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The JVCKENWOOD Group’s Sustainability

Sustainability Management System  Stakeholder Engagement  Material Issues  Contributions to SDGs


Transform into a Customer Value Creator

Value Creation with Automotive Products & Services  Value Creation with IoT Solution Products & Services

Value Creation with Disaster-Prevention and Disaster-Mitigation Products & Services  Value Creation with Security Products & Services

Value Creation with Healthcare Products & Services  Value Creation by Contributing to Social Issues of Low Birthrate and Longevity

Evolve as a Technology Based Company

Promoting Innovation  Management & Utilization of Intellectual Property

Collaboration with External Stakeholders


Initiatives to Reduce Emission of Greenhouse Gas  Management of Water Utilization

Proper Management of Chemical Substances  Reduction of Wastewater and Waste  Product Recycling

Green Procurement  Preservation of Biodiversity  Deployment of Environmentally Friendly Products


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity from a Management Perspective

Masaki Imai  Fumiko Sato

Diverse People

Production bases in Thailand and Malaysia  Roundtable discussion with female managers at our Shanghai production facility  Discussion among men who enjoy parenting

Roundtable with Working Mothers  Masaki Ogino  Ahmad Azrie  Reiko Okano

Human Resources Development

Initiatives to Support the Development of Skills & Careers  Initiatives to Support a Healthy Balance between Work and Family Life

Occupational Safety and Health

Employee Health Management

Fair Labor-Management Relations

Sustainable Procurement

Approaches to Conflict Minerals

Donations & Social Contribution Activities

Initiatives for the Next Generation  Initiatives as a Member of the Local Community  Initiatives for the Natural Environment


Corporate Governance  Enterprise Risk Management  Compliance  Product Quality & Safety

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