January 12, 2012

Notice on Organizational Changes and Changes in Appointed Duties of Directors as of January 16, 2012

JVC KENWOOD Corporation (JVC KENWOOD) hereby announces organizational changes and changes in the appointed duties of a Directors effective January 16, 2012 as follows.

1. Purport of Organizational Changes

The Home & Mobile Electronics Business Group (HM Business Group) currently has five organizations and they are involved in different businesses. JVC KENWOOD is aiming to cope with future market expansion in domains, where audio, video and telecommunication technologies are merged, and quickly meet demand from customers. Hence, regarding the overall HM Business Group as one body, it will reorganize it into a structure that combines a more agile business division organization and a flexible, specialized organization by function.

2. Major Organization Changes

  • JVC KENWOOD will establish the Imaging Division, Sound & Acoustic Division and Hybrid Products Business Division, and place Imaging Products Business Operation and Projector Operation under this Imaging Division. It will also place Home AV Operation (which will be newly set up by integrating Home Theater Operation and Personal AV Operation) and AV Communications Operation under the Sound & Acoustic Division.
  • It will also establish Domestic Sales & Marketing Division by integrating domestic business functions, which are currently organized by business, with Consumer Marketing Division. At the same time, it will gather product planning functions, which currently are conducted in organizations running different businesses, in Product Planning Division, which will be newly established.

3. Changes in Appointed Duties of Director

Name New Duties Former Duties
Naokazu Kurihara Director of the Board,
Senior Vice President & Executive Officer,
SOO(Senior Operating Officer),
Assistant to COO(Chief Operating Officer) of HM Business Group,
General Executive of Imaging Division, General Manager of Imaging Products Business Operation, Imaging Division
Director of the Board,
Senior Vice President & Executive Officer,
Assistant to COO of HM Business Group (Imaging Products Business, Projector Business, Overseas Business),
General Manager of Projector Division
Masaki Imai SOO,
Assistant to COO of HM Business Group,
General Executive of Sound & Acoustic Division,
General Manager of Home AV Operation, Sound & Acoustic Division
Assistant to COO of HM Business Group (Home AV Business, AV Communications Business),
General Executive of Home AV Division,
General Manager of Home Theater Operation, Home AV Division
Masayuki Suzuki Operating Officer,
General Manager of Business Planning Division, HM Business Group
Operating Officer,
General Executive of Imaging Products Business Division, HM Business Group

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