Value Creation with IoT Solution Products & Services

With the rapid development in IT and telecommunications infrastructure in recent years, we are seeing an active movement to connect a variety of things to the Internet, which is known as the Internet of Things or IoT. At JVCKENWOOD, we are utilizing our technologies in imaging, acoustics, wireless, and other assets that we have nurtured to date with the aim of expanding the next-generation IoT solutions business, which will deliver new value to customers. As such, we are striving to expand our services to customers in various new business areas. New businesses we have launched in fiscal 2019 include a taxi dispatch system and a telematics service using our dashcam with communication capabilities. All of these are expected to achieve growth in the future as good examples of solutions that provide value in helping to resolve various social issues. 

Scheme of JVCKENWOOD’s next-generation IoT solutions business

CABmee Taxi IoT Dispatch System

The taxi radio dispatch system had conventionally been offered under the KENWOOD brand. Given rapid IoT developments in the taxi industry, however, JVCKENWOOD initiated the development of a new next-generation taxi dispatch system. And in September 2018, we began providing CABmee, a next-generation IoT taxi dispatch system, which is an integrated system that includes a taxi dispatch mechanism using the cloud, a car navigation function, and an in-vehicle system that displays taxi dispatch information.


CABmee is designed around the cloud, linking the operator system, the in-vehicle system and the passenger’s taxi hailing app. The expandability and flexibility of this product enable features such as database management using the cloud and easy linkage with maps and car navigation systems. Instead of being the sole provider of the services related to CABmee, JVCKENWOOD is pursuing development through collaborating with other manufacturers and system developers as well as providing platforms. In 2018, we began considering collaborating with “MOV,” a next-generation taxi dispatch app provided by DeNA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “DeNA”). We are pursuing collaboration between our next-generation IoT taxi dispatch system CABmee and DeNA’s MOV with the aim of building a system which enables the taxi driver to uniformly control taxi dispatch requests, including phone calls, on one MOV terminal (tablet PC) and providing a next-generation taxi dispatch system that combines the services of both JVCKENWOOD and DeNA.


Taking the initiative with DeNA as our first step in this direction, we will aim to have CABmee widely installed in vehicles owned by taxi business operators in Japan and abroad going forward. We will also strive to expand our telematics solutions for commercial vehicles by deploying the distinctive strengths of JVCKENWOOD in dashcams, in-vehicle cameras, and professional wireless equipment to other commercial vehicle telematics.


For details, please see the link provided below.

JVCKENWOOD Begins Collaborating with DeNA with the Aim of Providing Next-Generation Taxi Dispatch Services (News release dated December 14, 2018) (Japanese)

Telematics Service Using Telecommunication-Type Dashcams

Dashcams have been becoming rapidly popular in the wake of growing safety and security awareness among automobile users in recent years. At JVCKENWOOD, we have succeeded in providing dashcams that deliver high functionality, high reliability and high-quality video recording, which are features essential for dashcams, by combining our in-car technologies and imaging and optical technologies that we have nurtured over many years. Furthermore, in our telecommunication-type dashcam, we apply an LTE-based (4G) telecommunication function so that driving information—such as recorded images, sudden accelerations, and sudden decelerations, as well as location information—can be transmitted directly to a cloud server. This makes it possible to provide support in safe driving, manage traffic operational information, and respond swiftly in times of emergency such as accidents. We also provide safety support to drivers with our various accident avoidance features, such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and alerts that warn drivers when detecting a movement which tends to cause an accident.


With the rise of “connected” vehicles, the JVCKENWOOD anticipates major changes in the automotive industry going forward. As such, we are striving to expand our telematics solutions business that provides security and safety to drivers by maximizing the use of various pieces of data obtained from dashcams and other IoT devices mounted on vehicles.

Telematics insurance service usingtelecommunication-type dashcam

JVCKENWOOD’s dashcams with communication capabilities are adopted in the telematics auto insurance services: “GK Automobile Insurance (with dashcam)” provided by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited and “TOUGH mimamoru automobile insurance” provided by Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. We enhance the safety of drivers by offering Emergency Automatic Notification Service that enables, when detecting an accident or a strong impact, automatic transmission of location information and images of when the strong impact was detected and that contributes to a prompt and proper initial response. We also install safe driving support functions in vehicles.

Telecommunication-type dashcam
*Sample image

Cloud-type safe driving diagnosis system

JVCKENWOOD has newly developed a telecommunication-type dashcam to prepare for our entry into the commercial telematics field for the trucking industry. This telecommunication-type dashcam not only offers high-definition recording, but also offers telecommunication functions so that driving information—such as recorded images, sudden acceleration, and sudden deceleration, as well as location information—can be transmitted directly to the cloud server. This makes it possible to provide support in safe driving, manage traffic operational information, and respond swiftly in times of emergency such as accidents.


As the first step to entering into this field, we began providing a system linked to the Safety Recorder® created by Datatec Co., Ltd., a company that provides digital tachographs (digital driving operation recording equipment) and safe driving diagnosis systems for commercial vehicles. By expanding the telematics solutions business, we seek to help reduce traffic accidents, which has been a major issue in the logistics industry including trucking, and contribute to the development of a secure, safe, and pleasant automotive society.

Image of the Datatec-JVCKENWOOD integration system

Security service for drivers usingtelecommunication-type dashcam

JVCKENWOOD began the commercialization of a security service for drivers based on a dashcam with communication capabilities in Indonesia jointly with Grab Holding Inc. (hereinafter, “Grab”), the leading ride-hailing service company in Southeast Asia, as part of Grab’s Safer Everyday Tech Roadmap. The car-hailing service market is growing rapidly, and with the expansion of the business, ensuring the safety of drivers registered in the car-hailing service has become a priority. The security service for drivers is designed with a dashcam with two cameras at the core and provides high-resolution images of inside and outside of the vehicle. With communication capabilities installed on the dashcam, the security service allows drivers to automatically transmit various pieces of data, such as video captured inside and outside their vehicles and location information, to a call center by pressing an emergency button. As a result, the security service enables support services to be provided quickly in an emergency and is expected to help ensure the safety of drivers by preventing crimes.


We will continue to work on upgrading the service details, including incorporating feedback from drivers, and step up our efforts to promote further penetration of the security service for drivers in Indonesia. In addition, JVCKENWOOD aims to expand its telematics solutions business that provides safety and security for drivers using various pieces of data obtained with dashcams.