Employee Interview - Timi Jackson -

Timi Jackson

An engrossing job and wonderful people make my life more interesting.

Joined EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter “EFJT”), a JVCKENWOOD group company, as a corporate lawyer in November 2007 and is in charge of risk management, corporate governance, compliance and business policy. Provides general corporate legal advice across business functions, prepares and negotiates contracts, manages intellectual property, and so on.

Since October 2016, has concurrently served as an executive officer and a corporate lawyer at JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation.

Timi Jackson

Tell us about your career prior to joining EFJT as a corporate lawyer.

Before joining as a corporate lawyer in 2007, I actually worked at EFJT for two years as a marketing manager beginning in 2000. I was in charge of public relations, which meant I was involved in the task of confirming publications prior to release and communicating with the corporate lawyer at that time. That I would myself become a lawyer never crossed my mind.

It was the corporate lawyer who inspired me. This lawyer thought that my communication abilities and my writing and speaking skills were well suited for the world of law, as was my strong-willed attitude. He recommended I consider law. After thoughtful consideration, I left EFJT in order to go to law school full time. After studying for three years and working briefly for a law firm, I established my own law practice. A few years into my practice, the CEO of EFJT at the time contacted me to ask if I would consider joining the legal department. I enjoyed working for myself but was interested in re-joining the corporate world. I began consulting for EFJT and ultimately accepted the offer to go back to EFJT on a full-time basis.

You started over and went into law.

What difficulties did you have to overcome?

The decision to enter law school was a turning point for me. One cannot be half-hearted to leave one’s career and start over with a blank slate. I am very career-oriented and always strive to achieve my goals, so by the time I realized it, I had sacrificed quite a bit of my life. This was true particularly in terms of decisions about family, social interactions and human relationships . I concentrated on my studies and career at the expense of growing apart from my friends and acquaintances. Later on, I struggled to find the right work-life balance. This took a great effort and many years to re-prioritize and resolve.

Now, I believe a work-life balance is extremely important. Relaxing allows one to come back fresh, and this can give one new perspectives and new ideas at work, too. Work is important, but a work-life balance makes life more interesting and more enjoyable. Personally, I want to continue to experience life outside of work through travel and hobbies and continue to build relationships with friends and acquaintances with the ultimate focus on keeping the right balance in my life. In the end, I only have one chance at this life. I want to make the most of it without regret.

Timi Jackson

How is the internal work environment?

It is very relaxed, and I view my colleagues as friends. And because it is such a great team, we work toward solutions by helping each other, no matter how difficult a problem may be to solve. I have deep respect for my colleagues.

What do you feel is rewarding about your current work?

As a lawyer, the most rewarding task is successfully reducing risk for the company and solving complex problems to ultimately contribute to company objectives. An example of rewarding work is completing government contract negotiations that involve complex processes in far less time than it typically would take. Of course, what is most rewarding is working closely with internal and external teams, networking and achieving results.


Timi Jackson

What do you think about diversity and inclusion?

Timi Jackson

I believe that embracing a diverse range of personnel and values is a truly necessary step to increase creativity. For example, if people from different places and backgrounds all take on a single problem, then it is possible to explore various solutions with a number of different approaches.

Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation, must be appreciated fairly. The important thing is the individual skills each person brings to the table. There are more women in important posts here in the US, but there is definitely room for improvement in this area. I believe that each and every person should be respected and given equal opportunities so that people from different backgrounds can continue to take on more active roles.


*The photo on the left shows the panel session at Diversity Week, which was held at the JVCKENWOOD head office.

Is there something you are always conscious of when trying to understand everyone individually?

I consciously try to put myself in their shoes and try to understand their beliefs and what motivates them. Working to understand each other is a critical process, whether it be for work, for building and nurturing personal relationships, or even for building a career. I think communication through conversation is one means of doing this. Casual, relaxed conversations are important for learning about others. In addition, spending time with colleagues outside of the office is invaluable. This includes going to lunch or dinner together or enjoying activities such as golf in a relaxing, but competitive environment for additional team-building. Relaxing together can sometimes help you discover a new side to the other person.

What does the word “work” mean to you?

Work lets me be myself. Work gives me confidence. Work is something to push forward in with conviction.

Work always involves success and failure. But, gaining experience, learning, and growing makes life more interesting and contributes to a happy life. Worrying about what other people think and giving up on your own goals and dreams is wasteful. Right now, I am living life to the fullest, and I want to continue to have fun both at work and at home.


Timi Jackson

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