Product Quality & Safety

The JVCKENWOOD Group has been working to improve product quality and safety across its supply chains, in all activities from procurement to sales, and has also been active in after-sales customer support.

Initiatives pertaining to product safety

The JVCKENWOOD Group is striving to reduce product safety risks and promptly implement improvements to provide customers with secure and safe products/services in accordance with the Basic Policy on Product Safety and in collaboration with the Head Office’s product safety management department and other relevant in-house departments.

More concretely, we are making product safety risk assessments at the product development stage based on the expected usage environment in order to keep customers safe from serious incidents (fatal accidents, fires, etc.). In the event that information concerning product safety is offered by customers or other stakeholders, we immediately confirm the facts and investigate the causes. If a potential or actual safety issue is identified, we will take steps such as recalling the products in question to prevent/minimize dangers and promptly informing customers and other relevant parties by appropriate methods.

Flowchart for dealing with product accidents


Company-wide Product Liability (PL) Meeting

For safe use of products (for customers)

Serious product defects