Promoting Communication in the Workplace

Corporate music (in-house music broadcasting)

As part of our efforts to create an environment in which employees can work in a pleasant and motivated manner, JVCKENWOOD broadcasts songs* with different concepts before starting work and after leaving work on a day-to-day basis. Since April 2017, employees have made requests for 425 songs, and the reasons for selecting each song and their thoughts have been introduced within the company. These requests have played an important role in improving the efficiency of work and reducing the total working hours.
JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp. also offers PR plans tailored to the launch of new music and selects songs tailored to the season, expanding employee communication through music.

* JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp. provides music.

In-house club activities

The JVCKENWOOD Group has actively supported after-work interactions since FY2017, promoting in-house club activities to enhance employees’ work-life balance and facilitate communication among them.

As a result of establishing approval and financial support systems for in-house clubs, 36 clubs have been formed as of July 2022. JVCKENWOOD will continue to support in-house club activities since we believe that employees will get more creative and motivated to work better if they live an enriched life by spending more time with their family, cultivating themselves, implementing health promotion activities, and enjoying hobbies to the fullest.

Yoga club activity

Family Day (JVCKENWOOD Engineering)

JVCKENWOOD Engineering held a Family Day in accordance with an action plan based on the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation.

We conducted BBQ in October 2022, where employees and their families gathered together and were able to interact with each other in various ways.

Family day

Eco Walking (Beijing, China)

JVCKENWOOD China Investment (SIC) implemented Eco Walking as a weekend activity. Employees picked up and sorted trash while enjoying physical activity. We aim to foster employees who are aware of the SDGs in their work and daily lives. In addition, SIC holds sports events in the company outside of work hours to provide opportunities for employees to interact with each other. Through sports, we can encourage people to think about improving their own health and physical fitness, and promote communication between different positions and departments.

Eco Walking

Sports events