Interviews with Management Team and Employees

Management Team Interview

Here we showcase the stories of some of our management team.

Nothing changes if you remain passive. Things become visible when you become involved with people.

Akira Suzuki

Director of the Board, Senior Managing Executive Officer, COO Public Service Sector

Maintain a strong will, refuse to give up, and stay true to yourself as you move forward.

Fumiko Sato

Vice President
Assistant to MEO (HR & Work Style Reform)
Head of Work Style Reform Office,
Human Resources Department

Employee Interview

Here we showcase the stories of some of our employees who are active in the JVCKENWOOD Group.

I kept looking forward without giving up. I am proud of myself in JKOT now.

Napaphat Chubsuwan

JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics(Thailand)Co., Ltd.

Striving for goals and dreams at work where we can be ourselves.

Tan Ah Choon, Wanpen Inrueng, Visit Chatpimonrut

An interview with employees working in Thailand and Malaysia.

An engrossing job and wonderful people make my life more interesting.

Timi Jackson

Executive officer and corporate lawyer, JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation

Executive officer and corporate lawyer, EF Johnson Technologies, Inc.

I want to live a strong life, always looking ahead and never forgetting my aspirations.

Feng Wei, Huan Ji Min,
Zhang Wei Juan,
Zhou Ying

A roundtable discussion between female managers at the Shanghai production facility.

As a mother and as a working woman.

Mariko Fukushima, Yuki Ban, Ikuha Honda

A roundtable discussion between three female employees with children who currently work at JVCKENWOOD.

Raising children is really difficult but really fun.
What those of us with experience of childcare leave have gained.

Takashi Sugaya, Mikihiko Yamada

A discussion between male employees who took a childcare leave.

For people of all nationalities and cultures,
of all talents and perspectives, there is an understanding environment where you can express your individuality.

Ahmad Azrie

Technology Group II, Engineering Department, Option Business Department, Automotive OEM Business Division

In an environment where I am entrusted to work as a valued member of the team,
I want to give courage to the next person.

Masaki Ogino

Technology and Information Systems Group, Communications System Division