Stakeholder Engagement

The JVCKENWOOD Group pursues proactive and careful dialogue with various stakeholders to actively advance sustainable business operations and improve corporate value. The Group has identified particularly important stakeholders and organized its engagements (establishment of trusting relations) with each stakeholder as shown below.

Stakeholders Customers Business partners Shareholders/
Employees Government/
local communities/
Basic stance

・Pursue product development and manufacturing through customer-oriented processes that help resolve social issues in order to improve customer satisfaction

・Enhance understanding of our company through sustainable procurement activities and PR/advertising/design strategies

・Improve trust through sincere interactions

・Accurately disseminate management information and build trusting relations

・Improve our corporate value as an investment destination by formulating and implementing ESG-conscious management strategies/initiatives (PDCA)

・Carry out reforms to make workplaces more comfortable environments in which individual employees can maximally demonstrate their capabilities

・Promote diversity to make the best of a wide variety of human resources

・Strive for co-existence with local communities through advertising and public relations efforts

・Work together with local communities to address local issues and build good trusting relations in order to achieve sustainable business operations

Communication methods ■ Websites
■ Product pamphlets
■ DVDs/CDs
■ Reports
■ Design movies
■ Television commercials
■ Websites
■ Press releases
■ Responses to press inquiries/interviews
■ Reports
■ Request forms
■ Websites
■ Press releases
■ Securities reports
■ Financial statements
■ Shareholder news letters
■ Reports
■ Intranet
■ In-house newsletters
■ Reports
■ In-house events
■ Award system
■ Movie production
■ Websites
■ Environmental education
■ Press releases
■ Responses to press inquiries/interviews
■ Welfare workshops
■ Reports
Opportunities for communication ● Sales activities
● Seminars
● Exhibitions
● Newspapers
● Magazines
● Specialist journals
● Web members
● Industry groups/committees
● Disclosures to shareholders
● Financial Results briefings
● IR/SR meetings
●Labor-management council meetings
● Internal financial results briefings
● Behavioral guidelines briefings
● CSR seminars
● Training sessions
● Newspapers
● Magazines
● Specialist journals
● Web members
● Factory tours
● Local events (social/environmental)
● Training seminars
● Industry groups

Innovative Initiatives

JVCKENWOOD Solution Fair 2019 (Customers, business partners)

JVCKENWOOD Solution Fair 2019 was held on July 22 and 23, 2019. We introduced solutions that solve various issues for customers, utilizing the video, sound and radio technologies that the JVCKENWOOD Group specializes in. We plan to hold the fair also going forward as an important opportunity to directly explain to customers and business partners our original products and technologies and promote communication.

At Solution Fair 2019

Partners Meeting for business partners

The JVCKENWOOD Group has formulated the JVCKENWOOD CSR Procurement Guidelines based on the JVCKENWOOD Group Procurement Policy to promote the establishment of sustainable supply chains on a global basis and disseminates the Guidelines to business partners at partners meetings.

Constructive dialogue with shareholders

JVCKENWOOD aims to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value over the medium to long term by having the top management actively in constructive dialogue (engagement) with investors and shareholders. Through such dialogue, JVCKENWOOD conveys its initiatives to those stakeholders to gain their understanding, and works to reflect their opinions and needs in the management strategy and business plan. See the page linked below for JVCKENWOOD’s policy for constructive dialogue with shareholders.
 Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

General Meeting of Shareholders and investors

JVCKENWOOD held its 12th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 19, 2020 and reported on the JVCKENWOOD Group’s Business Report and consolidated financial statements while deliberating on three proposals, all of which were approved at the meeting. In addition, given that the general meeting of shareholders offers a valuable opportunity for dialogue with shareholders and investors, we annually present various solutions and sustainability initiatives pursued by JVCKENWOOD Group companies at the meeting venue (displays at the venue were not held in 2020 due to COVID-19).

E-mail magazines for customers, business partners, shareholders and investors

JVCKENWOOD uses SNS and e-mail magazines in addition to the Web as a direct information dissemination tool for customers and other stakeholders. In addition to deepening their understanding of our company, we provide information on the direction we are aiming for, news, products, services, solutions, and events, aiming to create new business opportunities.

Dialogue between top management and employees

Since March 2018, JVCKENWOOD has been holding dialogues on the timing of overseas assignments and departures as an opportunity for employees and management to interact directly with each other. In fiscal 2019 there were dialogues on three occasions. This forum provides opportunities for employees to exchange opinions on the future direction of the company and to reaffirm and share the corporate culture, and contributes to facilitating communication within the company. We are also working to raise employee motivation by proactively sharing good practices and activities within the Group, such as awarding employees who are active throughout the Group.

For details, please see  Promoting Innovation

Dialogue with top management

Community investment and social contribution activities together with government and local communities

The JVCKENWOOD Group is working together with the government and local communities to address regional issues and build a relationship of trust, aiming to operate businesses sustainably.

For details, please see  Donations & Social Contribution Activities

NGOs and NPOs

In fiscal 2019 JVCKENWOOD met with members from Lights On Children, an NPO dedicated to helping children in need of social support. The meeting enabled JVCKENWOOD to identify specific needs of children in need of help, leading to internal discussions on how the JVCKENWOOD Group can respond to their needs through its social contribution activities.