December 2, 2011

Temporarily Transfers Production Line at Yokosuka Business Center to Start Full-scale Operation

JVC KENWOOD Corporation (JVC KENWOOD), which has been preparing for the temporary transfer of the production of professional equipment at JVC Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (JMT), a production subsidiary, to the Yokosuka Business Center, announces that it will start full-scale operation of the transferred production line at the Yokosuka Business Center on December 5, 2011. JMT stopped operation in Thailand due to flooding.

1. Temporary transfer of production to Yokosuka Business Center

JMT, which is located at the Navanakorn Industrial Estate, has halted all operations since October 17, 2011, when it was recommended that the industrial park will be evacuated (an evacuation order was issued subsequently). Inundation above floor level was eliminated as of November 28, 2011. Although cleaning and restoration work are planned to proceed, it is assumed that complete restoration will require a considerable time.

JMT manufactured professional equipment such as cameras and monitor displays used in about 30 countries around the world. Considering product features related to public safety and security/crime prevention, JVC KENWOOD will transfer production temporarily from JMT to the Yokosuka Business Center to meet the demands of customers as soon as possible.

Because facilities and components needed for production at the Yokosuka Business Center have all been arranged and a structure to accept JMT employees and temporary staffers to engage in production has been established as of today, on December 5, 2011 JVC KENWOOD will launch full-scale production activities that have been transferred temporarily from JMT.

Production at the Yokosuka Business Center will continue until the end of March 2012. By the end of next March, JVC KENWOOD will have made up for the impact of suspended production at JMT by expanding production lines, while raising production efficiency.

A total of about 50 managers/leaders from JMT who have skills, experience, and expertise concerning production lines, quality assurance, and shipment inspection will travel to Japan to maintain quality and further raise production efficiency. As of December 5, 2011, 31 will be engaged in production.

2. Support for affected areas and those affected

To provide relief for those affected by the recent flood and restoration of affected areas, the JVC KENWOOD Group will donate contributions to be collected from employees of the Group and contributions from companies and labor unions, in addition to 200 communication equipments manufactured by Kenwood, which allows users to communicate with each other without depending on public infrastructure.

All employees of the JVC KENWOOD Group sincerely hope that the affected areas will be restored as soon as possible.

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