January 5, 2016

Details Announced for JVCKENWOOD Booth at 2016 International CES
New 2016 Products from the KENWOOD and JVC Brands,
Plus Special Exhibits Featuring Advanced CAROPTRONICS and
Marking the 10th Anniversary of Collaboration with Garmin

JVCKENWOOD Corporation will exhibit at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the world’s largest electronics shows, to be held from January 6 (Wed) to 9 (Sat), 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year the focus will be as follows:

  • A show car equipped with a Digital Cockpit System that utilizes an advanced driving support technology (CAROPTRONICS*), and a special exhibit to mark the 10th anniversary of collaboration with Garmin.
  • In the Automotive field – a growth driver – exhibits will include a new lineup of car electronics products, a sector in which JVCKENWOOD has established a large market share in the US.
  • In the Media Service field – a revenue driver – exhibits will include displays of video-creation solutions based on 4K camera recorders, and various headphones, including models offering high audio quality.

*CAROPTRONICS is our original name for a technology that applies opto-electronics technology to in-car applications.

JVCKENWOOD booth at North Hall #1702 and 1711 (artist’s impression)

1. Special Exhibits: North Hall #1702

1) Advanced CAROPTRONICS equipped with All-in-One Head-Up Display
Revolutionary new i-ADAS*2 Driver Support System for driver safety and safe driving

To demonstrate how technology can be harnessed to enhance driver safety and safe driving in the automotive society of the near future, there will be a show car equipped with a Digital Cockpit System comprising the All-in-One Head-Up Display and High-definition Digital Mirror System.

  • All-in-One Head-Up Display
    High-resolution HUD System that replaces the conventional meter cluster with a full-color, high-resolution windshield display of the information important for the driver, allowing him/her to focus attention forward and thus enhancing driver safety and safe driving.
  • High-definition Digital Mirror System
    Replaces conventional door mirrors and rear mirror. Three HD cameras feed live video, digitally combined into a single, clear display on the High-definition Digital Mirror System. This system virtually eliminates blind spots and the need to shift one’s attention, thus helping to prevent accidents.

*2: i-ADAS is a registered trademark of JVCKENWOOD that stands for innovative Advanced Driver Assistance System.

2) Marking the 10th anniversary of collaboration with Garmin

Since 2006 JVCKENWOOD has worked with Garmin – a leading US provider of navigation devices worldwide – on the development of car navigation systems. This year is the 10th anniversary of our collaboration. In addition to featuring panels displaying the distinctive products launched each year resulting from this partnership and combining the technologies of both companies, this booth will exhibit the new flagship product for 2016.

2. Main exhibits in the Automotive field (North Hall #1702 and #1711)

1) Wide-ranging system proposals from navigation to drive recorders – KENWOOD brand main exhibits (#1702)

  • AV navigation system featuring a Garmin navigation engine compatible with Apple® CarPlay®, Android Auto and high-resolution audio sources.
  • Display-equipped car audio system featuring easy-to-use electrostatic touch panel offering clear, high-contrast image quality, compatible with Apple® CarPlay®, and Android Auto.
  • New line of receivers including a model featuring NFC (near field communication) for easy, one-touch connectivity, an aptX®-compatible high sound quality Bluetooth® model, and a CD receiver equipped with a 13-band equalizer and the ability to connect to 2 mobile devices for hands-free operation.
  • New eXcelon Series subwoofers (XR-W1204/W1004/W1202/W1002) and the DRV-410 High Picture Quality Drive Recorder with Safe Driving Support Function.

2) Entertainment systems enhanced for smartphone linkage – JVC brand main exhibits (#1711)

  • New KW-V820BT AV receiver in the EL KAMELEON Series compatible with Apple® CarPlay® and high-resolution audio sources, and featuring a display with key panel that is completely blacked out when switched off, making it look as if the unit has been removed from the vehicle.
  • New lineup including 2-DIN CD receiver featuring multiple illumination variations, and a 1-DIN CD receiver equipped with enhanced smartphone connectivity and compatible with Internet radio (Pandora, iHeartRadio).

3. Main exhibits in the field of Media Services (North Hall #1711)

1) Camera recorder lineup and video creation solutions using 4K camera recorders

  • GY-HM200 4K memory-card camera recorder with twin card slots
    On exhibit will be new solutions suited for sports broadcasting services offering, for example, a real-time on-screen display of game scores when using the camera recorder.
  • GY-LS300 exchangeable-lens 4K memory-card camera recorder
    This camera recorder employs a 4K Super35mm image sensor and Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system lens mount. Plus it has Cinema 4K & 2K recording capability as well as 800% dynamic range thanks to its JVC Log 1 gamma mode.
  • Sports coaching camera system
    Camera system compatible with video-analysis system employing sports science principles.
  • Reference exhibit of camcorder for consumer use
    Featuring Quad-proof design and a long battery life, this new camcorder is compatible with conversion lenses, and has the ability to record when the LCD monitor is closed.

2) Headphone lineup to satisfy diverse user requirements

  • Gumy and Marshmallow Series lineup.
  • Bluetooth®-equipped headphones including HA-EBT5 inner-ear headphones for sports use and HA-SBT5 portable headband headphones.
  • HA-ETR40/ETX30/ECX20/ENR15 sport-use headphones.
  • HA-KD6/KD3/KD1 in the TINYPHONES Series of children’s headphones featuring attenuated volume for the protection of young listeners’ hearing.
  • KH-KR900/CR500/SR800 KENWOOD brand headphones offering stylish, sophisticated designs and high-quality audio playback. (#1702)


  • Apple®, CarPlay® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • aptX® and aptX logo are registered trademarks of CSR plc.
  • Pandora is the corporate name of the Pandora Internet radio station in the U.S.
  • iHeartRadio is a registered trademark of iHM Identity, Inc.
  • Android Auto is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc.
  • Bluetooth® and the Bluetooth logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., used under license by JVCKENWOOD Corporation.
  • CAROPTRONICS is a name created by JVCKENWOOD Corporation; it is a trademark or registered trademark of JVCKENWOOD Corporation.
  • i-ADAS is a name created by JVCKENWOOD Corporation; it is a trademark or registered trademark of JVCKENWOOD Corporation
  • eXcelon is a trademark of JVCKENWOOD Corporation registered in the U.S.
  • All other company names, brand names and product names are registered trademarks or trade names of their respective holders.

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