Value Creation with Safety & Security Sector

Providing Solutions Contributing Security and Safety in Response to Various Lifestyles

Corresponding SDGs

The JVCKENWOOD Group has identified the material issue of "Safety & Security Initiatives" to achieve the future it envisions by 2030. In the Safety & Security Sector, we contribute to safety and security with products such as professional radio systems, emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment, and medical monitors.

Contributing to the Creating Safe and Secure Communities 

In the Safety & Security Sector, the Company has developed a number of products tailored to each industry and application for the sake of creating safe and secure communities, and we engage in a total solution business utilizing a wide range of distribution channels.

Professional Radio System

In the Communications Systems Business, in particular, we are focusing on providing professional radio systems for the public safety market, such as police, fire, and emergency medical services (EMS), where the safety and security of people’s lives and living must be secured at the time of initial response to a large-scale natural disaster or suchlike, in addition to ensuring the safety and security in everyday life.

Professional radio systems are essential for creating safe and secure communities as a means of communication in the event of a disaster, etc. because they enable us to create proprietary communication networks that do not rely on the existing mobile phone infrastructure and to transmit information accurately and quickly. Especially at a disaster site where every minute counts, accurate information transmission is required to save lives and prevent secondary damage. To meet these needs, our radio terminals are designed to offer robustness and low latency transmission, and to be used in any unforeseen situation, such as for direct communication between terminals without the use of a repeater. Furthermore, in order to support the execution of operations that are directly linked to safe and secure living, we pay attention not only to communication performance but also to excellent operability based on ergonomic design.

The Group’s radio systems are widely used not only in the public safety market such as police, fire, and EMS, but also in the private sector markets such as public utilities (e.g., electricity, water, gas and public transportation) and general businesses (e.g., hotels, casino resorts, and retail). For example, the systems are adopted by railway companies in North America, South Africa, and China. In Japan, our products are used for mobile disaster prevention administrative radio, etc.

The Company is recognized worldwide for its high quality and reliability, underpinned by our expertise and knowhow accumulated over the years, and for its flexible system proposals that meet customer needs and budgets. Going forward, we will further contribute to safety and security communities by establishing the following themes and KPI for our initiatives.

Theme KPI

Provide a stable means of communication even at the site of a disaster or accident or in an emergency

Number of professional radio system units sold

FY2023: 1.2 million units

FY2023 - FY2025: 4 million units (cumulative)

FY2023 - FY2030: 12 million units (cumulative)

Professional Radio System

Emergency & Professional-Use Multilingual Broadcasting Equipment

JVCKENWOOD makes use of its know-how and technological expertise in acoustics systems to provide broadcasting equipment and evacuation guidance support systems for use in emergencies and for business as part of its lines of products and services designed to prevent and mitigate disasters. We offer a line of broadcasting systems for large-scale office buildings, shopping malls, and factories that play a vital role in regional disaster management. We are advancing the implementation of multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment to help everyone in Japan, including non-Japanese nationals, live safely with peace of mind. In fiscal 2019, working under our plan to launch new disaster-prevention and disaster-mitigation products and services, we set a target of installing 50 units of such equipment in response to the growing number of inbound tourists to Japan, and installed 57 units by the end of the fiscal year.

Our latest emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—the EM-1500 series and the EM-K150 series—is able to broadcast voice warning messages in Japanese and English. Furthermore, by replacing the default card with a multilingual CF (compact flash) card, the equipment is able to make announcements in three to four different languages (Chinese and Korean in addition to Japanese and English)*, thus making it possible to reach even more people in times of emergency. Our evacuation guidance support system also messages in the form of video, sound and radio to be delivered to evacuees, on top of the conventional emergency and professional-use broadcasting.

* Approval from the fire department of the local jurisdiction is needed for implementing this equipment.

Multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—rack type

EM-1500 Series

Multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—wall mount type

EM-K150 Series

Car Number Plate Recognition System

The Car Number Plate Recognition System recognizes the number plate on a vehicle captured on a camera image and automatically checks vehicles entering commercial facilities and business sites. The system enables entry and exit log control and contributes to reducing the workload of receptionists and guards. Furthermore, the system can be used to identify the number of entries into and exits from a facility on a real-time basis or automatically announce the entry and exit of a vehicle that requires attention if the car plate number is registered in advance, thereby assisting in managing the security and safety of facilities.

Healthcare Initiatives

The JVCKENWOOD Group develops products for the healthcare industry by making use of the unique expertise that we possess in image and video processing technologies and in optical disk technologies. Through the development of high-precision medical image display monitors, we are supporting the front lines of the medical field to deliver appropriate medical services to as many people as possible. The healthcare business is also a field that will have a strong impact on the super-aging society, and, as such, we are striving to develop and launch products that meet the needs of medical professionals.

High Resolution Medical Monitor

In recent years, various medical imaging data such as CT and MRI have been handled on the front lines of medical image diagnosis due to the evolution and diversification of medical equipment. In response, the Company provides high-precision medical image display monitors.

The CL-R813 is the largest medical image display monitor manufactured by JVCKENWOOD, with a 32 inch wide screen area and a high-resolution display of 8 million pixels. This monitor can simultaneously display six high-resolution CT or X-ray fluoroscopy images on a single screen, as well as freely lay out multiple application screens, including viewers, reports, and AI judgment results. As a result, eye movement when reading images is reduced, contributing to improved work efficiency and reduced burden on doctors.

Medical Monitor 「CL-R813」

Medical Monitors for Remote and Home Reading

In recent years, to address issues such as labor shortages, long working hours, and diversification of work styles in the field of medical diagnostic imaging, initiatives to reform work styles are required, such as improving the working environment, increasing work efficiency, and introducing reading of images from home and satellite image reading rooms. At the same time, the introduction of home image reading has not progressed due to challenges such as the required capital investment and the establishment of a reading environment at home that is equivalent to that of a medical facility. To address this, the JVCKENWOOD has launched the CL-S301, which supports remote and home image reading, for which demand has been growing in recent years.

The CL-S301 is our company's first 21.3 inch 3 million pixel color LCD monitor that supports USB Type-C (Picture Archiving and Communication System) for the PACS medical image management system. This monitor thus enables video transmission and power supply with a single USB Type-C cable, allowing smooth connectivity to notebook PCs and mobile devices. This eliminates the need to carry the previously required AC adapter and multiple cables and keeps cables organized to provide a comfortable workspace. In addition, it features a KVM switch allows switching between multiple workstations with a single keyboard and mouse, thus reducing equipment costs and making more efficient use of space. Furthermore, the usability of "turbo luminance" and "visual point mode," our original image reading support functions that are available on our high-end medical image display monitor models, has been enhanced to support greater work efficiency and work style reform.

Medical Monitor「CL-S301」