April 4, 2016

JVCKENWOOD Corporation Renews Official Supplier Contract with the McLaren-Honda
To Supply the “NEXEDGE®” Series* of Digital Radio Systems that Provide Clear Voice Communication

*The actual model supplied is a customized version of the “NEXEDGE®” Series of digital radio systems developed specifically for the McLaren-Honda.

JVCKENWOOD Corporation is pleased to announce that it has renewed its official supplier contract with the McLaren-Honda to supply the “NEXEDGE®” Series of digital radio systems distributed under the KENWOOD brand.

KENWOOD established its relationship with McLaren in 1991 and has maintained its partnership for the supply of radio systems ever since, having the longest partnership history McLaren has had with a Japanese company. During the 2016 season, which falls in the 25th anniversary year of the partnership, KENWOOD will continue to supply digital wireless radio systems used for communication among drivers and team members, while providing full-scale technical support through its professional staff.

The digital wireless radio systems supplied to the McLaren-Honda are a customized version of the NEXEDGE® Series of digital radio systems lineup—a series that has been deployed worldwide and has achieved strong performance especially in the business and industry markets of North America since the 2014 season.

The NEXEDGE® Series demonstrates excellent reliability and performance, even within severe environments. In addition, it also offers key features such as voice securing, a noise suppressing function, and wide communication range based on digital signal correction technology and narrowband sensitivity enhancement. NEXEDGE® technology ensures highly reliable performance in the world’s most prominent motorsports competition where the levels of impact, vibration, and noise are far beyond what one can normally imagine. In addition, the noise cancelling technology adopted by NEXEDGE® Series lets the team’s drivers and staff exchange prompt and accurate communications even in a racing condition with high noise levels of above 120 dB*.

In its partnership with the McLaren-Honda going forward, KENWOOD will contribute to the success of the team by proposing digital wireless radio systems with which we make the best use of our cutting-edge radio technologies, along with expertise we have accumulated from our research and development activities.

*Noise level experienced when standing near the roaring jet engines of an airliner

McLaren-Honda Racing Director Eric Boullier said:

“Kenwood’s experience and expertise in the field of radio communications has enabled them to create a unique, bespoke solution for McLaren-Honda – one that’s unmatched within the field of world motorsport.
“As we head into the 2016 Formula 1 season, it’s a source of considerable pride to be able to state that, this year, we’ll celebrate the 25th anniversary of our partnership – that’s an incredible achievement, and a testament to the strength, depth and loyalty that exists between our two organisations.”

JVCKENWOOD Vice President of Global Brands Fabien Grégoire said:

“History is made of stories. Our story in the world’s most prominent motorsports competition started at Suzuka in October 1991 with McLaren-Honda, we’re proud that we’ll be able to celebrate 25 years together as the same team with which we started our collaboration.
“Since that day, followed by a breathtaking adventure with many successes, Kenwood has never stopped exceeding the limit in order to deliver uncompromising precision and reliability to the entire team. This renewed agreement is the perpetuation of our long-standing story.”

For further information, please contact:

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TEL: +81-045-444-5232

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