K2 in music content production

Infusing the value of the original master into each medium

In digital sound production, when storing master music sources having their vast amount of information into a limited confined format, K2HD Coding is used to maintain musical expressions contained in the original music source. It is capable of storing upper-format digital music sources of up to 192 kHz/24-bit as lower-format 44.1kHz/16-bit music sources. 

Thanks to the equivalent exchange of music energy, the high frequency range of 20 kHz and higher in playback frequency (which is normally eliminated in CD format), is m odified to 20 k Hz or less allowing it to b e used within CD format frequencies. This enables conventional CDs to be played back including musical expressions with resolution of up to 192 kHz/24-bit specifications. 

Also, if CD format is the only sound source available, reproduction o f CD c ontent with e xpressive power c lose to the original master c an be achieved by expanding the frequency with K2HD Processing and re-coding the data back to CD format.

High-dimensional mastering technology fusing K2 Technology and engineer manpower

Diversifying media, multiplexing formats, and no packaging. The importance of mastering is endless not only in sound or music but for the production of various types of entertainment content. 

K2HD Mastering, which was developed in 2007, is a high-dimensional mastering system that fuses sound and music production based on the expertise and creativity of Victor Studio mastering engineers with K2HD Technology. 

The attractiveness of the music originally contained in the master sound source, drawn out through technology and the senses of the mastering engineer, is stored in each medium as 24-bit high-resolution music information up to 100 kHz using K2 High Definition coding technology. With CD mastering, 192 KHz/24-bit data is stored in 44 KHz/16-bit CD masters to achieve high-sound quality for CDs like never before. This high-dimensional mastering technology has been made possible by combining Victor Studioʼ s FLAIR Mastering Works with unique expertise on creating high-specifications sound, and highly skilled mastering engineers who are capable of making accurate judgments on sound issues and precisely match them with the music. 

To date, more than 1,000 K2HD PRO Mastering CDs have been released and well received both in Japan and overseas, mainly in Asia.