August 27, 2010

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Joint Announcement
JVC, Taiwan’s leading EMS provider AmTRAN Technology signed MoU on strategic partnership in LCD TV business

Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC), an operating company of JVC KENWOOD Holdings, Inc. (JVC Kenwood), and AmTRAN Technology Co., Ltd. (AmTRAN), a leading EMS provider in Taiwan, today entered into a MoU to establish a strategic partnership in the LCD TV business. The two parties will begin discussions on concluding a formal agreement.

Under the MoU concluded this time, JVC and AmTRAN intend to build a new partnership by combining their strengths. The brand will be JVC, renowned name as a global brand that earns the trust of consumers with its technological prowess and product quality. Meanwhile, AmTRAN, a global top-three manufacturer of LCD TVs and a supplier of top brands, will bring its innovative product design, competitive manufacturing and engineering, quality assurance, and procurement capability. AmTRAN will be responsible for production and sales, while JVC Kenwood will provide brand licensing and its leverages in technologies, quality and sales.

Initially, the collaboration could start from North America territory. Both Parties will study expanding this strategic partnership into other regions such as Asia, while expecting it to be developed into a wide range of collaborative relationships.

From now on, JVC and AmTRAN will discuss concluding a formal strategic partnership agreement, and begin planning and developing products aiming to launch in early 2011.

We will announce details of the specific business plan and other matters when we conclude the formal agreement.

About JVC Kenwood

JVC KENWOOD Holdings, Inc. (“JVC Kenwood”) was established as a joint holding company on October 2008 through the management integration between Victor Company of Japan, Limited (“JVC”) and Kenwood Corporation (“Kenwood”). By the integration of these two historic companies, a unique AV specialty corporate group with video technologies, audio technologies, wireless communication technologies, and entertainment software was born in Japan. Based on the corporate vision, “Realize the unconventional ( Katayaburi wo katachi ni )”, JVC Kenwood will provide unique products and services out to the world that stimulate people’s sensitivities and awaken latest needs, and also bring surprise and change to lifestyles.

About AmTRAN

Established in 1994 and headquartered in Chungho City, Taiwan, AmTRAN Technology (ticker: 2489 TT) is a global top-three LCD TV maker specializing in design and production of high quality LCD monitor and LCD/LED TVs. In 2009, AmTRAN generated over US$2 billion in revenue with total TV shipments over 4.3 million sets.

Over the years, AmTRAN’s dedication of making quality and innovative products is acknowledged by its top-brand customers and recognized by numerous awards. Looking forward to 2010, AmTRAN targets to break US$3 billion revenue mark and maintains its position as the innovation leader in LCD TV industry.

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