Stakeholder Engagement

The JVCKENWOOD Group pursues proactive and careful dialogue with various stakeholders to actively advance sustainable business operations and improve corporate value. The Group has identified particularly important stakeholders and organized its engagements (establishment of trusting relations) with each stakeholder as shown below.

Innovative Initiatives

JVCKENWOOD Private Event (Customers, business partners)

The JVCKENWOOD Group holds the Private Event and other events as opportunities to communicate with customers and business partners. We introduced products, services and solutions that solve social issues, utilizing video, audio, and communications that the JVCKENWOOD Group specializes in.

We will continue to consider and implement opportunities to interact with customers and business partners in various styles.

Partners Meeting for Business Partners

The JVCKENWOOD Group has been strengthening communication with business partners to realize sustainable procurement together with them. At the annual Partners' Meeting, we promote awareness and understanding of the Procurement Policy and the Human Rights Policy, the CSR Procurement Guidelines. In addition, we explain our commitment to developing a sustainable supply chain by confirming the status of business partners' sustainable procurement efforts and making continuous improvement activities with the use of the SAQ, and request their understanding and cooperation.

Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

JVCKENWOOD aims to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value over the medium to long term by having the top management actively in constructive dialogue (engagement) with investors and shareholders. Through such dialogue, JVCKENWOOD conveys its initiatives to those stakeholders to gain their understanding, and works to reflect their opinions and needs in the management strategy and business plan. See the page linked below for JVCKENWOOD’s policy for constructive dialogue with shareholders.
Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

General Meeting of Shareholders and Investors

JVCKENWOOD held its 15th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 23, 2023 and reported on the JVCKENWOOD Group’s Business Report and consolidated financial statements while deliberating on two proposals, all of which were approved at the meeting.

 Furthermore, we accepted questions in advance via our website and posted answers to three questions of high interest on the day before the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders. The meeting was also livestreamed for shareholders who were not able to attend the meeting in person.

The 15th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

E-mail magazines for customers, business partners, shareholders and investors

JVCKENWOOD uses SNS and e-mail magazines in addition to the Web as a direct information dissemination tool for customers and other stakeholders. In addition to deepening their understanding of our company, we provide information on the direction we are aiming for, news, products, services, solutions, and events, aiming to create new business opportunities.

Hosting SDGs Forum for Employees

Continuing from 2021, SDGs Forum was held with the purpose of instilling an understanding of SDGs within the company and fostering a corporate culture.  A total of 6,000 employees of the JVC Kenwood Group participated in seven events, including lectures, workshops and e-learning on topics such as environmental issues and human rights issues such as disabilities and LGBT.

For details, please see Contributions to SDGs

Community investment and social contribution activities together with government and local communities

The JVCKENWOOD Group is working together with the government and local communities to address regional issues and build a relationship of trust, aiming to operate businesses sustainably.

For details, please see Donations & Social Contribution Activities

NGOs and NPOs

In fiscal 2019 JVCKENWOOD met with members from Lights On Children, an NPO dedicated to helping children in need of social support. Based on this interview, we donated more than 400 end-of-life PCs to Lights On Children in 2022.

The donated used PCs will be sold and used to fund the activities of Rights on Children.

Donated PCs

Donated monitors