August 19, 2013

Best Product of the Year Awards in Four Categories

In-car Head Unit Award 2013-2014
Mobile Headphone Award 2013-2014
Camcorder Award 2013-2014
Projector Award 2013-2014

JVCKENWOOD Corporation is proud to announce that four products have received the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) 2013-2014 Best Product of the Year Award for their respective categories, which is among the most prestigious awards for electronics products in Europe.

Introducing the Winners

Winner of In-car Head Unit Award 2013-2014: KENWOOD DNN9230DAB (Overseas Model)

The Wi-Fi® Network Navigation System DNN9230DAB won the Best Product Award for 2013-2014 in the In-car Head Unit category. This marks the fifth consecutive year that a KENWOOD brand product has been awarded in this category since 2009-2010.


DNN9230DAB is an AV Navigation System that uses voice recognition to access email, YouTube™ as well as social media such as Facebook and Twitter, through Wi-Fi® connection.

This model incorporates a 7-inch WVGA monitor screen as well as a navigation engine developed by Garmin Ltd., a leading company in portable navigation systems. In addition to offering playback of CD/DVD discs, hands-free mobile phone operation with Bluetooth® connectivity, as well as music and video playback from iPod/iPhone, this AV navigation unit is also equipped with DAB+ tuner for enjoyment of digital radio broadcasts being implemented throughout Europe.

Winner of Mobile Headphone Award 2013-2014: JVC HA-FXZ200

The Inner ear headphones HA-FXZ200 won the Best Product Award for 2013-2014 in the Mobile Headphone category. This is the JVC brand’s first win in the headphone category.


HA-FXZ200 is the industry’s first*1 isolated inner ear headphones equipped with the “REAL SOUND SYSTEM” to reproduce both real deep bass and high-resolution mid to high range frequency through the combination of an independent woofer unit and a mid-high range driver unit.

The woofer unit adopts the Kelton method used in speakers to make it the industry’s first*1 “Stream Woofer” for headphones. The sound emanating from the carbon diaphragm is sent through a “Stream duct” to produce rich and deep bass. For the mid-high range driver unit, two drivers are installed in parallel and tuned as a “Twin System Unit” to reproduce clear and distinctive mid to high range frequency. Also used in these headphones are a “brass unit base” to maximize the potential of the woofer unit, as well as silver coated OFC cable to raise sound resolution over the entire frequency range.

*1 As dynamic type inner ear headphones that adopted Kelton method (as of October 18, 2012、at time of news release, source JVCKENWOOD).

Winner of Camcorder Award 2013-2014: JVC GC-PX100 (European Model)

The HD Memory Camera GC-PX100 won the Best Product Award for 2013-2014 in the Camcorder category. This comes two years since the previous award under the JVC brand, and is the ninth in this category.


GC-PX100 is a Full HD memory camcorder that provides high- definition video recording, as well as easy high-speed recording and time-lapse recording, to facilitate sports analysis and open up new possibilities for creative recording.

Its unique form factor contributes to steady holding and superior usability, and on the inside, the FALCONBRID high-speed high-quality image processing engine makes possible extremely high quality 1920×1080/50p Full HD video recording at a maximum 36 Mbps. The time control dial next to the lens allows shooting modes ranging from 500 fps high-speed recording, to time-lapse recording, to all be easily controlled by a simple twist. Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity makes it possible to monitor live images and analyse recordings on a tablet device using JVC’s free app download.

Winner of Projector Award 2013-2014: JVC DLA-X55R

The D-ILA Home Theater Projector DLA-X55R won the Best Product Award for 2013-2014 in the Projector category. This comes two years since the previous award under the JVC brand, and is the fourth in this category.


DLA-X55R is a standard D-ILA home theater projector model that provides super-high 4K-resolution enjoyment, featuring native contrast ratio of 50,000:1 and a number of image quality optimisation functions.

Dynamic high-definition 4K projection (3840×2160) can be achieved with JVC’s original e-shift 2 Technology including Multiple Pixel Control original image processor. What’s more, bright 3D viewing that D-ILA is known for, with reduced crosstalk is achieved.

Reasons for Winning (Excerpted from EISA Comments)

DNN9230DAB In-car Head Unit

EISA AWARD Best Product 2013-2014 IN-CAR HEAD UNIT Kenwood DNN9230DAB

Possibly the most diverse all-in-one head unit on the market the DNN9230DAB combines traditional features such as an AM/FM tuner and DVD drive with the more modern DAB tuner, Bluetooth® hands-free and Wi-Fi®. The WLAN when connected to a hotspot gives Wi-Fi® access to email, YouTube™ and social media in your dashboard as well as becoming a Wi-Fi® player and server for every Wi-Fi® enabled device on a LAN. Featuring a built-in Garmin navigation system, all functions and controls are accessible from your dashboard via a 7" detachable touch panel. The Kenwood DNN9230DAB delivers everything you could want without the need for extras.

HA-FXZ200 Mobile Headphone


This is an inner ear headphone that uses clever technology with an external bass unit acoustically connected to a stream duct to improve bass reproduction without interfering with the medium and high frequency ranges. Mid-high frequencies are reproduced through twin drivers with strong neodymium magnets, using a combination of a carbon nanotubes diaphragm and a carbon diaphragm. The 1.2m cable consists of pure copper covered with silver and the 3.5mm mini jack is gold plated. The resulting sound is of an exceptional quality level with deep impressive bass that never superimposes its impression on the transparent mid-high range. The JVC HA-FXZ200 is a very valuable upgrade to the low quality headphones supplied with many mobile devices and will, without doubt, significantly improve the music listening experience on the go.

GC-PX100 Camcorder

EISA AWARD Best Product 2013-2014 CAMCORDER JVC GC-PX100

This is an accomplished hybrid design, offering both versatile Full HD camcorder and still image camera in a lightweight, small and easy-to-use design, with a detachable viewfinder, optical image stabiliser and accessory ports among its useful features. The F1.2 lens, combined with a highly efficient CMOS sensor, ensures excellent performance in low-light conditions. High-speed recording up to 500 fps and slow-motion playback makes it ideal for capturing fast-moving action. JVC’s innovative CAM Coach App is also a great editing/ tagging tool for sports analysis. The GC-PX100’s built-in Wi-Fi® enables quick sharing of footage and flexible control via tablet or smartphone.

DLA-X55R Projector

Designed for home theatre enthusiasts, the DLA-X55R offers an unprecedented picture quality for its price point. Light output and native contrast are highly impressive, while the colour reproduction is nuanced and natural. Sharpness is another strength, with JVC’s second-generation ‘e-shift2’ detail enhancement technology displaying Full HD content with an astonishing level of detail that comes close to an Ultra HD sensation. Installation of the DLA-X55R is helped by its comprehensive setup features, including motorised horizontal and vertical lens shift, a 2x zoom and Lens Memory function, plus extensive calibration options and a range of excellent preset viewing modes.

Regarding EISA Award

EISA Awards are given to new products that offer a combination of leading-edge technology, valuable features, advanced design, and superior cost-performance. Also known as the European Awards, the fame and authority of these EISA Awards are recognized by consumers and manufacturers alike as proof of excellence.

EISA is an organisation comprised of editors representing renowned European based magazines in the fields of Audio & Home Theater, In-Car Electronics, Photo, Video, Mobile Devices and Green. It was established in 1982 and currently membership has reached over 50 magazines from 20 European nations. Each year, they select the best products in Audio & Home Theater, In-Car Electronics, Photo, Video, Mobile Devices and Green, from manufacturers all around the world, and bestow their prestigious award.

Regarding Trademarks

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