Occupational Safety and Health Society

Our Concept of occupational safety and health

JVCKENWOOD understands the importance of creating safe and comfortable workplaces as the foundation for its corporate activities, and it is aiming to maintain/enhance safety and health at all business locations. More specifically, we are working day in and day out to bring the number of occupational accidents down to zero, and the lost time injuries frequency rate*1 and the severity rate*2 have both been 0.000 since 2015, below the national and industry average.

  2014 2015 2016 2017
Lost time injuries frequency rate*1 0.260 0.000 0.000 0.000
Lost time injuries severity rate*2 0.008 0.000 0.000 0.000

Specific policies on safety and health efforts in the supply chain have been set out in the JVCKENWOOD CSR Procurement Guidelines, and we have been asking suppliers for voluntary and pro-active efforts.

We will be continuing our occupational safety and health initiatives to ensure that employees can work with peace of mind and sufficiently exercise their individual skills.

*1 Lost time injuries frequency rate
a rate indicating the frequency of accidents, calculated using “number of casualties by occupational accidents / total actual working hours x 1,000,000 hours”
However, the “number of casualties” refers only to the number of persons died/injured in occupational accidents who were absent from work for one or more days and who lost a body part or a bodily function due to the accident.
*2 Lost time injuries severity rate
a rate indicating the severity of accidents, calculated using “total lost-work days / total actual working hours x 1,000 hours”

Safety and Health Committee

Safety and Health Committee

JVCKENWOOD has put in place a health and safety management system in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and organized Safety and Health Committee at business locations with more than 50 employees. The committee deliberates on the secretariat’s survey results on occupational accidents, long working hours, and mental health, and seek to make improvements to workplaces.

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