Donations & Social Contribution Activities

Our Basic Concept and Initiatives

The JVCKENWOOD Group believes it important to meet the expectations of all of its stakeholders through its business activities in keeping with its Corporate Vision of “Creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world.” Based on this belief, we identify material issues to achieve sustainability management that achieves both "profitable growth" and "solving social issues on a global scale", and promote our business activities by linking our sustainability and business strategies.

For example, for the "Creating safe and secure communities", which was set as a sub-material issue of one of our material issues, "Safety & Security Initiatives", we aim to provide products that contribute to solving social issues by rolling out numerous products that contribute to disaster prevention and mitigation.

We also believe the knowledge gained through our social contribution activities and our connection with society will lead to further improvement of our business activities. We are expanding such activities while making effective use of products that solve the Group's social issues. Based on these ideas, to create a sustainable society, we have identified four key themes for our social contribution activities: "contribution to disaster measures", "contribution to health and enrichment of minds and lives", "contribution to the development of the next generation", and "contribution to the local community", These key themes are linked to the business strategies and material issue concepts in the Group's Medium-Term Management Plan "VISION 2025," and we are working to ensure that our social contribution activities create synergies with the Group's business strategies. We make donations focusing on focusing on those that match our corporate philosophy, business strategy, and material issues in the above key theme areas. We also donate to fulfill our social obligations and contributions as a member of society and industry based on the judgment of our member industry associations in accordance with their policies regarding social issues of a highly public nature and requests from the business community for projects and matters closely related to national interest and industry. (Total contributions in FY 2022: 195million yen).

Contribution to disaster measures

We provide support for the recovery from disasters that have occurred around the world through our products.

Initiatives for Disaster Measures

Contribution to health and enrichment of minds and lives

We are working to provide experiences using live video streaming through our products to enrich people's minds and lives. And to contribute to health-conscious lifestyles, we are working to make our products antibacterial among other initiatives.

Initiatives related to health and enrichment of minds and lives

Contribution to Next Generation Growth

We make group-wide efforts to support the growth of children who will forge the future, such as holding classes using our business resources to promote their understanding of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and offering workplace tours and work experience programs for students. 

Initiatives for the Next Generation Growth

Contribution to the Local Community

Our business locations across countries are supporting sporting events, helping communities recover from earthquakes, offering donations and engaging in other activities as a community member to contribute to the community as a whole.

Initiatives as a Member of the Local Community

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