Occupational Safety and Health & Health and Productivity Management

Occupational Safety and Health Management 

In order to realize the corporate vision of “creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world,” JVCKENWOOD published the JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement as a message from top management. JVCKENWOOD promotes group-wide efforts to create a “workplace environment that enables all employees to stay healthy and motivated to work” and works to create a safe and healthy workplace free of accidents so that each and every employee can demonstrate their full potential.

Occupational safety and health promotion system

In accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, JVCKENWOOD has established a Safety and Health Committee at each business location to meet the needs of their operations.

Organizational structure for promoting occupational safety and health

Work-related accidents

JVCKENWOOD holds Safety and Health Committee meetings and carries out Safety Patrol campaigns every month. As a result of these efforts, the frequency rate of lost time injuries*1 was 0.153, and the severity rate of lost time injuries*2 was 0.008 in fiscal 2019.





Frequency rate of lost time injuries




Severity rate of lost time injuries





*1 Frequency rate of lost time injuries: Frequency rate of accidents, which is calculated using the following formula: number of casualties due to occupational accidents / total actual working hours × 1,000,000. Note that the “number of casualties” here only means the number of occupational casualties where people in case absent from work for one or more days and lost a body part or a bodily function due to the accident.

*2 Severity rate of lost time injuries: Severity rate of accidents, which is calculated using the following formula: total lost-work days / total actual working hours × 1,000.

Safety and Health Committee meeting being held with anti-COVID-19 measures 

Scene from Safety Patrol

Supply chain safety and health initiatives

The JVCKENWOOD Group developed the JVCKENWOOD CSR Procurement Guidelines in 2017, including specific provisions to promote safety and health efforts in the supply chain. These guidelines have been explained at Partners Meetings to deliver parts suppliers in our supply chain. They have also been asked to take voluntary and proactive measures to realize CSR procurement.

For details, please see Sustainable Procurement

Going forward, we will continue our occupational safety and health initiatives to ensure that our partners and employees can work with peace of mind and demonstrate their full potential.

Health and Productivity Management Initiatives

Health and productivity management promotion: purpose and system

In recognition that employees are the basis for all business activities, JVCKENWOOD strives to enable employees to stay physically and mentally healthy and motivated to work in their respective workplaces. It does this by taking various measures, such as enhanced regular health checkups and re-examinations, mental health management, anti-smoking activities, and health promotion activities, based on the JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement. JVCKENWOOD has also established a Health Management Initiatives Promotion Committee to accelerate its health and productivity management initiatives. The management team and other relevant departments, such as the Industrial Health, Human Resources, Health Support Center, General Administration Departments and Health Insurance Association, are collaborating to address significant company-wide issues on health. Moreover, JVCKENWOOD is taking the initiative as a top runner among the Group companies by developing guidelines and measures and taking joint actions.

JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement

JVCKENWOOD strives to create a workplace environment that enables all employees to stay healthy and motivated to work in order to realize its corporate vision of “creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world.”

Health and productivity management promotion system

Health checkups and prevention activities

Health checkup is an essential part of health and productivity management. JVCKENWOOD works to ensure that all employees receive regular health checkup and encourage re-examinations to seek early treatment to those who found abnormalities and prevention not becoming severe.

At present, the Health Support Center takes the initiative in calling for voluntary re-examinations. However, going forward, the Human Resources Department and line managers will join this initiative, together working to maintain and promote employees’ health.

Health promotion initiatives

In order to achieve effective health and productivity management, it is essential to raise awareness about the importance of health and enhance health literacy among employees. Therefore, JVCKENWOOD is working to raise health awareness.

Health education seminars and health tests, etc. are held for employees during Health Promotion Month to raise their awareness and knowledge, especially regarding three major factors that affect health: diet, sleep, and exercise. 

Measuring wrist bone density using ultrasound

Sleep management seminar

Mental health and work engagement enhancement

JVCKENWOOD continues to work to ensure the early identification of mental health problems and support to return to work after a mental health-related absence. In addition to the existing secondary and tertiary preventions, primary prevention is being pursued through the analysis of mental health issues based on statistical data, etc. obtained from stress checkups. We will enhance manager education and create a working environment free of mental stressors.

We will also strive to create an environment where everyone is motivated to work by enhancing the self-care ability of employees and visualizing their skills and strengths to assign the right person to the right place.

Overwork prevention measures

JVCKENWOOD recognizes long working hours as a major problem that could harm the health of employees or even endanger their lives. Therefore, we are making active efforts to eliminate long working hours, such as by checking the working hours of all employees each month and providing feedback to their managers, introducing no-overtime days and time-to-come/leave cards, setting up satellite offices to help reduce commuting time, and encouraging employees to work from home. We have also designated no-overtime days for each business location, and we make an announcement two hours before the end of the workday through the internal PA system to encourage employees to adjust their workloads so they can leave on time. In this way, we are raising their awareness of time management and encouraging them to take the initiative. Through these measures, we are aiming to reduce annual working hours to the 1,700-hour range by 2020. Average annual hours actually worked per worker for the company, which stood at 1,986 hours in fiscal 2017, declined to 1,917 hours in fiscal 2019. Moving forward, we will continue to implement a number of measures, such as visualizing starting and quitting times using certain tools and sharing know-how specifically designed to improve workplace productivity, in order to protect the mental and physical health of employees as we make company-wide efforts to ensure that no one’s health is debilitated by long hours of work.

Anti-smoking activities (passive smoking prevention measures)

JVCKENWOOD is carrying out anti-smoking activities as part of health and productivity management. Smoking is not just harmful to smokers. As indicated by the stricter enforcement of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO) for SDG 3 (ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages) and the revision of the Health Promotion Act to strengthen passive smoking prevention measures, smoking is no longer a matter of personal preference but a serious social issue. Although JVCKENWOOD's smoking rate was as high as 28.4% in fiscal 2012, it continued efforts to make improvements, such as setting aside three no-smoking days a week, and successfully reduced that rate to 23.3% in fiscal 2019. We also imposed a total smoking ban in four principal business locations as of July 2020 and are seeking to make all of our locations in Japan smoke-free while reducing the percentage of smoking employees to 20% or less in fiscal 2020. Moreover, our company is collaborating with the Health Insurance Association to hold seminars and take various other measures to help employees stop smoking.

Former smoking area on the premises (which was turned into bicycle parking) 

Named one of the “White 500” Certified Health and Productivity Management Organizations once again

The JVCKENWOOD Group is highly recognized for its numerous health and productivity management initiatives and has been recognized as one of the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organizations (White 500) for three consecutive years since 2018. We will continue our efforts to further enhance health and productivity management.

Timi Jackson(ティミ ジャクソン)

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