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Supporting Diversification of People’s Lives

Corresponding SDGs

In recent years, people's awareness of disaster prevention has been growing due to the occurrence of severe natural disasters and abnormal weather. Once a disaster occurs, lifelines such as gas, electricity and water may stop, or people may have to leave their homes and evacuate. Since we live surrounded by many electric appliances, it is essential to secure power sources in order to live safely and securely under such circumstances.

JVCKENWOOD's Entertainment Solutions Sector is comprised of Media Business and Entertainment Business. The Media Business is a wide range of products that respond to growing awareness of natural disasters and pandemics, supporting people's lives in times of emergency.

The epidemic of COVID-19 has also forced many people to change their lifestyles and spend more time at home, including telework and nesting. Work styles and interaction with people have diversified, and online and telephone meetings are widely used.
In the Media Business, we leverage one of our strengths, the "video" technology, to provide PTZ remote cameras that support online communication and business in high-demand scenarios. This contributes to seamless communication by utilizing our expertise in visual technology.

Portable Power Supply

In recent years, demand for portable power supplies has been growing not only for leisure use but also for disaster prevention and mitigation purposes.

We are expanding the market for portable power supplies not only through our product line including the JVC-branded BN-RB10-C, which was jointly developed with Jackery Inc., but also through the Victor brand from 2023. The Victor-brand BN-RF1500, BN-RF1100, BN-RF800, BN-RF510, and BN-RF250 power supplies use lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries, which are highly reliable with excellent thermal stability and have a longer service life. The battery has been enhanced permit recharging approximately 4,000 times (BN-RF510, BN-RF250) and approximately 3,000 times (BN-RF1500, BN-RF1100, BN-RF800), respectively. Furthermore, the power supplies can be used while plugged into an outlet even after charging is complete, and is equipped with an automatic power supply switching function that automatically supplies power in a short period of time in the event of a power outage or other emergency. This feature provides not only high reliability and long life, but also excellent usability. Additionally, we used in combination with the SV series portable solar panel, it supplies power for a longer time even in outdoor or emergency situations where power is not available. Securing access to electricity during an emergency is vital to ensuring the safety and security of all. We will continue to work on introducing portable power supply solutions to the market in an effort to help prevent and mitigate disasters. 

BN-RF510 portable power supply

BH-SV68 portable solar panel

PTZ Remote Camera

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, classes and lectures using videos in educational institutions and product introductions and study sessions via webinars and online conferences at companies have become popular. In addition, in the broadcasting and video production industries, remote production, a new form of video production that links broadcasting stations and video production companies with remote locations via IP network lines, is gaining popularity.

For this reason, JVCKENWOOD offers the KY-PZ510N PTZ remote camera to support smoother communication and business. The camera is capable of 4K 60p shooting and streaming in H.265/HEVC format, and also supports wide-angle shooting with a horizontal angle of view of 80 degrees. Automatic tracking is also available for live events, online classes, and other events where the subject frequently moves.

PTZ Remote Camera「KY-PZ510N」