.

Progress toward action plan target

Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

Obtained the highest rating of Eruboshi certification under Women's Participation and Advancement Act

JVCKENWOOD has been granted Eruboshi* certification in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (Women's Participation and Advancement Act) from the Minister of Health, Labour & Welfare, and has obtained the highest rating (Level 3). There are five areas evaluated for this certification – hiring, continued employment, work style during working hours, managerial ratios, and diverse career courses – and evaluations are given at one of three levels depending on the number of evaluation items satisfied. JVCKENWOOD obtained the highest rating (Level 3) for fulfilling the standards for all five items.


*Eruboshi: A system permitting the Minister of Health, Labour & Welfare to certify companies who have demonstrated excellence in formulating, filing and implementing action plans for promoting more active roles for women in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, which went into full force on April 1, 2016.


Eruboshi certification mark

Diversity logo mark

JVCKENWOOD has designed a Diversity Logo Mark as a symbol of its efforts to promote diversity.

The logo depicts people with a diversity of values joining hands and making way for the future as one. With the image of a fusion of differing races, genders, and values in mind, and we designed the logo using a broad range of colors, including JVCKENWOOD’s corporate color of blue. This logo, used on the company’s brochures, business cards, and other materials to raise awareness inside and outside the company, symbolizes our company’s commitment to diversity.

Diversity Logo Mark

Management Speaks on Diversity

Here we present perspectives on diversity from a diverse management team.


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