Value Creation with IoT Solution Products & Services

With today’s rapid development in IT and telecommunications infrastructure, we are seeing an active movement to connect a variety of things to the Internet, which is known as the Internet of Things or IoT. JVCKENWOOD is utilizing our technologies in imaging, acoustics, wireless, and other assets that we have nurtured over the years with the aim of expanding the next-generation IoT solutions business, which will deliver new value to customers. As such, we are striving to expand our services to customers in various new business areas. New businesses we are currently scheduled to launch by the end of fiscal 2019 include a taxi dispatch system and a device for dementia patients to stimulate the five senses. All of these are expected to achieve growth in the future as being good examples of solutions that provide value in helping to resolve various social issues.



Scheme of JVCKENWOOD’s next-generation IoT solutions business

Major new businesses to be launched

Development of a next-generation taxi dispatch system

JVCKENWOOD is currently collaborating with Sanwa Koutsu on the development and implementation of a dispatch system with IP utilization. To date, the taxi radio dispatch system has been offered under the KENWOOD brand, but we have now begun developing a new next-generation dispatch system against the background of rapid IoT developments occurring within the taxi industry.


Taxi vehicles are equipped with a number of devices made with the technologies and know-how cultivated by JVCKENWOOD over a long period of time. Such devices include the professional radio dispatch equipment, car navigation system, and dashcams. All of these devices are installed individually into the vehicles, but our next-generation dispatch system will offer one central terminal (tablet PC) that will serve as the display for both the professional radio dispatch equipment and car navigation system, thereby reducing cost at time of equipment installation. For the future, we will develop an integrated system that also includes taxi fare payment and fare meters, enhance efficiency at the call center by developing a new call center system that makes use of the cloud, and link this with a taxi dispatch app for smartphones used by passengers. We will actively launch such previously unavailable services onto the market as a value creator that provides security and safety to our customers, not to mention being responsible for legal compliance and labor management.


Instead of being the sole provider of the services related to the development of this next-generation taxi dispatch system, JVCKENWOOD is also planning to form partnerships and collaborate with other manufacturers and system developers as well as providing platforms, etc. By increasing opportunities for the use of this service, we expect to expand its utilization not only for taxis but also by the bus and trucking industries, thereby contributing to the further growth of various industries.


Please see the link provided below for further details.


Aiming to expand the next-generation IoT solutions business—Conclusion of memorandum related to the collaboration with Sanwa Koutsu toward the development and implementation of taxi dispatch systems (press release issued August 9, 2017) (Japanese)

Development of device for dementia patients to stimulate the five senses

JVCKENWOOD, together with Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., invest in Aikomi Co., Ltd., a venture company conducting research and development specializing in non-drug treatment of dementia. Aikomi seeks to provide non-drug treatments customized to each individual patient that encourage interaction and communication with dementia patients, with the goal of answering highly unmet medical needs*1 in caring for dementia patients, such as improving the behavioral and psychological symptoms associated with dementia.


In Aikomi’s efforts to develop a technological platform, JVCKENWOOD is responsible for developing a device that will serve as a point of contact for dementia patients. For the project, JVCKENWOOD is planning to bring our strengths in the fields of imaging, acoustics, and telecommunications that we have cultivated over the years, as well as our proprietary contents including high-resolution sound source*2, in order to strive toward the realization of various devices that stimulate the five senses. Dementia is a social issue generating a sense of urgency in Japan, where we are faced with a super-aging society. We will participate proactively in developing a service for dementia patients based on non-drug treatment, so that it will grow to become one of our businesses that will help contribute to resolving social issues.


*1 Unmet medical needs: Medical needs relating to diseases where treatment methods have yet to be discovered.

*2 High-resolution sound source: High-resolution music that enables enjoyable listening of highly detailed audio with approximately 3.3 times more sound information compared to traditional CDs.


Development of telecommunication-type dashcams for the trucking industry

JVCKENWOOD has newly developed a telecommunication-type dashcam to prepare for our entry into the commercial telematics field for the trucking industry. This telecommunication-type dashcam not only offers high-definition recording, but also offers telecommunication functions so that driving information—such as recorded images, sudden acceleration, and sudden deceleration, as well as location information—can be transmitted directly to the cloud server. This makes it possible to provide support in safe driving, manage traffic operational information, and respond swiftly in times of emergency such as accidents.


As the first step to entering into this field, we began providing a system linked to the Safety Recorder® created by Datatec Co., Ltd., a company that provides digital tachographs (digital driving operation recording equipment) and safe driving diagnosis systems for commercial vehicles. By expanding the telematics solutions business, we seek to help reduce traffic accidents, which has been a major issue in the logistics industry including trucking, and contribute to the development of a secure, safe, and pleasant automotive society.

Image of the Datatec-JVCKENWOOD integration system