Donations & Social Contribution Activities

Our Basic Concept and Initiatives

The JVCKENWOOD Group uses its products, services, and knowledge to undertake activities to contribute as a corporate citizen to young generations and communities around the world and encourages employees to participate in social contribution activities. The JVCKENWOOD Group’s community investment activities also include global internships for students to broaden their horizon of inspiration and installations of dashboard cameras in snowplows in Hokkaido to prevent accidents. Through these activities, we are aiming to embrace different values and ideas to diversify work styles and use our products to contribute to communities. 

The JVCKENWOOD Group will donate to non-profit organizations such as Malaysia's Red New Moon Company and educational facilities such as elementary schools as donations and social contribution activities in Japan and overseas in fiscal 2020 (fiscal2020 donation amount: 9.58 million yen). We also supported the activities of organizations working to solve social issues.

Making Products that Make a Difference

We are leveraging our products to help people with hearing problems due to excessive auditory sensitivity, installing our dashcams in snowplows, and more.

Making Products that Make a Difference

Initiatives for the Next Generation

We make group-wide efforts to support the growth of children who will forge the future, such as holding classes using our business resources to promote their understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and offering workplace tours and work experience programs for students.

Initiatives for the Next Generation

Initiatives as a member of the local community

Our business locations across countries are supporting sporting events, helping communities recover from earthquakes, offering donations and engaging in other activities as a community member to contribute to the community as a whole.

Initiatives as a Member of the Local Community

Initiatives for the natural environment

We have been improving the environmental awareness of employees and engaging in beautification activities in various local areas, developing products that create environmental value and adopting a variety of other approaches to help protect the natural environment.

Initiatives for the Natural Environment