Contributions to SDGs

The JVCKENWOOD Group recognizes that contributions by companies are essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Accordingly, we have identified eight of the 17 SDGs connected particularly closely to our material issues as priority goals.

Connections Between Sustainability Management Icons and SDGs

The following diagram shows the connections between the Sustainability Management Icons (see The JVCKENWOOD Group’s Sustainability for details) established in identifying issues for JK3.0 (the third era of JVCKENWOOD) and the eight goals from SDGs closely related to our business.

Connections between Sustainability Management Icons and SDGs


In-house Infiltration of Our Contribution to SDGs

All employees at JVCKENWOOD, from management to general staff, are kept informed about how its business operations are related to the SDGs through internal newsletters and workshops. We also provide business cards and badges bearing the SDG logo to employees upon request in order to routinely raise awareness about how our operations are related to the SDGs.

Hosting the SDGs workshop

JVCKENWOOD hosted the workshop to help employees understand the basics of the SDGs and become aware of how they are closely related to their day-to-day operations. We aim to raise employees that act with the SDGs in mind in both their private and public life.

At the workshop

Raising employee awareness with pamphlets

All employees across the JVCKENWOOD Group were provided with a pamphlet designed to help them understand the SDGs, relate the SDGs to their own lives, and think about how they can contribute to achieving the SDGs.

Making the most of business cards

At the JVCKENWOOD Group, we use business cards featuring the SDG logo as a business tool in order to show our stakeholders that we endorse the SDGs and are committed to sustainability.

Contributing to SDGs Through Business

Presented below are some of the specific contributions that can be expected from our company’s products and services to the respective priority goals. For further details of each business, please click the links given.

Eight Priority
Goals from SDGs

Goal 3

Principal initiatives and expected contributions

Bringing high-resolution medical image display monitors to market

We have released CL-S500 and MS-S500/MS-S300 from the i3 Series as our mainstay medical image display monitors. CL-S500 of the i3 Series uses our unique Dynamic Gamma function to achieve optimal gradation expression for both monochrome and color images. The MS-S500/MS-S300 features an LCD panel with enhanced brightness for higher luminance calibration performance and a greater contrast ratio that increased the number of perceptual grayscale steps, contributing to improving the efficiency of radiogram interpretation.


For details, see Value Creation with Healthcare Products & Services

Mammography/tomosynthesis image display monitors: CL-S500

Developing ExoCounter to support very early diagnoses of illnesses

ExoCounter is our proprietary device for digitally measuring exosomes (small vesicles found in bodily fluids) expected to serve as biomarkers for cancer and a variety of other diseases. Applying this device to joint research with university laboratories and other research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic equipment manufacturers, etc., will help us advance development toward the very early diagnosis of diseases and treatments tailored to individual patients.

For further details, see Value Creation with Healthcare Products & Services


Developing the gaze tracking system Gazefinder to contribute to social issues of low birthrate and longevity

The gaze tracking system Gazefinder is expected to support the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) which is one of the developmental disorders and also to be applied to diagnosis of dementia patients. In both cases, it will reduce the burden of patients and their family by realizing proper medical treatment and care through early and accurate diagnosis. Since this diagnostic technique requires virtually no written or verbal instructions, it can be marketed globally. We aim to encourage the youth to participate in society and extend elderly people’s healthy life expectancy in a society with a low birthrate and longevity and create a society where anyone can fulfill their potential regardless of disability. As measures for this, we are working to develop the application of Gazefinder in medical equipment in collaboration with universities

For further details, see Value Creation by Contributing to Social Issues of Low Birthrate and Longevity

Gaze tracking system: Gazefinder

Contributing to secure and safe driving with dashcams

The navigation-linked dashcams that are a mainstay product for JVCKENWOOD link up to Saisoku-Navi to enable simultaneous recording from the front and rear of vehicles and easy confirmation of recorded video. We are also working with casualty insurance companies to enhance additional services in light of the widespread problem of tailgating. Our varied lineup meets the needs of customers and contributes to a safer and more comfortable automotive society.

