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Contributing to secure and safe traffic with dashcams

In Japan today, traffic accidents occur at a rate of approximately 470,000 incidents per year, resulting in approximately 580,000 injuries or deaths*. In view of the problems of frequent accidents caused by elderly drivers and by aggressive tailgating, we are actively promoting the market deployment of dashcams, which is one of JVCKENWOOD’s major products, as a product that will help prevent traffic accidents.


The linking of front and rear dashcams with the navigation system achieves high-definition simultaneous recording of both the front and back of the vehicle via smart connection to JVCKENWOOD’s navigation system, Saisoku-Navi. Furthermore, installing our virtual rearview mirror makes it possible to check the surroundings at the back of the vehicle even in situations of poor visibility, thus helping to reduce the percentage of accidents that occur during parking and other such situations. We also offer a diverse range of dashcams, including a model with high-resolution WQHD that provides high-definition recording at 1.8 times the quality of full-HD recording, a model with wireless LAN to easily send the recorded footage to smartphones, and a model with enhanced monitoring and recording functions while the vehicle is parked. We support safer and more comfortable driving experiences by attentively answering customer needs, thus reducing the anxieties felt when driving, starting and parking the vehicle.


JVCKENWOOD aims to increase the percentage of vehicles equipped with dashcams and acquire the top market share both in and outside of Japan. As such, we set the goal of increasing our share in total dashcams installed in vehicles at car dealers in Japan by the end of fiscal 2020. In the future, we will expand our business from not only providing dashcams but also developing solutions that comprehensively control sensors, dashcams, etc., and thereby contribute to the development of a secure and safe automotive society.

* Traffic accidents that occurred in 2017, announced by the National Police Agency (released February 15, 2018)




Characteristic of dashcams linked to navigation systems (1)

Characteristic of dashcams linked to navigation systems (2)