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Disaster Prevention Initiatives

To ensure the safety of all people, promptly disseminating appropriate information in the event of a disaster or emergency is an important issue. JVCKENWOOD contributes to the development of infrastructure to protect people's lives, not only in emergencies, by developing a variety of wireless systems for business use and emergency and business broadcasting facilities that support multiple languages.

Professional Radio System

JVCKENWOOD makes use of its know-how and technological expertise in "communications" and "audio" technologies to develop professional wireless systems. When large-scale natural disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, and floods occur due to typhoons and heavy rains, the ability to properly respond to initial responses is an important factor in minimizing damage. Since the professional wireless system can build its own communication network without relying on the existing infrastructure, it is possible to secure communication means in the event of a disaster, and to quickly transmit accurate information. This enables us to support appropriate responses for identifying damage situations and preventing the occurrence of secondary disasters.

JVCKENWOOD's professional wireless systems are not limited to fixed use, but include a wide variety of portable and in-vehicle use, enabling the appropriate wireless utilization in all situations. In addition, the weight reduction of the equipment and the specifications that allow the voice can be heard clearly under noisy conditions or through masks, enabling prompt communication at all times, not only in the event of disasters, and contributing to the realization of social safety as an infrastructure for appropriate communication of necessary information.

Professional Radio System

Emergency & Professional-Use Multilingual Broadcasting Equipment

JVCKENWOOD makes use of its know-how and technological expertise in acoustics systems to provide broadcasting equipment and evacuation guidance support systems for use in emergencies and for business as part of its lines of products and services designed to prevent and mitigate disasters. We offer a line of broadcasting systems for large-scale office buildings, shopping malls, and factories that play a vital role in regional disaster management. We are advancing the implementation of multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment to help everyone in Japan, including non-Japanese nationals, live safely with peace of mind. In fiscal 2019, working under our plan to launch new disaster-prevention and disaster-mitigation products and services, we set a target of installing 50 units of such equipment in response to the growing number of inbound tourists to Japan, and installed 57 units by the end of the fiscal year.

Our latest emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—the EM-1500 series and the EM-K150 series—is able to broadcast voice warning messages in Japanese and English. Furthermore, by replacing the default card with a multilingual CF (compact flash) card, the equipment is able to make announcements in three to four different languages (Chinese and Korean in addition to Japanese and English)*, thus making it possible to reach even more people in times of emergency. Our evacuation guidance support system also messages in the form of video, sound and radio to be delivered to evacuees, on top of the conventional emergency and professional-use broadcasting.

* Approval from the fire department of the local jurisdiction is needed for implementing this equipment.

Multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—rack type

EM-1500 Series

Multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—wall mount type

EM-K150 Series

Safety Initiatives

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to take measures to prevent terrorism and vicious crimes, both inside and outside of Japan. Steps are under way to increase security guards and surveillance cameras mainly at facilities, airports, and other places where a large number of people gather, and there is a growing need to implement increasingly efficient and effective security systems. JVCKENWOOD contributes to the security and safety of the city with higher accuracy while reducing required manpower and labor by real-time analysis of massive surveillance camera images and speedily authentication of specific visitors.

Facial Recognition System

The "Facial recognition system" detects and sends notices in real time to announce the presence of specified individuals whose facial information has been registered in advance. This makes it possible to be vigilant against criminals and people who are known to have disturbed the public peace in the past, without having to be dependent on traditional methods of human visual observation, thereby helping to strengthen anti-crime measures. In addition to preventing crime, this system is expected to help provide proactive assistance for VIPs. Thus, in the future, we expect this system to further expand its presence in the market for its ability to enhance vigilance while also reducing the required manpower.

Configuration of integrated-control facial recognition system

Car Number Plate Recognition System

The Car Number Plate Recognition System recognizes the number plate on a vehicle captured on a camera image and automatically checks vehicles entering commercial facilities and business sites. The system enables entry and exit log control and contributes to reducing the workload of receptionists and guards. Furthermore, the system can be used to identify the number of entries into and exits from a facility on a real-time basis or automatically announce the entry and exit of a vehicle that requires attention if the car plate number is registered in advance, thereby assisting in managing the security and safety of facilities.

Healthcare Initiatives

The JVCKENWOOD Group develops products for the healthcare industry by making use of the unique expertise that we possess in image and video processing technologies and in optical disk technologies. Seeking to ensure that as many people as possible receive appropriate medical services, we assist those working at the frontlines of medicine by developing a gaze tracking system for the early detection of autistic spectrum disorder as well as a particle (exosome) measuring instrument that is expected to enable extremely early diagnosis. The healthcare business is also a field that will have a strong impact on the super-aging society, and, as such, we are striving to develop and launch products that meet the needs of medical professionals.

ExoCounter that Supports Very Early Diagnosis of Diseases

*1 Nanobead : Nanobeads are beads measured on the scale of nanometers (nm, one-millionth of a millimeter). The nanobeads used in this technology have a diameter of about 200 nm. The surface of the beads is solid-phased with an antibody that docks with substances on the exosomes, which enables the detection of specific exosomes that are being looked for. 

*2 mRNA : mRNA (messenger RNA) is RNA that copies and conveys genetic information on protein synthesis from the DNA sequence. 

*3 microRNA : microRNA (miRNA) is one chain of an RNA molecule about the length of 20 nucleotides, and is associated with performing the role of controlling the expression of numerous genes and proteins. In recent years, miRNA found in exosomes has been attracting attention as being effective in the diagnosis of diseases because it remains stable and will not be degraded by enzymes in the blood, and because it changes dramatically in terms of amount and type depending on the type of disease and its level of development. 

ExoCounter BX-EC3 system components

Gazefinder, an Apparatus for Gaze Tracking System

Gazefinder NP-200 

Image of measurement of a young child