For further details, see Value Creation with Automotive Products & Services

Dashcams linked to navigation systems

Goal 5

Promoting diversity

To establish diversity as an integral part of our corporate culture, we periodically conduct diversity training for all employees, including those at Group companies. We are also organizing a project team called Purejo-Bu(abbreviation for Pleasure in the job)whose purpose is to create a company in which all employees can take pleasure in their work, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, culture, disability, work style, age, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, conducting training to promote active roles for women, holding LGBT study group sessions, running childrearing and nursing care seminars, enhancing harassment consultation systems, etc. We are actively seeking to promote diversity across the company through such activities.

For details, see Diversity Initiatives

Goal 9 

Goal 11

Promoting innovation: Innovation Act and open innovation

In order to foster opportunities that spark innovation, JVCKENWOOD focuses on cultivating a creative internal environment and partnering with external stakeholders. Innovation Act is an umbrella term for activities that lay the groundwork for uncovering ideas buried within the company and organically producing innovation, and for transforming the company into an organization that can spur on innovation. We will continue to vigorously pursue programs such as technology idea contests and business idea auditions in collaboration with startup community operators  as means of turning new technology/product ideas from employees and partner startups into businesses.

For details, see Promoting Innovation

Top page of the Innovation Act website

Expanding the next-generation IoT solutions business

With today’s active movement to connect a variety of things to the Internet, which is known as IoT, JVCKENWOOD is leveraging its technologies in imaging, acoustics, wireless, and other assets it has nurtured to date. The aim is to expand the next-generation IoT solutions business led by the DX Business Division, which will deliver new value to customers. As such, we are striving to expand our services to customers in various new business areas.


For details, see Value Creation with IoT Solution Products & Services

Telecommunication-type dashcam

Providing image analysis solutions that make public facilities more secure and safe

The new image analysis solutions provided by JVCKENWOOD comprise Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) systems*, integrated-control facial recognition systems, etc. Real-time analysis of enormous volumes of surveillance camera videos and rapid recognition of specific visitors contributes to public security and safety through greater precision while also reducing the personnel/work required.

*IVA systems: analysis software that identifies events, attributes, and behavioral patterns through analysis of videos of a monitored environment.

For details, see Value Creation with Security Products & Services


Introducing emergency & professional-use multilingual broadcasting equipment

We have made use of JVCKENWOOD’s audio system knowledge and technology to introduce emergency & professional-use multilingual broadcasting equipment that addresses the inbound demand by foreign visitors to Japan in recent years. We hope to help build the foundations for stimulating inbound demand by providing suitable information and evacuation guidance during emergencies to a growing number of foreign visitors.

For details, see Value Creation with Disaster-Prevention and Disaster-Mitigation Products & Services

Multilingual emergency and professional-use broadcasting equipment—wall mount type

Goal 12

Goal 13

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

JVCKENWOOD is taking group-wide initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of its efforts to tackle climate change issues. We monitor total CO2 emissions across the entire JVCKENWOOD Group (Scopes 1 and 2) and other indirect CO2 emissions (Scope 3). Particularly at our principal production sites, we have been upgrading to high-efficiency production and air-conditioning equipment and actively installing LED lighting in an effort to save energy in our production processes.

For details, see Addressing Climate Change

Goal 16

Promoting compliance

We are promoting compliance activities throughout the JVCKENWOOD Group with leadership from the Compliance Committee chaired by the CEO and the Internal Governance Office, maintaining and fostering keen awareness of the importance of compliance by conducting periodic compliance training and actively utilizing whistleblower systems.

For details, see Compliance

Goal 17

Promoting open innovation

JVCKENWOOD places importance on gathering internal and external wisdom through increasing engagement with various stakeholders to contribute to resolving social issues as a corporate citizen. As such, the JVCKENWOOD Group has been participating in motorsports, the Radical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program with the Tokyo University of the Arts, and other activities as part of an industry-academia-government collaboration project. By participating in these activities, we strive to create businesses that have a broader impact on society while making use of the strength of our company. We are also actively pursuing initiatives in collaboration with external business partners. Since 2018, JVCKENWOOD, together with Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Limited., have invested in Aikomi Co., Ltd., a venture company conducting research and development specializing in non-drug treatment of dementia.
For details, see Promoting Open Innovation