Value Creation with Mobility & Telematics Service Sector

Contributing to the realization of a secure and safe automobile society

Corresponding SDGs

In Japan today, traffic accidents occur at a rate of approximately 300,000 incidents per year, resulting in approximately 30,000 fatalities and serious injuries *. Traffic accidents and the number of fatalities and serious injuries are on the decline. However, countermeasures against traffic accidents involving reckless driving and children and elderly people are an urgent issue.

In addition, in recent years, the automobile industry has been required to carry out drastic reforms toward decarbonization. It is also an important initiative for automobiles currently running in the city to avoid accidents and traffic jams, to drive efficiently, and to reduce GHG emissions. In SDGs Goal 3 "Good health and wellbeing" and Goal 11 " Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable", which the JVCKENWOOD Group emphasizes, require halving traffic accidents and improving traffic safety. In addition, Goal 13 "Climate action" literally requires concrete measures for reducing GHG emissions.

The JVCKENWOOD Group recognizes that the realization of a safe and secure automobile society free from traffic accidents and traffic congestion is an important issue to be tackled.

* National Police Agency “Occurrence of fatal traffic accidents and enforcement of Road Traffic Act violations in 2021” (Released on March 3, 2022)

Automobile users are increasingly concerned with safety and security, and this has led to the rapid spread of drive recorders. To respond to the challenges described above, JVCKENWOOD has formulated a medium and long-term scenario for the Telematics Services Business. A summary is provided below.

Phase1 Dashcam device business
In the dashcam device business, we have acquired the top-class market share position in the dashcam market in Japan, achieving revenue of more than 30 billion yen company-wide (total for Aftermarket, OEM, DX business for auto insurance companies, etc.) in FY 2020. We will continuously expand product lineups and develop sales channels with the aim of further expanding the business.
Connected-type dashcams for auto insurance companies are developed and supplied to auto insurance companies, providing safety and security through their rapid response and driver assistance functions in emergency situations.

Phase2 High-functioning dashcam service business
By cooperating with automobile manufacturers and auto insurance companies, we will launch into the high-functioning dashcam service business which will allow seamless response through utilization of connected-type dashcams in case of an accident.
In addition, in line with these services, we will provide a comfortable in-vehicle space through in-vehicle Wi-Fi functions, allowing the use of in-vehicle devices without having to be concerned about communications charges.

Phase3 IoT platform service business
By expanding the business domain to the data service business for Telematics Service Business expansion, we will launch the IoT platform service business integrated with the high-functioning dashcam service business.
Specifically, we will consider providing a road diagnosis service that diagnoses/analyzes the status of deterioration of roads and utility poles, and supports road route management as well as repair plans. A service for drivers that analyzes their emotions and physical conditions and supports their optimal driving is also considered.

Medium- to Long-Term Scenario for Telematics Service Business

Dashcams linked to navigation systems

The "Saisoku Navi" car navigation system series helps prevent traffic accidents through safety- and security-conscious functions, such as "reverse run warning" (which warns the user in real time when a reverse run condition is detected while driving on an expressway), "temporary stop display" (which notifies the driver of temporary stop information at an intersection), and "virtual room mirror" (which ensures rearward vision in conjunction with a drive recorder). Our Mileage Adjusters (linked to an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) through an ETC2.0 on-board unit) receive information on traffic congestion, weather, disasters, traffic signals, etc., and freely set routes to destinations according to various conditions, such as tolls and road width, to support safe eco-driving. These systems support safe eco-driving and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.

Characteristic of dashcams linked to navigation systems (1)

Characteristic of dashcams linked to navigation systems (2)

Alcohol detector links with smartphone to record and transmit measurement results

JVCKENWOOD launched the "CAX-AD300" alcohol detector with recording and transmission functions specifically for businesses that employ drivers. Recent years have seen horrific accidents caused by drunk driving that have led to phased-in revisions to the enforcement orders to Japan's Road Traffic Act. In conjunction with this, from April 2022, operators have been obligated to have their safe driving managers check and record whether drivers were intoxicated before and after operating vehicles. This product links with smart phones to make it easy to record and manage measurement results, and is also suitable detector-based alcohol checks, which the government is currently considering making mandatory. With this device, JVCKENWOOD looks forward to helping prevent drunkenness and the traffic accidents caused by drunk driving.

How the communicating alcohol detector works