Diversity Initiatives

Promoting diversity

JVCKENWOOD's Diversity Promotion Office plays a central role in implementing various activities aimed at building an organization that allows all employees to play active roles in various environments. One such initiative was the reinforcement of the harassment consultation scheme in April 2017. By establishing a scheme that makes it easier for employees to seek advice, incidents of harassment can be dealt with at an early stage. This not only mitigates serious risks for the company, but also helps to prevent harassment in the workplace, which is one of the major impediments to the promotion of diversity. In addition, through a variety of activities such as training for managers of female employees and child and nursing care seminars, which are based on the findings of employee awareness surveys, we are striving to create an environment and systems that will enable all employees to deepen their understanding of diversity and put it into practice.

We will continue to expand our systems and support activities to enable employees to juggle their jobs with their home lives. Our promotion of diversity will also include the employment of more people from overseas and people with disabilities.

<Message from the Head of Diversity Promotion Office>

I took two maternity leaves, once when I was 28 and again when I was 35 years old. When I had my first child, the only option available was to return to work full-time 2 months after giving birth. At the time, there were no childcare facilities for newborns so my child and I temporarily lived at my parents' home in Chiba Prefecture, where my commute to work took 2.5 hours each way. By comparison, when I had my second child, I was able to extend my maternity leave until my child was old enough to go to nursery. In addition, I was able to work part-time hours for a year after I started back at work. I really feel that having a good system in place is very important in enabling women to work through various life events.

I am now done with raising my children, but have started caring for my mother on the weekends. In addition to the childcare issue, caring for the elderly is also becoming a major social concern. I think it would be great if, by making it possible to work in more flexible ways, the workplace becomes the type of environment where all kinds of people can thrive.




April 1981            Joined IT Division, JVCKENWOOD

June 2013            Appointed as head of IT Division; oversaw IT strategy and the global IT environment.

                             Often visited overseas sales and production bases in US, Malaysia, Thailand, etc., on business

October 2015        Concurrently served in Diversity Promotion Department (current Diversity Promotion Office)

April 2016            Appointed as head of Diversity Promotion Department (current Diversity Promotion Office)


Hitomi Kajitani

Head of Diversity Promotion Office

Conducting diversity training

To ensure diversity and create an environment where a variety of employees can work comfortably, we conduct employee trainings as follows.

Diversity training for all employees

To ensure diversity as an established part of our corporate culture, all employees in the JVCKENWOOD Group take diversity training using an e-Learning platform to foster an awareness of diversity among employees.

Support seminars for balancing childcare/nursing care and work

Employees also take seminars that help them to juggle their jobs with child and nursing care. The theme of the childcare seminar is Communication Skills for Encouragement That Can Be Practiced at Work. Participants learn on communication that is effective for child-rearing and on how to improve communication at work such as in cultivating subordinates. The nursing seminar provides lectures on the right mindset for nursing care and the basic knowledge required for when they eventually face a nursing care situation.


*For details, please see Initiatives to Support a Healthy Balance between Work and Family Life

Promoting active roles for women

In promoting diversity, ensuring active roles for women requires immediate and prioritized efforts. JVCKENWOOD offers support by providing training and enhancing childcare leave and other leave programs so that female employees can dynamically play active roles at work. We also recognize that raising the percentage of women executives is an issue that must be addressed over the medium to long term, and we are fostering human resources who can pursue long careers in our organizations even as we work to increase the number of executive candidates.

Training on the promotion of active roles for women

With the aim of increasing the ratio of women executives, training is given at each grade for female employees who will be future candidates for management positions. Training is also provided for managers of female employees to help deepen their understanding of the concepts and objectives of diversity (changing oneself and changing the way everyone works through diversity).



Seminar on two-track support for childcare and work


Training for managers with female subordinates

Corporate culture/work style reform

Year by year JVCKENWOOD is strengthening its efforts to harmonize work and home life (work-life balance: WLB) so that it can help meet the needs arising from individual employees’ diverse lifestyles and work styles.


