EXOFIELD Feature (6)

Extracts and generates personal characteristics

Besides measuring all characteristics related to individuals, listening rooms and playback devices to reproduce the optimal sound field with the EXOFIELD technology, we have also developed a method to reproduce personal characteristics with simple measurements. This is done by creating a database for the vast amount of measurement data on the "speaker characteristics" and "headphone characteristics", which are the key components of personal characteristics, thus enabling characteristics that are extremely close to an individual to be extracted and generated through a simple measuring process. Unlike conventional methods that require both the listening room and playback device to be fully equipped for measurement to be performed, users can enjoy EXOFIELD's out-of-head localization sound field anywhere as personal characteristics are measured using the built-in microphone system in the headphones.

Conventional Method of Measurement - Measuring speaker & headphone characteristics

Advantage: Supports full customization according to individual characteristics

Disadvantage: Requires both a listening room and playback device for measurement

Simplified Method of Measurement - Only requires measurement of speaker characteristics with speaker characteristics extracted from database

Extracts and generates characteristics from the database that are extremely close to those of an individual based on the measurement data of the headphones


Only requires measurement of speaker characteristics
Listening room and playback device are not needed