Value Creation with Disaster-Prevention and Disaster-Mitigation Products & Services

Implementing Emergency & Professional-Use Multilingual Broadcasting Equipment

JVCKENWOOD makes use of its know-how and technological expertise in acoustics systems to provide broadcasting equipment and evacuation guidance support systems for use in emergencies and for business as part of its lines of products and services designed to prevent and mitigate disasters. We offer a line of broadcasting systems for large-scale office buildings, shopping malls, and factories that play a vital role in regional disaster management. We are advancing the implementation of multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment to help everyone in Japan, including non-Japanese nationals, live safely with peace of mind. In fiscal 2019, working under our plan to launch new disaster-prevention and disaster-mitigation products and services, we set a target of installing 50 units of such equipment in response to the growing number of inbound tourists to Japan, and installed 57 units by the end of the fiscal year.


Our latest emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—the EM-E1500 series and the EM-K150 series—is able to broadcast voice warning messages in Japanese and English. Furthermore, by replacing the default card with a multilingual CF (compact flash) card, the equipment is able to make announcements in three to four different languages (Chinese and Korean in addition to Japanese and English)*, thus making it possible to reach even more people in times of emergency. Our evacuation guidance support system also messages in the form of video, sound and radio to be delivered to evacuees, on top of the conventional emergency and professional-use broadcasting.


In today’s increasingly globalized society, providing adequate information and evacuation guidance in multiple languages during an emergency is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of all. We will continue to actively implement our multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment and evacuation guidance support system going forward, as we aim to advance the deployment of our products in the market and thereby contribute to building an infrastructure for encouraging inbound demand.

* Approval from the fire department of the local jurisdiction is needed for implementing this equipment.

Multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—rack type

EM-E1500 Series

Multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—wall mount type

EM-K150 Series

Versatile Portable Power Supply

In recent years, demand for portable power supplies has been growing not only for leisure use but also for disaster prevention and mitigation purposes.


Jointly developed with Jackery, our portable power supply currently available on the market features high output, large capacity, and a compact design for portability as well as outstanding reliability proven through safety tests performed by multiple specialized institutions on top of our own safety standard test. When used in combination with the BH-SP100-C portable solar panel, it supplies power for a longer time even in outdoor or emergency situations where power is not available.


Securing access to electricity during an emergency is vital to ensuring the safety and security of all. We will continue to work on introducing portable power supply solutions to the market in an effort to help prevent and mitigate disasters.

BN-RB10-C portable power supply

BH-SP100-C portable solar panel