*For details, please see Initiatives to Support a Healthy Balance between Work and Family Life

Promoting active roles for foreign employees (Japan)

Japan is experiencing a decline in its overall population along with low birthrate and longevity, making it increasingly important in terms of securing labor resources for the sake of growing the company to employ skilled human resources regardless of nationality. JVCKENWOOD has long been active in hiring foreign workers, and we have been setting up programs at our workplaces that accommodate cultural and lifestyle differences as far as possible. We had 18 foreign employees as of April 2018, and anticipate an increase to 30 employees by FY2020. We remain committed to actively hiring foreign workers and creating a workplace culture that enables them to fully contribute to the company.

Promoting active roles for foreign employees (Overseas)

The JVCKENWOOD Group is a global company operating in 19 countries in the Americas, EMEA, APAC and China, with approximately 18,000 employees worldwide. We recognize that understanding and respecting the unique features of each region is extremely important in paving the way for our smooth operation, and that local hiring to take full advantage of what local human resources have to offer is a major driving force toward that end. By actively employing and cultivating executives locally, we are striving to put in place the in-house systems needed to enable all employees to participate fully in local operations.

Initiatives for LGBT

Consideration toward LGBT (minorities in terms of sexual orientation and gender identity) has been more recognized in Japan in parallel with pursuing diversity, prompting initiatives by both local governments and companies. To ensure that each and every employee plays a valued role within our company, it is essential that we instill a correct understanding of LGBT issues among our workforce and foster a culture in which LGBT employees can work with peace of mind. Since 2017 the JVCKENWOOD Group has been conducting training designed to improve employees’ understanding of LGBT issues and taken various steps to improve the workplace environments of LGBT employees.

In the first fiscal year of this initiative, 33 persons participated in the workshop held for Human Resources Department and General Administration Department personnel, and 76 persons took part in the LGBT seminar taught by an outside lecturer. In May 2018, we also joined in Tokyo Rainbow Pride, one of Japan’s largest LGBT events, and we plan to undertake many other efforts in future to promote understanding of LGBT issues and establish suitable programs and work environments.


LGBT Symbol Mark

Initiatives for persons with disabilities

We are working hard to create comfortable workplaces for all employees, whether or not they have disabilities. We have been conducting training within the company to help employees become more knowledgeable and thoughtful in working together with employees having disabilities, and 151 employees underwent such training in FY2017. Disabled persons made up 2.39% of our staff as of March 2018, and we will continue striving to reach and maintain the statutory employment rate.


Outside the company, we have concluded a memorandum with Yokohama City as well as with two sponsors of the Yokohama Paratriennale (Yokohama Rendez-vous Project Executive Committee and the specified non-profit corporation SLOW LABEL) on holding the Yokohama Paratriennale, with the aim of supporting cultural and artistic activities featuring cooperation between people with and without disabilities.


We will in future be upgrading systems, promoting better understanding in workplaces, and helping create better working environments so that all employees, disabled or not, can work together enthusiastically and comfortably.

Workplace vitalization project Purejo-Bu

To make ours a company in which employees can work with vigor and enthusiasm, regardless of race, nationality, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation, we formed the project team Purejo-Bu (meaning pleasure in the job) in FY2017 that identifies issues to be resolved at individual workplaces and that then proposes solutions.


In FY2017, seminars and networking events were held on the topic of Health Management for Women to Keep Working with Vitality.


Networking event hosted by Purejo-Bu

Production of corporate promotion video with employee participation

JVCKENWOOD worked closely with the Yokohama Arts Foundation (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1) in a joint corporate/local effort to produce a corporate promotion video featuring an original dance performance (JVCKENWOODancing) and a motif of “a diversity of employees working together positively”.


*For details, please see Production of corporate promotion video with employee participation (Japanese)