The JVCKENWOOD Group seeks to continue our business in accordance with the management principles of “transforming into a customer value creator,” “evolving as a technology based company,” and “contributing to a sustainable society through our business.” To realize this, it is extremely important that we have a clear understanding of the values that our company’s products bring to society. That is, in order for us to achieve our vision, we need to be aware of what contributions we can make toward resolving existing and potential social problems, and make use of our unique wisdom and technologies cultivated over a long period of time to create new products and services that can help resolve those issues.


Guided by its sustainability strategies, the JVCKENWOOD Group is actively developing products and services designed to solve social problems. We provide information on new products and services in main business fields that are particularly noted for their potential to contribute to resolving the social issues. All of the products and services introduced here are scheduled to expand their market presence in the future, and are expected to lead the growth of the JVCKENWOOD Group. In addition, explanations are given here on the open innovation initiatives we are working on with external stakeholders as well as measures related to our technology and intellectual property strategies, which play a key role in evolving as a company founded on technology. We also introduce collaborative businesses that we are currently undertaking with external stakeholders to take extensive and innovative approaches toward resolving social issues.