Improving Customer Satisfaction

JVCKENWOOD's customer support centers and service centers receive comments from customers and opinions and impressions from registered users on a daily basis, and they are shared with business units as necessary on the intranet. This initiative facilitates swift, customer-oriented improvements to products and services and enhances the product information and support we are able to provide.

Initiatives for Customer Satisfaction Surveys

JVCKENWOOD employs a variety of methods to approach customers who have purchased our products/services and conducts customer satisfaction surveys. We have established a system that shares comments collected from customers with all managerial staff and employees so that they can be reflected in the products of the relevant operating departments.

To improve awareness of customer satisfaction (CS) and product quality among all employees and ensure that the voice of the customer reaches them directly, a "Voice of the Customer (VOC) Report" is published on the intranet and a regular "Quality Magazine" on CS and quality topics is distributed by email to employees. These initiatives create an environment in which there is a constant awareness of CS and quality among all employees.

Utilization system of Voice of Customer

1. CS questionnaire

Registered product users are mailed a CS questionnaire each year where they are asked to evaluate our products and support.
These evaluations feedback into improvement activities as we try to create more fans who are committed to "buying JVCKENWOOD next time too."

2. Voice of customer reports, CS information exchange meetings

The Customer Support Center and product business units hold regular meetings to exchange CS information and provide units with feedback on defects and customer needs that will improve the next generation of products and enhance customer support. The Customer Support Center and service centers receive roughly 15,000 calls each month, and the log data from these calls is actively used to identify common problems and desires. We summarize this information in the Voice of the Customer (VOC) Report, and it is used to make concrete improvements in products and services.
In 2021, with more people at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was an increase in calls about home audio systems. Analyzing the call log, the most common problem was inability to connect Bluetooth equipment and turntables, and this information was used to make improvements in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and user manuals.
JVCKENWOOD will continue to provide better products and services that more closely match the needs and desires of its customers.

3. Improving online communication capabilities

We have been using online communication tools to ensure that our website is easy for customers and other stakeholders to navigate, and that it provides the desired information accurately. We will aim to make more active use of the website as a tool for timely and proper disclosure of information, and to improve our online communication capabilities to meet the needs of a rapidly changing society. 

Global Customer Supports