January 31, 2012

Adoption of JVC KENWOOD's memory navigation system as genuine navigation system of Daihatsu dealer option

JVC KENWOOD is pleased to announce that its memory navigation system has been adopted as a genuine navigation system for a dealer option of Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. (for 2012 models).

JVC KENWOOD exclusively developed the model adopted by Daihatsu Motor as its dealer option's genuine navigation system by capitalizing on technologies and functions used in the Kenwood-brand Saisoku-Navi series of navigation systems, which were launched on the domestic after-market last year.

JVC KENWOOD's Saisoku-Navi series of navigation systems have been maintaining strong sales since they were released in February 2011. They have done so on the strength of their industry-leading, high-definition and high-intensity displays, one of the industry's fastest response speeds, and high connectivity with external devices including iPhones and iPods. JVC KENWOOD will give these product functions to genuine navigation systems to increase their presence in both the after-market and OEM fields.

Main features of the product

1. High-definition and high-speed response

The navigation system is equipped with a newly developed WVGA monitor, which vividly projects video files and digital terrestrial broadcasting, and a high-intensity white LED. In addition, the product is fitted with Jet Engine II, which allows the user to very quickly scroll maps or switch between screens on the display, or search for a route to a destination. In this way, JVC KENWOOD has developed a product with a top-class high-definition display and high-speed response.

2. Two-way, quadruple-speed recording and Music Move

The navigation system allows the user to copy a CD to an SD card or to the built-in memory at high speed, up to quadruple speed, and record music data of about 3,000 songs*. In addition, music data can be moved from the built-in memory to an SD card.

* Calculated based on built-in memory with a capacity of 4 GB plus the supplied SD card with a capacity of 8 GB and assuming that one song on a CD lasts about 4 minutes and takes up 4 MB.

3. Panel with reverse-tilt mechanism

The navigation system is equipped with a reverse-tilt mechanism that makes items displayed on the navigation screen easier to see, even when it is difficult to do so due to sunlight, by adjusting the tilt angle of the display over seven different levels including a reverse-tilt mechanism.

4. Equalizer for each car model

The navigation system is equipped with an equalizer for each car model that allows users to automatically set the equalizing level to suit the acoustic property of Daihatsu cars. Just by setting the car model, users can enjoy high-quality sound while driving their cars.

5. Map update available free of charge

Updated map data can be downloaded once within three years after purchase via a PC.

For further information, please contact:

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