Concept of Sustainability

For our company to achieve sustainable development by upholding the corporate philosophy of “creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world,” JVCKENWOOD believes that it is important to have the trust of society and to continue to contribute to society in order to meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders.

We place importance on promoting sustainability activities through our business activities. Accordingly, we will continue to create products and services that will solve social issues, while endeavoring to forge deep ties of trust not only with our customers, but also with all of our stakeholders. We will, therefore, work toward achieving sustainable growth and enhancing corporate value by contributing to solving social issues through our businesses, for the purpose of contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

Management Strategy Underpinned by Business Strategy and Sustainability Initiatives

We will extract eight priority goals and five relevant goals associated with our businesses from among the 17 goals of SDGs, and work to achieve these goals through Society 5.0.


Initiatives for Solving Social Issues Through Business Activities

By upholding sustainability as our basic strategy, we will endeavor to solve social issues through our business activities by linking our businesses with achieving the targets of SDGs. In addition, we aim to create sustainable corporate value through innovations that pre-empt the needs of society.


Policy for Sustainability Initiatives

・Top management will promote the initiatives.

・Set targets and KPI in accordance with the “Vision 2020” mid- to long-term business plan.

・Promote the participation of all employees by linking the sustainability initiatives with all our business activities.

・Achieve SDGs by contributing to Society 5.0.

・Proactively and comprehensively disclose the initiatives to our stakeholders on the website, etc.

・Established the Sustainability Management Office effective April 1, 2018, as the department responsible for promoting sustainability across the Company.

SDGs; Sustainable Development Goals

Process for Implementing the Sustainability Initiatives

We will set and promote the themes and goals of sustainability initiatives by taking the following steps:

<Step 1>

Extract eight issues to be addressed by JVCKENWOOD

Select issues in fields to be addressed by JVCKENWOOD from the viewpoints of “social issues” and ESG.


<Step 2>

Link eight priority SDGs with each issue and set the themes of sustainability initiatives

Specify the most important priority SDGs for JVCKENWOOD from the viewpoints of ESG, relevance with business strategies for managing the Company, and risks and opportunities, and set the themes for sustainability initiatives.


<Step 3>

Link additional five relevant SDGs to each issue

Specify the relevant SDGs, in addition to the priority SDGs


<Step 4>

Set KPI and fully implement the initiatives 

Conduct an analysis with each responsible department and consider and determine KPI for each individual theme of the initiatives and promote the sustainability initiatives.