Diversity - Message from Chairman


As a global corporation that creates "excitement" and "peace of mind" for different types of customers worldwide, JVCKENWOOD Group aims to be an enterprise that is widely trusted by society while aiming for "profitable growth."


In order to be competitive and successful in a global society, it is necessary to understand and meet the needs of customers in a diverse market. Furthermore, for a corporation to achieve sustainable growth, it is important to meet the expectations of various stakeholders, to be trusted by society and to keep contributing to society.


At JVCKENWOOD, by valuing and utilizing the diversity of each employee, we are working to build a great workplace, and to create a work culture in which people can perform at a high level. People from only limited age brackets or cultures cannot create value for different types of customers worldwide.

We believe that new ideas are born and innovative value is created through bringing together a diverse group of people, with each person actively participating.


We are striving to have employees proactively raise their awareness of diversity and respect one another’s various values and characteristics such as race, nationality, religion, physical ability, gender, age, and sexual orientation, while fully making use of each person’s abilities. Based on this, we will work to achieve the medium- and long-term management plan "2020 Vision" by evolving into a "company capable of creating customer value," provide cutting-edge solutions for customers worldwide, and aiming to make a leap forward in future.



Takao Tsuji

Representative Director of the Board, Chairman

Passion for the Promotion of Diversity


In order for our company to make the next leap forward, it is imperative that all employees perform at their fullest potential in each of their positions. We will reform our corporate culture, aiming to become a company that is easy to work in for employees from various backgrounds, and where such employees can experience the joy of working.

We also aim to provide cutting-edge solutions worldwide by developing employees who can think autonomously and have perseverance, through reforming the workplace atmosphere and employee training.