is an "out-of-head localization sound field processing technology" that delivers a listening experience on headphones by reproducing the sound field and localized sound images as if we are listening to music on speakers in a listening room.

Sound Field Reproduction

Ever since the establishment of Victor Talking Machine Company of Japan, Ltd. in 1927, we have been pursuing the development of technologies to create realistic sounds that offer a stunning experience to listeners based on the spirit to "pursue the original sound". 

Since the early days of stereo sound, we have been continuously engaging in challenges to reproduce sound fields through our "swap experiment between live music and tape recording" in 1960 and "swap experiments between live music and LP records" in 1965 and 1966. 

With the widespread use of devices such as digital audio players and smartphones, more and more people are listening to music through headphones. Headphones are excellent at reproducing delicate sound quality and nuances. However, when using conventional headphones, sound transmitted to users through their right and left ears is localized inside users' heads, and thus have difficulty in reproducing the spatial sound field and localization of sound images that users experience when listening to music through speakers.

Creating a Realistic Sound Field for Headphone Listening

The "EXOFIELD" out-of-head localization sound field processing technology leverages the accumulated technologies of JVCKENWOOD in sound reproduction to create a realistic sound field when listening with headphones by reproducing "the depth and placement of sound images naturally as if the user is listening to music on speakers in a listening room".